From ADL Report: "Breaking the Cycle of Hate: The Final Stage"

11 November 2004

[Ed.: We received the following today. We have no way of verifying its authenticity, although it certainly fits with ADL's tacit mission: the genocide of the Aryan race as the lone potential threat to global jewish domination. That is, whether or not this below is factual, it is true. We have contacted the ADL for verification; we will report any response in Reader Mail.]

Mr. Linder:

I thought perhaps you might make use of this. It is from the introduction to a draft of an internal report. I believe it is intended for circulation among the directors of the regional offices. I will be in touch as I hear more.



...from internal ADL Report: Breaking the Cycle of Hate: The Final Stage

For decades the ADL has nourished a climate of opposition to racism. We successfully worked to overturn state laws facilitating discrimination, while encouraging the promotion of multiculturalism in sympathetic commercial media. We successfully promoted the idea among the young that race does not matter. We persuaded the public that minority pride is legitimate while stigmatizing white identity as hate.

Today we are legally secure. The legal infrastructure that supported white racism no longer exists. But more is required. To prevent relapse, and to guarantee against reversion to historical tradition, there must be active mixing of races - at levels much higher than currently exist. As exogamy is a deep problem within the Jewish community, so we must foster it among whites. Surveys show that despite of decades of media promotion, Americans of European descent persist in dating, marrying and breeding in-race. This must change. Effecting this change is the subject of
Breaking the Cycle of Hate: The Final Stage.

In summary, we must continue to work as we have in the past, but continually survey and redirect our efforts where they will prove most effective. In the past our mission was to redefine European identity by associating it with discriminatory practices and behaviors now universally reviled. That has been achieved. Now we must direct our efforts toward reducing behaviors persisting even among those who have accepted anti-racism in principle.

The formerly unquestioned must be brought into question. The formerly unthinkable must be made not only thinkable but desirable. By creating issues, restructuring laws, and supporting media which depict the desired end state, we will prevail.

We must prepare a climate in which the possessors of unmixed white genes are socially, legally, morally, and politically, regarded both as victims and as proof of hate crime -- as proof of willfully invidious behavior on behalf of the conspirators who produced the offending offspring.

We must educate the public about the dangers of white identity as never before. We must outlaw the white race by delegitimzing, criminalizing, and, ultimately, eliminating the conditions under which it reproduces. In the elimination of the white race lies our only long-term guarantee of security. Note that this is not genocide, but abolishment of the social construct known as "whiteness." It is the elimination of white privilege, and the harmonization of the white race with the Asian and African races through the happy medium of genetic interchange. The disappearance of the 100% European-descended population is thus to be cast as something to celebrate, rather than mourn, but in any case illegal to resist. We have come a long way in this regard already, and, step by step, we will complete our journey.

The laws must reflect our position, and the courts must operate on our theory. The media must promote our agenda, and the people must be brought to support it. The reduction to law of the principle that the possession of unmixed white genes is a crime will signal our triumph. Uncertainty about any particular method, means, or position may be resolved by applying this test: does it tend to promote an infrastructure defining white-exclusive parenthood as a violation of the RICO act? If so, then it furthers the ADL's mission.

Our campaign will manifest as an extension of successes already achieved:

1) We will lobby for the extension of anti-discrimination law into personal advertisements. It is already illegal to advertise housing or employment by race, and similar protections must be extended to victims of racist advertisements of relationship opportunities. Although the individual will remain free to select whichever partner he or she chooses, the implication will be that choosing white is choosing racism, and this in itself will further our goal.

2) We will work with sympathetic personnel at Viacom and other large media properties to supply experts to fine-tune offerings in the direction of the desired result. Viacom's Nickelodeon and MTV cable channels are regularly the most watched programs among white children and young adults. Our experts will work with sympathetic producers to ensure their programming reinforces our "World of Difference" educational materials for public schools, so that children receive a consistent message, whether in the school or in the home.

3) In particular, we are in discussion with contacts at Nickelodeon and elsewhere to enhance multicultural programming specifically targeting the young white female. Chapter four details studies showing this segment of the European-descended population is the most reachable. Tiny changes today produce the greatest multicultural multiplier effect tomorrow, since only white females can produce white babies. Although young white males should also be encouraged to find non-white partners, it is believed that for the forseeable future there is far greater profit to be had in targeting the females, as white males, like males of other races, tend to be less swayable and more drawn to white females than non-white females.

4) We will continue to press for the criminalization of opposition to our agenda as hate, or terrorism, as seems best in the particular case. Of particular concern are not just the overt racists and neo-Nazis, but the so-called heritage groups. Heritage is synonymous with hate, given the European-American's history of violent intolerance. Although the members of today's heritage groups present no immediate danger, there remains the possibility they may be reoriented by radical newcomers, and so they require continued close monitoring.

5) We must continue to track and monitor white congregations wherever they exist, and in whatever connection they come together, whether NASCAR, Christian Identity church, or Republican Party. The principle that "any two white men speaking privately must be regarded as a hate conspiracy" must continue to guide our thinking. Not because it is true in every case, but because it is compasses every gathering which concerns us, and it puts us in proper mind to spot trouble almost before it crystallizes.

6) We will continue to lobby Congress for tax credits for white couples adopting either black or Chinese
[breaks off]

[Ed.: Bolding added. The text breaks off as shown. If we get more, we'll post it.]

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