Hi Hitler!

by Eugen Sorg & Horst Mahler
(translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister)

22 July 2004

-- Eugen Sorg writes:

Sixty years after his death, the mass-destroyer is more popular than ever. In India he symbolizes resistance, in Egypt prosperity, in Peru discipline. The Senegalese celebrate him as a hero of anti-colonialism and the Chinese in Hong Kong as a champion of style.

Presumably, Hitler is the only European who, more than half a century after his death, is still widely known around the world. Other contemporary politicians, such as Churchill or de Gaulle, are merely remembered in the respective linguistic or cultural spheres; the same goes for intellectual heroes like Goethe, Kant, Cervantes, Shakespeare.

But only the mass-murderer Hitler is part of popular knowledge in Korea, Japan, Namibia or Uruguay, even outside the academic islands.

Hitler, the German, is not only the most well-known European, but besides the religious founders Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha or the slayers Genghis Khan or Stalin perhaps one of the most well-known figures of all time.

These are the results of journalistic polls by five members of our newspaper in the Southern parts of the world. For Europeans, who like to view their continent as the cradle of the Enlightenment and humanism, it is a rather embarrassing finding. And a disconcerting if not downright shocking one. Because Hitler is viewed in a positive light by millions of non-Europeans. However, if one listens closely, this disconcertment slightly wanes. Most of the time, it is not the historical Hitler, the politician of hatred and extermination that is celebrated or even wished to reappear, but a figure of fantasy with few real attributes. Hitler has a cathartic function, in which each culture projects their specific experiences, preferences and problems.

In the corrupt and chaotic economies of South America, Hitler is read as a code for order and national unity. Africans, on the other hand, admire the strong man in him, the myth of power, but also the enemy of the former colonialists France and England. Also in India, from whose history Hitler took his ideas of the Aryans and the Swastika, even though the subcontinent does not know any antisemitic traditions, Hitler is transfigured into an aide in the national liberation struggle against the British Crown. However, in East Asia, Hitler is merely present as an aesthetical influence in fashion collections, commercials and the restaurant business, uncoupled from Nazi policies or World War II.

This is not the case in the Arabic and Iranian center of Islam. Not only is Hitler celebrating a renaissance in the Middle East. Also the modern view of Hitler is closest to the historical one. In contrast to the West, the historical facts are evaluated differently. What is condemned as the most abominable deed of Hitler: the attempted extermination of the Jews, is judged as honorable politics by many in the Middle East. The only reproach: Hitler did not finish the job.

-- Horst Mahler comments:

The Jews have already lost - they just don't know it yet. The publication of the article by Eugen Sorg in the newspaper Weltwoche from Zurich is an important act of rebellion. Now it is important to forge an ever-effective weapon from it.

What is so important about this article? It documents the powerlessness of the historical perspective forced on us by the Jews - even more: it freshens our insight into the nature of Mephisto, that is explored in Goethe's FAUST:

FAUST (to Mephisto): All right, who are you?

MEPHISTOPHELES: A part of the force

that always wants evil but constantly creates good.

[Werke: Faust. Eine Tragödie, Goethe-HA Bd. 3, S. 47]

What are the aims of the Jews?

To make nations believe that Adolf Hitler was the greatest criminal of human history - the devil.

What do they achieve?

That Adolf Hitler appears to nations - from all kinds of perspectives - as the greatest hero that the 20th Century has seen.

All of humanity crazy - except the Jews?

The Jews have overlooked a minor fact: We can prove, through their own holy books, that they worship the cruellest murderer as their most holy one - because of his lust to kill. This lust makes the wheat of the Jews grow, throughout the world. Yahweh is truly Satan, the destroyer of worlds (John 8,44).

How can therefore the so-called (by the Jews) Holocaust be a reason for nations, that suffer under the Jews, not to love Adolf Hitler?

Juda has finally been revealed as the wolf who ate chalk, rolled his paw in dough and powdered it with flour. Finally one is allowed to laugh at him.

Kleinmachnow - July 18, 2004

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