Worship Flag Being Dissed

by White Proletariat

13 July 2004

Under gray skies and with his voice cracking, Spirit of '76 Association President Paul Lamberton said Thursday that his group's giant American flag, paint-bombed while on display at the Lobero Theatre, cannot be saved....news of the $5,000 flag's impending retirement came hours after Young America's Foundation officials found paint splattered on the American flag at the nonprofit's....Police have no suspects....a tearful Mr. Lamberton raised the reward his group is offering to $3,000 and urged the "anonymous creatures of the night" responsible to "confess your sins."

Don't you just love it? Lamberton has to be upset that more people aren't bowing down to worship the Stars and Stripes. Why, somebody didn't like the flag enough...so they had to...desecrate it. On any given day, you're more apt to see more churchgoers bow lower to the flag than to Jesus.

Just what does the flag stand for anyway? The Stars and Stripes stands for the murder of White men and women - just like Dresden in World War II and Whites in southern Africa. The Stars and Stripes stands for Whites being forced to attend school and live amongst porch monkeys. There used to be something called Freedom of Association, but you won't hear flag wavers talk about that. There used to be something called Freedom of Speech, but political correctness has largely made that idea bite the dust. There used to be something called Due Process, but ask a divorced White man about how he's been Due Processed by the Child Support Police. An accused murderer gets more Due Process than a divorced White Man! In fact, even an accused murderer has the right to a trial by jury - a jury of his peers. Remember the Magna Carta? Even though those peers might include negro animals, that's far more than what a divorced White man gets. The Stars and Stripes also stands for ever higher taxes supporting a government that hates your White ass more than all the terrorists in the world combined.

Just think! Some idiot somewhere is stupidly waving the American flag - celebrating the fact that the moronic WWII generation shot to death the one people who have ever stood up to the Forces of Shit. Our German brothers and sisters were shot - just so negroes and other muddy animals could mate with Humans. What was once beautiful has been made ugly through this flag of evil. Watch the mexican animals flood across the border to claim YOUR WEALTH that the WWII generation fought so hard TO WREST FROM YOU. Think of that when you next see the flag.

But you know, nobody likes the flag - I mean nobody! Nobody likes it except those brain-dead Whites that happen to fly it. The mexican animals don't like it - have their own. The negroes don't like it - stupidly associate it with White racism. If the Stars and Stripes is racist, then I'm Aunt Jemima! Not hardly! It seems the rest of the world likes it less and less.

Lamberton thinks those responsible ought to turn themselves in? It took quite awhile for somebody to desecrate such a high profile symbol. For years and years, our country has been be-shitted. For years and years, Whites have been pushed evermore towards oblivion. The biggest question that should be asked is why it took this long? Whites are truly too stupid to look out for their own good. They NEVER BEGIN ASKING WHY UNTIL THE FOOD STARTS RUNNING OUT. Better late than never I suppose.

We can assume that a White or Whites did this. I could be wrong, but shitskins don't tend towards rebellion against symbols. Shitskins tend to confine themselves to stealing money, molesting White women, and other concrete crimes. Symbols don't fill animal stomachs, so that's why we can assume at least one White did the deed against the Stars and Stripes. TV will occasionally show animals burning a flag, but we have to wonder just how many bananas had to be tossed.

Like quite a few Whites, I'd also be happy to show the proper respect to the flag. The flag can be respected in many ways: as an oil rag, handkerchief, doormat, and so on. I would show my respect, but I really don't feel like spending my hard-earned money purchasing an evil flag. Actually, my favorite thing isn't to personally respect the flag. I prefer to respect the flag at a distance.

My favorite way to respect the Stars and Stripes is to see it old, weathered, and fading. Whenever I see one like that, I can only conclude that that flag has been forgotten. Isn't that like the government? The government is at best useless and best forgotten about by the common White. My personal favorite is whenever tiny flags are lined up along a roadway, but one or two flags have been accidentally driven over - Stars and Stripes in the mud - tire tracks across them. That's the best way to remember the American flag. Nobody cared enough to pick the dirty thing up - out of the mud.

I think it would be more fitting to modify the Stars and Stripes. In place of the stars, a handicapped wheelchair symbol should be substituted. This would be more fitting: A WORTHLESS USELESS GOVERNMENT THAT SERVES ONLY THE WORTHLESS AND USELESS - WHITES NEED NOT APPLY. But until then, if you should see an American flag in the mud, make sure you also trample it.



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