Whitey's Attitude Adjustment

by Andrei Kievsky

13 July 2004

We don't own the country any more; let's stop acting like we do, since it only helps the jew.

The race problem is very much like a massive ocean liner that one is trying to turn around. It takes a long time and thousands of miles to actually get this thing to do a 180-degree turn, but that's what it's going to take.

We should have started to realize this during or after the Second War to Kill White People, but I think that the White race is so genetically predisposed to carrying the burden of civilization that it is a great effort to do so.

So many White guys are still out there strutting around, still believing that they own the country. This only supports jewish power.

A good example is the volunteer fire departments and volunteer ambulance services. I can't believe that so many screwed over Whitemen are still GIVING AWAY their services for free, all the while paying this heavy tax load for mudskins and heavy jew interest rates just to get a postage-stamp-sized piece of land and a clapped-together hovel to live in.

I was going to moonlight as an Emergency Medical Technician until I found out it's an unpaid volunteer situation. The fact that some Whiteys still volunteer to maintain the burden of civilization, while the kike jew scum have stolen our country from us, shows that we are in for a serious upheaval when Whitey finally realizes the extent to which he no longer owns this country.

Back in the day of the Cold War, we often learned about the difference between Capitalism and Communism thus: When you own something, you take better care of it and work harder for it. But when something is communally owned, what's the point of doing any more than the minimum? Even in Gogol's novel Dead Souls, there was a scene where the serf was explaining why his acres were flourishing, while the master's acres weren't doing so well. It was obvious that the serf took much better care of his own plot than the master's plot.

The White man is still working hard to carry the burden of civilization here in the Kwa. Much of this is because of religious delusion. There are a lot of "far right wing" types here in America who end up supporting the jew because they "believe in the Bible literally." They are still failing to make the connection that Kevin Macdonald makes between the jew and social degeneracy. These Bible-thumpers just love their jews, but hate the products of the jew. What sustains this contradiction? I'll tell you what - they haven't yet experienced desperation.

These Bible "literalists" are going to have a serious falling out with their judeolatric ways when they experience some economic desperation.

That is when we must tell them to stop carrying the White man's burden. This is very important, because this internal contradiction lies at the heart of all our problems. We continue to maintain the civilization that keeps our enemies fat and comfortable. Ayn Rand/Alice Rosenbaum nailed it on the head with her novel, Atlas Shrugged. I suspect that the nice jewish girl might have imbibed the works of Lothrop Stoddard, who wrote The Revolt against Civilization and the Rise of the Underman.

What Stoddard and Rosenbaum saw is at last coming to a head. It is up to us to convince our people to tell our kinsmen to "stop carrying the White man's burden."

Let the whole shithouse go up in flames, as Jim Morrison said.

All we have to do is make sure that we and our families are personally taken care of. This is why I so emphasize growing potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes and apple trees and chickens. Tune in, drop out, and let the jew starve.

I live on the East Coast, and I know the jews. They aren't prepared to feed themselves, or to live in anarchy. The jew has a weakness, and that weakness is its dependence on civilization WHICH WE MAINTAIN FOR THE BENEFIT OF JEWISH POWER.

We don't need to lay a finger on the parasitic hebrews. We need only to non-violently withdraw our veins and arteries from their proboscis. Cut off their sources of parasitical feeding and they are done for, they are history.

If we provide for ourselves in our own back yards and communities, then we don't support the System. If we don't support the System, then the jew withers away and dies. Bye bye jew.

Calls for offensive violence are laziness. There is an infinite source of people who will replace whoever you kill, while you are economically supporting a parasitical System. On the other hand, it is not necessary to do any violence to an enemy if you are its source of sustenance, and you cut off that sustenance.

Of course, there is a possibility that if we actually succeeded in starving our enemies, they could come after us with a "collectivization" or "expropriation" of what we are producing for ourselves. If it comes to this, then I suspect there won't be any need to call for violence. Defensive violence will happen of its own accord, and the guerilla war against ZOG will at last advance to its next stage.

But right now, the ONLY thing you can do is start working towards your own independence from the System. The ONLY thing you can do is disconnect your well being from the well being of the System. The System is going to die; your goal is to survive the painful and violent death of the System. That is how we win. There is no other way, at least from the point of view of 2004. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, which could cause new factors. The Chinese could invade Canada; Europe could ally with the Muslim world against US-Israelistan; oil could run out and America may become a mess of anarchy and poverty and desperation.

But the only thing YOU can do now is devote ALL your time and money (and extra money from a second job delivering newspapers or something - get while the getting's good!) to making yourself materially independent from the ZOG Corporate Imperial System.

We don't own the country. Get that through your head, and through your genetic programming. Start thinking like a gypsy or a Mexican. Get all you can out of this System, and stop being a sucker.


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