The "Ten Truths" Examined: Part X

by Rich Brooks

13 July 2004

10. Above all, race is real and we are, for better or for worse, primarily the product of our genes.

The second half of this statement is hardly controversial to scientists anymore. Results from repeated studies of identical twins have conclusively established that genetics play a far greater role in forming an individual's character than does environment. Twins reared in entirely separate and in many cases radically different circumstances have consistently been found to turn out remarkably similar in intelligence, personality and life interests. Much to the chagrin of sociologists and behavioral psychologists, environment or "nurture" seems to play a relatively marginal role in a child's development. The most we can now say, I believe, is that a bad environment may stifle development to some extent, but that even the most enriched environment in the world isn't going to make a genius out of a retard. It's just like the old saying goes, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

Or train a 75 I.Q. nigger to be a nuclear physicist. I remember reading a news story a few years ago about the disappointing lack of achievement among upper-middle class black high school students in Evanston, Illinois. These Evanston blacks were mostly the sons and daughters of Northwestern University professors and had every kind of educational and cultural advantage at their disposal, but they still scored significantly lower on standardized tests than their White counterparts. As you can imagine, there was much hand wringing in the liberal media about why this situation came about. The usual excuses of poverty and racism just couldn't explain it. I almost laughed out loud at the twisted and contorted rationalizations the various jewish and other liberal "experts" were offering for this blatantly obvious black underachievement. Oh, one of them said it was "peer pressure not to act too white" and another one said something about "lack of self-esteem" and several others offered similar kinds of psychobabble. Not one of them even dared, however, to state what should have been obvious to anyone not indoctrinated by egalitarian dogma: namely, that these niggers were just plain stupid because they had nigger genes.

I would make the further extrapolation that the supposedly educated, professional parents of these black underachievers had themselves advanced to their status largely due to anti-White discrimination labeled "affirmative action" and were not exactly geniuses themselves. But my purpose here is not to discuss the evils of quota systems and the like, but to show the big logical disconnect between our acceptance of the importance of heredity, on the one hand, and the total denial of any genetic basis for racial differences in intelligence, on the other. Genetic racial differences are conceded on such matters as black susceptibility to certain diseases, because physicians simply can't blame sickle cell anemia on such things as bad diet or lack of exercise. Jewsmedia pundits are also very willing to talk about genetic racial differences when it comes to attributes where blacks' performance is superior to Whites.

I am talking, of course, about sports and the obvious dominance of blacks in many of them. While there are some White Nationalists who ironically try to claim environmental reasons for Whites' under representation in the NBA and the NFL, I will readily concede that niggers can run faster and dunk a basketball better due to their superior genes for those activities. But as one WN writer has stated it very succinctly, "We're allowed to say White men can't jump, but we dare not say black men can't think." But to me it is very self-evident that if one set of genes can make one race run faster than another, why is it not equally true that another set of genes can make one race more intelligent than another?

I was in a class a couple years ago with a teacher who was a strong proponent of heredity versus environment. He based his views not only on books he had read, but also from observations about his own family and the sharp personality differences among his various offspring. He was also generally conservative in his political views, so I questioned him a little further about the applicability of his theories to racial differences in intelligence. To his credit, he didn't hem and haw or make tongue-tied excuses; he just point blank told me that he wasn't going to go there, that it was too politically incorrect to even discuss.

This teacher is far too typical of a majority of Whites today. The jews have made whole subjects like eugenics off-limits for discussion. "Race does not exist, it's merely a social construct" is the semitically correct mantra foisted on us today. Joo toob programs like a recent PBS special use misleading data to brainwash our children into denying what their very eyes and ears and yes, even their basic instincts tell them is true about race. They like to talk about similarity of DNA among the various races, but neglect to point out the identical DNA in the various breeds of dogs. A Pekinese has the same genetic makeup as a German Shepherd, so I guess these jews at PBS don't care which one they would choose to guard their house.

Absurd? Of course, but I think it's equally absurd that our society expends so many resources breeding superior livestock when we won't even entertain the thought of breeding superior human beings. And I believe there has been an overall decline in our human breeding stock over the last 100 years. This decline has been caused not only by race-mixing or interbreeding, but also by a dysgenic tendency of superior Whites to have fewer children or none at all, while those of an inferior White stock are having the larger families. Advancements in medical science haven't helped this situation, because the less-fit aren't being weeded out of the gene pool by disease and early death as they were in the past. In fact, medical science may prove to be the ultimate undoing of the White race, since it has cured so many of the diseases which heretofore kept non-White populations under control.

As William Gayley Simpson liked to remind us, a healthy organism must eliminate its waste products or it will die. If our race is to have any chance of survival we as a society will have to discard libertarian notions of an absolute right to marry and procreate children. This is one area where state control is absolutely essential, because I can't think of any "free-market" means for improving our human breeding stock. Yes, individuals with money are sometimes using sperm banks to have children with desired characteristics, but this is a small blip compared to all the nigger, spic, and white trash single mothers having 60 I.Q. crack-addicted babies. Also, those with the most money in our plutocratic society are not necessarily those with the superior genes.

Mention the word "eugenics" anywhere today, however, and the first word you'll hear in response is "Hitler." This is one of the reasons I think it is important that we try to rehabilitate Hitler and the German National Socialist movement. This is why I gladly accept the "Nazi" label if anyone wishes to pin it on me. Judeo-Christianity, with its universal brotherhood "compassionate" ideology, is also a big stumbling block, but I think it can eventually be overcome by scientific argument, as it has been in the case of stem-cell research.

We're in a race with time, but I believe science will eventually prove our racial beliefs correct. For many years the Soviet Union to its detriment promoted the false genetic views of Lysenko, even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence for Mendel's competing theories. But even in that totalitarian state, the truth finally won out, as it always does if the scientific method is followed. Unlike sociology or economics, genetics and biology are hard sciences and new discoveries are being made every about DNA. I am thoroughly convinced that there will eventually be overwhelming, can't-be-ignored evidence of the truth of our racist views.

That is why I continue to be optimistic about our racial future even as I see discouraging events happening around me every day. I know that the truth is on our side and it will eventually out.



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