Welfare for Whites?

by Andrei Kievsky

10 July 2004

As the downward spiral continues, I am observing increasing despair and impatience among our people.

Personally, I am in some physical fear of social upheaval and all that could entail, such as martial law, shortages, and such. As one of the founding member of the informal "worse is better club," I live in fear of Principle No. 2 of the worse is better club . . . namely, "worse is also worse."

But I do not despair of our cause, even at this time when the outer symptoms of racial degeneracy are the most visible. As someone who made a rare trip to a shopping mall told me, "I saw a lot of Barbies with Third World Kens." A disheartening sight, to be sure, but one that must be taken in the larger context of general decay.

Why should anyone be surprised at racial degeneracy in a country where the wealthy import illegal alien labor to replace the working class White guy up the street? Why should race mixing surprise us in a country where a dual citizen government official, Israeli Mossad spy chief Michael Chertoff, covers up for Israeli terrorists caught red handed and stopped from carrying out attacks and quietly deports them to Israel, while arresting American patriots like Chester Doles and Matt Hale on ridiculous, trumped-up charges?

The explosive growth of inter-racial coupling, the Third Worldization of America, the destruction of education, outsourcing and offshoring of our jobs, the near perfect control over Americans' access to information, are all to be taken in context.

Remember what we were all thinking about a mere 20 years ago? It was all about the Cold War and possible nuclear annihilation. America still had an appearance of racial health; rap music wasn't around yet, and white kids and their heavy metal seemed to rule the airwaves. America's racial problems were barely a blip on the radar screen, especially compared to the Cold War. Only a few far-sighted people like Dr. Pierce were talking about our race and jew problem back in 1984, and they were relegated to the fringe of militia conventions, gun shows, and the occasional Klan rally.

Now the Cold War is forgotten, and White nationalism is coming out of the fringe and experiencing birth pains. As Tom Metzger recently commented, people are largely despairing because they aren't seeing the White Revolution on their televisions.

People have been conditioned to see history play out on televisions and movie screens. They think a White Revolution is not happening if they aren't seeing it on TV.

There's something we need to understand. The jews got their anti-White revolutions by first playing them out on TV, and when people started believing the jewish movie and TV fantasies, the jewish fantasies BECAME REAL because people started believing them. The jews call this "doing Midrash on reality." They write scripts where the multi-racial cast appear to be equals, or perhaps the non-whites are better. The fantasy of the jewish communist is implanted into the lemmings mind, and the lemming then loses the ability to distinguish jewish Midrash from reality on the ground.

So people are deeply conditioned to believe if they aren't seeing it happening on TV and movies, it's probably not happening. This is even true among White nationalists.

I am only 34 years old, and I have seen extremely radical changes over the course of my life. After all this, I strongly doubt that the current status quo is "stable," especially with all the cheating and "wink winking" going on regarding our labor and immigration laws.

I meet Americans every day who grew up with a strong faith in this country having lost that faith, largely due to their suffering the effects of economic globalization on their jobs and on the quality of products. Globalization means our manufacturing goes overseas, and though the Chinese-made junk is cheaper, the quality is much, much lower. The benefits of globalization flow EXCLUSIVELY to the plutocrats and no one else. Everyone else is cheated or worse by globalization, including and especially the poorer countries of the world. I heard a radio interview of a Bangladeshi working for Microsoft, and he was saying that Microsoft only paid an average wage, about 60 dollars a month, and he hated working in the computer field as much as I did.

I make a prediction that may make many of you skeptical. I predict that the racial problems, while not going away, will be reduced and white solidarity will again be taken for granted, but globalization and shortage-induced POVERTY will loom large in our lives.

And now I will make the case for some Whites to go on the dole, and for ALL Whites to become obsessed with accumulating money and returning to our Yankee Puritan roots of thrift and wealth building, albeit with a modern White revolutionary variation.

If you are a landowner with the ability to farm food and/or have a workshop, then you probably can't go on the dole. In that case, you should be a homesteader/farmer and work with the White nationalist families that are on welfare, because the welfare Whites and the landowning Whites can have a mutually beneficial relationship, namely, the welfare Whites have the free time to do things like work the land and brew beer and take care of the chickens and sell products off the land. Landowner White may have to slug away at a higher-paying corporate job to meet the bills, while Welfare White helps Landowner White develop businesses off his farm (after Welfare White returns from his newspaper delivery route).

Most of us don't have land, and if you own a house that doesn't have the land to farm, you might as well sell the thing and if you get any money out of it, buy some rural land and put a mobile home or RV on it. You can make yourself quite comfortable by digging a well, using a compost toilet, a camp shower, and a shed-style wood stove, all of which can be obtained through publications like Backwoods Living and Mother Earth News. Basically you should embrace a sort of landowning hobo lifestyle, rather than owning a condo or a landless home.

Owning your acres is the ultimate goal. If you can't do it now, here's what to do.

If you have a girlfriend that is fit and competent for breeding, then she will be your "home base." Don't get married, and if you are married, then get divorced (but stay married in your hearts). She will have your children but not tell social services who the father is, saying, "Hell, I don't know, I'm surprised the kid is White!" If she is an innocent one, she may need to attend family court magistrate hearings and observe the race-mixing filth - how they behave, how they dress, how they talk, in order to competently impersonate a race-mixing whore. Race-mixing sluts have a certain nervous, ill-tempered manner about them. One can also observe them on shows like Jerry Springer, but it is better to see them in their natural environment - family court trying to collect child support for their mulattoes.

She's got to be pushy and demanding, and get everything possible from social services - Section 8 housing, Medicaid, AFDC, WIC, GA, and food stamps. It goes against the nature of Whitey to do this, so you may have to form a strategic acquaintance with a colored who knows the system and can teach you how to work the system. You might want to volunteer in the inner city and make friends with some of the welfare administrating sorts, and then you bring your girlfriend in, all ragged, pretending you don't know her, and say, "I found this poor, unfortunate woman on the street. Can you help her?" She should be crying and screaming and acting like race-mixing filth. If you have won the heart and mind of your welfare administrator, the full array of government benefits will be opened to her.

Then you can "camp out" at your woman's Section 8 apartment. Free rent! Housing is damned expensive, so this is a good thing. Of course there will be welfare cheese too! Food stamps can go a long way, especially combined with a cash share or work share from a CSA farm (find one in your area here http://www.csacenter.org)

Now you have to go find cash work. Follow your nose - smell the recently emigrated divershitty? They call it "Labor Ready" here in New England.

You will have to consider what skills you have, and perhaps look to getting more. Then you go around and work at rich people's homes. Rich people are socially irresponsible scum buckets that hire illegal immigrants in order to screw the honest working White man. But they'll be especially glad to hire cash hungry Whitemen with lots of skills! Think of what you can do, and be sure to mention it to all the Mr. Richmans that you meet. Wash his yacht? Be the regular that landscapes his mansion property? Maybe he'd let you have a garden on his property? Maybe he would like to have a game reserve for shooting pheasant? Find out what he likes, and find a way to sell your labor to him. Mr. Richman is a safe to be cracked, just find out what he wants, or what he doesn't know he wants but when you tell him about it, he wants it. If you are a typical 35 or above resourceful Whiteman, you'll crack a few Richmen.

With all your free time, Mr. Welfare Whitey, you should learn lots and lots of skills. You should definitely learn how to dress and butcher animals like deer and moose. Work at a slaughterhouse for that cash money until you are skilled in taking apart a big bull and turning him into prime cuts in three hours. Then when you work for Mr. Richman, you ask him if he likes to hunt. If he does, give him your "Bill the Butcher" business card. When he goes to Maine or Alaska to take some moose, he'll hire you out at 300 a day! Be sure to shoot a moose yourself and take the meat home to the chest freezer at the Section 8 apartment! Always be on the lookout for ways to get shit for free!

Learning how to fix boats is not a bad thing. Lots of Richmen play with yachts. I once fixed a washing machine on a 35 million dollar yacht with a 5 man crew. It cost a million a year to maintain. The captain's flying deck was up high and looked like the Star Trek Enterprise, or perhaps a very spacious jet cockpit. It had a yoke and a throttle for steering and power, like an airplane. Had fully programmable computer, so the boat could drive itself. Radar for other boats and storms. The cylinders were so big you couldn't get your arms around them. It had powerboat "life boat" type, that would be the kind of boat you or I would own, if we could afford a boat.. Had a hot tub on the top deck so Mr. Richman could engage in illicit pleasures "on the top of the world" so to speak.

So once you establish your "home base" with your female and your bills paid by Uncle Shitskin, you have the freedom to go and earn cash money, or learn skills to better earn cash money.

When you are stuck working at a full-time, taxpaying job, you have less opportunity to meet people and learn new skills. But if you live like a Mexican, the world is your oyster. Work when you want to, and learn things when you figure out what you need to learn. With a Whiteman's IQ, a White Amerikwan's hunger and rage, and a place to "camp" on the taxpayer's dime, the world is your oyster. If you fail to take full advantage of it, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Save your money, whether you buy gold coins or whatever. I am not going to tell you how to invest, but take a look at precious metals. The American dollar is being propped up artificially, says the word on the street, so think outside of the box how best to invest what surplus wealth you acquire. A reputable place to get precious metals is www.goldcentral.com I'm told. And when you have enough, getting some acres is the best investment.

If I weren't a landowner, I'd go on welfare immediately. The only reason I continue in the aboveground economy is because I have something to lose. If you have nothing to lose, then for heaven's sake Whiteman! Think outside the box!

As a freewheeling Whitey who makes his own rules and has plenty of resources at his disposal, you will be much more convincing to fence sitting Whitemen who haven't yet made up their mind about the survival of their race. I have converted people to our cause by setting an example of who I am, though I am far from what I want to be it's still far along from a System-dependent, condo-dwelling, sports fan.

And I want to emphasize the value of becoming money obsessed. It becomes a kind of sport, and an interesting one. You don't do it for money's sake, but you seek to build your homestead in such a way that money flows from the System to you, but once you get the money, it only flows among your circle of friends, your little community.

We are returning to an age of feudalism, in a certain sense. Now is the time to start building yourself up as either a "landlord" or a free wheeling steward who makes money any way he can and becomes part of the landlord's economy. It's all about finding infinite ways to recycle our wealth to each other, to dam up the river of money that currently flows through us, so we build up our own "lakes."

Eventually, WE can be the money-lenders, the pawnbrokers, to the outgroups. Jewish power was made in a certain way; I strongly believe that the way to unmake is to mirror it, and take advantage of the fact that jews have gotten soft and complacent. THEY are the decadent aristocrats of 2004, with vast fortunes and holdings held by lackadaisical grandchildren and great grandchildren of the jews who made those fortunes. WE must start working to outmaneuver the jew in the financial and material sector. We must work to be the Controllers of markets, and to mirror the jewish way of doing it - by only doing business favorably with ingroup people, and any dealings with outgroup people should be very profitable for us or not at all.

It's fun and it's addictive; always looking for an angle to make more money, always learning more skills and expanding one's horizons in the material sector. Don't you dream of escaping corporate employment and middle managers and HR people? Don't you dream of escaping the dull monotony of wage earning, and instead using your creativity and imagination and skills that you have or will acquire in your free, welfare subsidized time?

America's a very complex place, and there are still lots of opportunities, but too many Whites tread a narrow path of wage earning and condo dwelling. There are a lot of paths trodden by jews and coloreds, to their profit and our loss, that we need to be bold enough to tread as well. Let us stop being the ones taken advantage of, and let's start taking advantage ourselves. Remember Ayn Rand's novel, "Atlas Shrugged" where "the Men of the Mind" go on strike? That's what this is all about - Whitey going on strike, and dropping the White man's burden right on the head of our enemies. If we are so bad and evil, then let the people who hate us maintain this civilization themselves.



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