The Anti-Christian Song of Laughter

by Constantin von Hoffmeister

7 July 2004

The project [of the SS] was as simple as ambitious: To gather human beings of predominantly Aryan stock (without forgetting the women) in order to climb back up the abyss of decadence and unfortunate intermarriages. To awaken the consciousness of our distinctive status in culture and instinct. To better the race from generation to generation, to give nature the possibility of mutation towards the Overman.


D-DAY - in the Cruel Summer of Desperation, 1944:

in the echelons of power
wondering questioning bedazzled
the dream scream meme
pick your lot in wild weird woods
the beam the endless beam down
see the giant marching sideways
political revolution evolution
crystal dreams shattered on fields of manure
shoot your brother dead at dawn
the race against time
one race above time
fuck your daddy down you go
devolution copulating with Cain and a grin
"THEY got us here and over there as well"


imprisoned game of cards itself playing by rules
conduct follows command
a lucky strike the way to Cherbourg
a comedy of errors defense barbed in
also: cotton field of dreams ablaze
a crusade against your righteous self
bloody Yank on young EVROPA vomits
crossed knives to hold the tide
the Virgin Mary screwed shitting needles


war is heaven when dirty boots tatter
in silence scrapes the tin foil trash
run the gauntlet into concrete
maverick madness made manifest
and wolverines the werewolves rip apart
the two-legged beast from Austria lied
hilarious down a blood-drenched path
groveling the gnostic in boring brothels


poetry of physics projected into pure propaganda
"le Waffen-SS sont des héros du sang et le travail"
but too late! the Kingdumb cometh...


no fear heart kill the crimson wave
under cover of teeth a pale glow flickers
rain washes off soot
sun fosters decay
the Brown Wall bound to be blasted
full moon beard vision clear
breached through honor the lies of the kike
the green march west to trap the east
Lancelot luminous in the Lake of Bavaria
dogs, you want to die ever after?
on the autobahn ashen columns dire trot


lightning losing logic and lubrication
liquor trash no wine tastes better
the culture of the cross crucified itself
candles cast a light of comfort
erecting veils of rubber thinly sliced
dollar sickle planting death to harvest equal as one
magic monocles silently brooding
a stern look inwards to Mars crowned with failure
fractal ink slowly faded while memory etched thin
the clean door of the house that bleeds plaster
o our Lord - grant us relief:
Kristus Teutonicus the pale flame redeemer!


the siege suddenly spurned with scorn
the cult of the cool not certified to rule


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