Those "Poweerr", Broke, Backward, Oppressed, Unhappy Russkies

by Johnny O.

7 July 2004

A. said he wants to see firsthand reports on places -- enclaves within the Great White Gene Pool.

Here's my onsite report on THE PSKOV REGION, RUSSIA.

No writing polish from me. This won't be Ivan Turgenev's A Hunter's Sketches (recommended reading) -- I'm 300 years of English-German-Scotch-Irish residing in Amerikwa -- White Man, big-city, small business, "running dog of capitalism", in a big hurry.

So, that means you as reader are stuck with as many staccato facts and quick impressions as I can jam into my notebook PC in the next 30 minutes, while the Russian bath is being fired up.

MY LOCATION -- A 1000-YEAR-OLD TOWN ALONG A RIVER IN THE PSKOV REGION, RUSSIAN WHITE GENE POOL: A town of 1500 population in the Pskov Region, Russia.

Yes, they got internet here too.

I'm from south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I've been to Moscow, St Pete and many parts of Europe.

Pre-revolution 90% of all Russians lived outside of major cities.

The Pskov Area is mostly smaller towns and villages rural still.

I've been here for a month, with my 23 year old, 5' 8", 46 kilo, blonde, blue-eyed girlfriend at her family house -- to my eye she's as tight and lissome as the tennis Sharapova girl, and more feminine. She's smart and athletic. She's capable. So is the rest of her family. She wants a secure, mature man and says she's always dreamed about 4 babies. Me too, at minimum 4. They'll have "face-smashing" genes in 'em from both sides of the family. They'll be worth making. They'll be good ones.

Here's my take on the local genetic, biologic, ecology-economy of the Pskov Region -- "the genetic economy" -- the only economy that counts in the long run -- the local gene pool. Overall competence, intelligence, physical beauty, athleticism is as rich as I've witnessed, and I have traveled at one time or another into most enclaves of the White world.

In evaluating an area, I've over time learned to look for the genetic foundation first. Pskov Region is old, lots of history -- the gene pool has been jarred from time to time but never broken -- constant genes remain. Lots of nasty fights with Swedes in the 1700s. Again, some of these towns date from the year 1000.

70% of the people have pure blue or grey eyes. 90% of the people have blonde hair as children, 30% of these blondes turn to brown hair as they get older. Every MAN is his very own "professional" electrician, carpenter, plumber, farmer/gardener. He can also operate large trucks, truck cranes, heavy equipment.

Every WOMAN can give love abundantly, care for and educate children, make her own stylish clothes, cook great, garden, tend animals, work at a gov. agency store or post office in town occasionally. Females dress immaculately and always wear some unique variety or another of unforgettable exotic perfume.

The WHITE MAN here has an occasional "smashing faces" ritual. Reminds me vaguely of some simular family events I've seen in the South. Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a Church Holiday -- Ivan's Day -- lots of partying, swimming in the river, drinking, with some "face smashing" likely. The "face smashing" ritual: WHITE MAN friends get drunk together, then stand directly in front of each other, bust each other in the face with their fists, then after this, with some blood spurting, eyes swollen, put their arms around each other and go drink some more vodka together. At bigtime small town holiday celebrations, especially during "pancake week", I've been told stories of "face smashing" "wall to wall" -- two long lines of White Men face each other "smashing faces" whilst laughing their asses off.

The WHITE MALE EXPERIENCES ABUNDANT NATURAL UNSPOILED GENETIC BEAUTY DAILY: In his normal daily round he gets to "run into" Russkie females on average about 20 times a day -- he sees more real feminine genetic beauty in one day than I ever saw in big-city Amerikwa in a year.

Everyone, Russkie White Man and White Woman, acts quiet, modest, yet confident, never brash.


THE WOMEN are naturally feminine, genetically advanced, highly intelligent and they expect and demand that a strong MAN lead them. They sometimes get spanked and can see value in it as tough, caring love.

The official annual GDP figure here is probably $0. As for the almost non-existent local "money economy" -- the jew-eyed business angle on things, it is amazing to me how much richer Russkies are than wage-mortgage-finance slave Amerikwans.

80% OF FOOD IS "FREE" -- MEANING HOMEGROWN, FRESH AND CLEAN -- outside the money economy and mestizo hepatitis and Mad Cow.

Kievsky self-sufficient world is where I am.

80% of food on average is homegrown; in smaller villages 100% is homegrown.

My girlfriend's family grows 80% of their food intake on just 8 sotkas, including potatoes, beets, cabbage, carrots, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, cherry trees, apple trees, various spices, peppermint, lemon tea, lots and lots of strawberries, plum trees -- they make plum wine. I eat fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the garden every day plus pork or chicken. Lots of fruits and vegetables get canned for use during the long, but not nearly so cold as fabled winter.

Local stalls -- a half-day outdoor market four days a week in the center of town -- local meat and market produce here makes up the 20% difference -- salt, tea, sugar, flour, chicken, pork, local honey, jams, jellies, milk, buttermilk, cheese, fish. Whatever else you want -- bicycles, children's clothes and shoes, toys, running shoes, car parts, fishing gear.

There's a Personal Computer shop in town too with the latest, prices about the Rouble equivalent of US$ prices.

BUT, LIFE DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND MONEY HERE. Local WHITE MAN already owns outright all the "things" that money can buy, but, more importantly, he has the GENES it cannot buy. He literally makes any"thing" he needs.


The housing -- 30% was built by local groups for their employees (you're an employee, here, take this, this house is 100% yours, enjoy) -- the majority 70% of housing was built by individual families, by hand, from scratch. They stake a piece of land -- free. Municipality says OK. They seem to always find the brick, the wiring, the pipe, whatever they need. Average size I would guess is 900 to 1100 square feet. 50% are brick, 50% are frame or log. "Privitization." ALL HOUSING INCLUDING LAND-GARDEN IS OWNED OUTRIGHT BY THE BUILDER-OCCUPANT. NO MONEY BORROWED, NO MORGAGES TO PAY. YOU BUILD IT. YOU REALLY OWN IT.


Occupants -- In my case, the father, mother, younger brother of my girl friend. One older brother lives nearby in a flat in a two story building, with wife and two sons. He's promised to take me moose hunting.

Structure and site: A 900 square foot brick house (fronting a river measuring about 150 meters wide with a view of the Orthodox Church, town and marketplace on the other side) plus small steel-walled-roofed car garage housing a Lada auto, a tool shed, a firewood and coal storage shed and a Russian bathhouse, all structures together taking up 4 sotkas. (One sotka is approximately 1076.4 square feet, 119.60 square yards, or 0.02471 acre.) There's that additional, all important, 8 sotka (1/4 acre) garden which gets close meticulous constant attention. There are 30 or 40 neighboring houses nearby of the same size and type with the same sized, well-tended gardens and bathhouses.

Cost of a house sold to an outsider: An identical-sized-type house with a smaller garden was just sold to a family from St. Pete who will use it as a dacha for the Rouble price equivalent of $4200 -- everything is cash here. The former owner used the sales proceeds to move to a smaller village with cash to spare.

Utility costs:

1) Electric - 220-40. Lights, TV, vacuum, $10 per month.

2) Heat -- fixed brick heater that can burn either coal or wood -- using wood now as wood is cheaper than coal. $60 (two truckloads) worth of wood heats for one year.

3) Water from a well behind house -- water free, electric pump, shared with neighbor.

4) Kitchen Stove -- LP gas - 100 liter tank outside -- $7 per tank.

5) Toilet direct to septic, tank truck picks up waste every 3 or 4 months.

6) Telephone. $4 per month. Unlimited local calls.


When you build your own house and grow your own food, you don't "earn money"; you don't even pay the low, recently fixed, Russian 13% income and pension tax.

Government employees who "earn money" have 13% withheld -- it is their total tax.

There are huge tracts of open forest and open land and many smaller villages here of 50 to 100 people. I see healthy looking kids in these locales everywhere. These are even further from the money economy than this town, but closer yet to the pure blue-eyed genetic-biologic economy.

Russia dying? Not here. Strong robust blonde children everywhere, running, riding bikes, helping in the family garden, swimming in groups in the river, kicking a soccer ball. Parents talking over their fences as they tend their gardens, always busy, fixing, talking about their children to each other. There's frequent family celebration days and youth days in town with civic awards for school excellence and business donations to worthy town projects.

Children everywhere, horses, cows, pigs, goats, chickens, geese, dogs, cats. Next door neighbor has 4 children, a cow, a horse, rabbits. Cows and goats are tied off everywhere eating the lush grass along the river. Several neighbors keep chickens, one has geese. A few neighbors forgo the animals and keep just the coveted garden.

The intelligence and competence of the Men -- strong, self-assured, they can do anything, make anything, fix anything. Weld shut a pinhole leak in the radiator of the UAZ-"jeep", make and finish their own furniture from raw wood; again, the Men here have built or helped build (sometimes with family help) the house in which they live, from scratch.

Transport and equipment:

Walking. Bicycles. Tough little 1500cc Lada cars ($3000 buys a new one -- 30 mpg -- I saw one with 300,000 kilometers on it still going), UAZ-"jeeps" ($5000 new -- more rugged than a Jeep) hardy durable personal vehicles for the tough roads. Ural and Izh motorcycles often with sidecars. Heavy trucks, tank trucks, backhoes, tractors.


For body and soul, for genetically and physically healthy children, for healthy clean diet, for "beautiful 'young pure White' maidens all in a row", I haven't seen better than right here.

About 80% of all "economic life" is FREE -- wholly separate from the jew-money economy.

The White Gene Pool: Pretty demure blonde females as far as the eye can see.

Close to Nature, animals, everyone learns his genetics lessons, over and over, everyday.

Active, always outside, in Nature, children and parents. Blond, blue-eyed, sun-tanned by the long northern summer days.

Lesson to me: Figuring out real value in life is tricky shit. Who'd a thunk it? You can LIVE LIFE 100% FREE outside the money economy IN RUSSIA BETTER, within a pure-White advanced White Gene Pool setting, of beauty, health and nature, than you can live life being at the top of the money ladder in mongrelized Amerikwa. Kind of funny!

And, yes when Russkies decide to drink, don't kill yourself trying to keep up.

Those "poweer" backward, oppressed Russkies, so "unsophisticated", so "broke", why they hardly make any money at all.


Are Pskov Region Russkies rich or poor? According to my calculations:

Extremely rich! Amongst the richest folks on the planet!

Genetic wealth, 70% blond and blue eyes, good brains, attractive, strong. Close to Nature. The females absolutely kill me.

Self-sufficiency, independence. No wage slavery, no mortgage and car payment slavery. No government dependency. No Walmart, No McDonalds, No Ford Explorer. No hepatitis or HIV here.

No niggers, No mestizos. No jews here to poison the unspoiled genetic beauty.

But, are these Russkies in the Pskov Region really REALLY happy? I can't say for sure. You never know when pesky Russkies might be just acting happy instead of really being happy. I ain't no mind reader, either. And, as for me, I never valued happiness very important anyways. I do know though that nothing I've ever run across makes me feel any better or makes my world any brighter than driving by or walking past and smelling the perfume of one of these exquisite Russkie females, walking on foot, most everywhere, on just about every sidewalk or road, in every town, and village, around here.

Russian bath is ready.

"Natasha. C'mon. Let's go!"


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