The "Ten Truths" Examined: Part VIII

by Rich Brooks

7 July 2004

8. Dogs make much better pets than cats, and are far more loyal and trustworthy than most human beings. Smarter, too, for the most part.

Perhaps I misspoke a little when I first wrote this, because the truth of it all depends on ones definition of what makes a good pet. For some, particularly apartment dwellers, a good pet is one that is unobtrusive and requires little care.

My two desert tortoises fit the low maintenance and unobtrusive category better than any other kind of pet I can think of. They eat mostly weeds in my back yard, though I occasionally cut up an apple or some other fruits or veggies for them. They are gentle creatures, and the only care they require is that I remember to keep the backyard gate latched, because, slow moving as they are, tortoises are prone to try to escape confinement and can cover territory surprisingly quickly when they want to. Remember the fable about the race between the tortoise and the hare? When one of them does manage to escape, a neighbor will usually find it and return it. Why a turtle would want to escape what I consider a veritable Garden of Eden for a reptile is beyond my comprehension, but for five months out of the year, I dont even have to worry about that possibility. You see, these creatures hibernate between October and March in my house safely ensconced under the microwave stand in my kitchen so for almost half the year they are a totally zero-maintenance pet.

But we're supposed to be talking about dogs and cats here, and I just mention the above to add some perspective and define what we mean by a better pet. Turtles are cheap to maintain and have a life expectancy longer than most humans, but interaction with them is minimal. It is the quality of interaction between man and animal that to me defines a pet's value. Cats interact when they want to interact, which is usually when they hear the sound of a can opener or when they think you are resting too comfortably in your easy chair. They cannot be trained to obey you, no matter what the pro-cat experts claim. Unlike turtles, cats do have distinct individual personalities, but all of them share the common trait of selfishness. A cat always does what the cat wants to do, not what you want the cat to do. This independence has been commented upon so often that it has become a cliché, and cat lovers defiantly take pride in this trait. I, however, want a little return on my investment in food, vet bills, cat litter, and the like. Dollar for dollar, I feel like I'm being cheated on the value I receive for money spent on my cats versus money spent on my dogs. And even in total dollars spent, it costs more to feed my two 10-pound cats than it does my two 60-pound dogs.

It's not about money, though. Even if Frisco and Skipper cost five times as much to feed and house, they would be more than worth it for the pleasure they give me. Frisco is my five-year-old mixed-breed Australian Cattle Dog I raised from a four-week-old puppy, and Skipper is the black Lab mix I rescued at about eight months old from a nigger who had abandoned him in the desert near my house. They are my friends, perhaps my two best friends, and I don't put a price on friendship. I'm not going to bore you by telling you about how smart they are and all of the cute tricks they do, because this is a White Nationalist website, not a mouthpiece for the Humane Society or the SPCA. Most of you didnt come here to read about how great I think my dogs are. Just please don't try to run me out of the White movement because I have adopted two mongrels.

There are definite political implications to this subject, which is why I included it among my ten truths and why it is indeed semitically-incorrect. I'm sure most of you have seen the statistic that cats are now more popular as pets than dogs. By popular, of course, they simply mean more numerous and I don't know if their statistics include the large number of feral cats we see all around us. Nevertheless, this statistic is quite telling, because the ascendancy of the cat and the relative decline of the dog coincides with the ascendancy of jewish influence in America and the relative decline of the Aryan. This is no accident, I am firmly convinced. Cats are the preferred pets of jews, dogs are for Whites.

I realize that Dr. Pierce had his beloved cat Hadley, but then he was given to certain personal idiosyncrasies for which he should be forgiven. Speaking in general terms, however, the dog symbolizes the Aryan virtues of loyalty, trust, and courage. The cat, on the other hand, represents the jewish characteristics of stealth, infidelity, and greed. Dogs require training, patience, and an investment of time to become the faithful companion known as man's best friend. More accurately, the dog should be called White man's best friend, because it was White man who first domesticated him. Niggers in fact have a legendary fear of dogs. This fear is usually justified, because most dogs, mine included, simply don't like niggers. This is instinct, not training. Just try to tell Skipper there is no such thing as race and it is just a social construct!

The jews would love nothing more than for us to become a nation of cat owners. Aside from the fact that there are excessive jew profits in producing cat food and cat litter (just meat by-products and sand), the docile feline represents a feminine, passive and disarmed society -- in other words, a jewed society. It is not at all hard for me to believe that the same people who want to take away our guns also want to take away our dogs. You will notice that the public campaigns against dog defecation on the sidewalks in places like New York are usually spearheaded by jewish activist types who are invariably cat owners. I don't like dog shit any better than anyone else, but it's not all that hard to watch where youre stepping. The human excrement in those cities is a far worse problem.

Can the dog survive the extinction of the White race? I am fearful that he can't, and all available evidence points to this. We see how the non-White races of Asia, the likely beneficiaries of our genocide, have treated dogs as just another food commodity. Given their inability to grow or produce any food on their own, niggers in Africa will also eat dogs. Of course cats are considered equally edible by these third-world peoples, but cats have better survival instincts than dogs. The same qualities that make dogs better pets make cats much better adapted to survive in the wild. But there's no denying that the fates of dog and White man are inexorably intertwined. When I am fighting to save the White race, I am also fighting to save my beloved canines.



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