The Ten Truths Examined: Part VII

by Rich Brooks

7 July 2004

7. "African-Americans" are niggers. Niggers are not only not "nice people" - hell, they're not even people.

The term "African-American" was unknown in public discourse 20 years ago. I can't recall precisely when it first came into vogue as the politically correct description for members of the Congoloid race, but it really grates on me like very few other words. Just how absurd, meaningless, and disconnected from reality its current usage is was recently demonstrated by the White high school student who applied for some kind of "African-American" scholarship. You see, this White student was a true African-American, having recently immigrated to the U.S. from his native South Africa. Of course, the school administrators went into a tizzy and even tried to have the student expelled for his having the temerity to mock their earnest efforts at nigger uplift.

By the same measure, I am just as much a "Native American" as any redskinned tomahawk-wielder. I was born in this country, as were all of my grandparents, and that makes me "native" by any normal meaning of the word. The jews, however, have so manipulated our language that today we commonly hear worse doublespeak than even Orwell could imagine. If we really wish to be precise in our terminology about the people we used to call "Indians," we should call them "indigenous Americans." Recent archeological discoveries, however, have called into question how "indigenous" these people really are. Kennewick man, for example, was apparently Caucasian and predates the arrival of any Oriental peoples. Also there is increasing evidence for a European presence on these shores long before the arrival of Columbus. But, then, jews have never thrived on the precise use of language.

"African-American" is just the latest in a long line of semitically-correct terminology for the darkies. When I was very young, we politely called them "colored people." Before long, however, this term came to be considered condescending and I was taught that I should now call them "negroes." I don't know why, because "negro" always sounded sort of ugly to me and if I were in their shoes I'd much rather be called "colored." But be that as it may, the "civil rights" revolution of the 1960s was fought for the rights of "negroes."

But lo and behold, a few years later we were told that "negro" was too clinical and these people should now be described as "Afro-Americans." This was about the time the "afro" hair style started to become popular even among Whites. "Afro-American" never really caught on, however, as the Black Muslim and Black Power movements came into prominence about this time and "black" soon was almost universally accepted as the preferred nomenclature. Funny, because years ago, when we were calling them "negroes," the term "black" was considered almost as insulting as "nigger" is today, even though it is just the English translation for the Spanish "negro." Today, the latest edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary labels the word "Negro" as "sometimes offensive."

"Black" is still somewhat accepted, and I think rightly so. Its use is consistent with our race calling ourselves "White" and I have no problem with it. Nevertheless, it is amusing to note that we still have with us the NAACP (the jew-founded National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), and not the NAAAA (National Association for the Advancement of African-Americans). There is also the United Negro College Fund for all those brilliant African-American minds which are all just too precious to waste.

You may have noticed that I just used "African-American" without quotes but with heavy sarcasm. I will never use the word without sarcasm, because, call them what you like, they will always be niggers to me. Niggers are what is polluting our environment worse than any imaginable form of toxic chemical. Niggers are what we see everyday raping and robbing and murdering our people. Niggers are what we hear every day with their "hip-hop" and "rap" and their other loud and profane debasements of our language. "African-Americans" are what is being shoved down our throats every day by jewish television and movie producers, but "niggers" are what White Americans are forced to live with every day in the real world. For every middle-class black Bill Cosby-type family there are several hundred single, crack-addicted welfare mothers, just as that for every Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell there are millions of Rodney Kings. Niggers are niggers, and I will continue to call them that despite what the signers of the New Orleans Protocol may think about such language.

Are niggers human? Are niggers "nice people"? Of course there are some blacks who are "nice people" just as there are even a few individual jews who fit into this nebulous but highly-descriptive-to-me category. But since we're looking at the big picture and speaking in broad generalities, I will have to label the mass of them subhuman. I have noticed that many White Nationalists use the terms "animals" or "beasts" to describe niggers and their behavior, but I am very uncomfortable with such terminology. I consider it a major insult to my furry, four-legged friends to compare them to the human subspecies that had its origin in Africa. Animals, even in the wild, never behave with the unprovoked violence and wanton destructiveness of the nigger. They generally only kill for food and only attack if provoked, but more on this in my next chapter about canines, felines, and homo sapiens.

What to do about the nigger problem? I'd like to see a serious discussion about this among Whites, just as I'd like a serious discussion about the jewish problem. It's not enough to simply say send them on boats back to Africa, just as it's not enough to say we need a "vertical" expulsion of the jews. When and how are we ever going to accomplish this? What are the conceivable logistics for doing so? I have no idea what the most recent population figures for the USA are, but in doing a quick calculation I figured there must be at least 40 million niggers in our country at the present time. A modern cruise ship can hold as many as 5,000 passengers, so another quick calculation shows that it would take at least 8,000 trips across the Atlantic to transport them all back to their ancestral home. And how do we entice them or force them or even ensure that there is a place over there to dump them all? After the War Between the States there were serious attempts at what was then called "colonization," but as we all know, Liberia was a total failure and remains so to this day.

The other commonly discussed solution involves either voluntary or involuntary racial separation into distinct territories on the North American Continent. This was actually attempted by the White government of South Africa when apartheid was still in practice, but was sabotaged by international pressure just as that nation itself was sabotaged. A Northwest migration and other such schemes have been put forward by American WNs from time to time, but these have usually been dismissed as impractical and utopian. I do believe that some type of secessionist movement is ultimately our best hope, but I'm not at all sure how it is to come about.

Dr. Pierce was emphatically correct about one thing, however. Whites must have their own living space and a segregated society is no longer viable. Segregation worked for many years following the War Between the States, not only officially in the South but also de facto in the North as well. However, this is before jews got heavily involved and stirred up the niggers to demand their "civil rights." The "outside agitators" that White Southern politicians used to complain about were invariably jews or their followers. What we have to realize today, however unfortunately, is that the "genie has been let out of the bottle," so to speak, and there's no going back to the time when niggers "knew their place." Jews have literally let niggers loose to prey upon White society, and by their control of our legal system have made it impossible to re-cage them. This problem illustrates again the necessity of dealing with the jewish problem before we can hope to begin solving any of our other racial problems.

In any event, I will continue to call "African-Americans" niggers and hope I offend as many sensitive souls as possible when I do. Let's never be afraid to call a spade a spade.



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