A Weekend with Dr. Pierce

by Edgar Steele

1 July 2004

I spent this past weekend with Dr. William L. Pierce, founder of the National Alliance. In fact, he had an extended visit with my whole family.

Yes, I know he died two years ago. No, it wasn't like a Weekend at Bernie's. His weekly columns...er, talks are available on tape from the National Alliance and I was fortunate enough to have acquired a substantial set of them recently. I took my family on a long car trip to Portland (8 hours each way) and we listened to many of them. What a great way to take back your children from the propagandizing effect of TV!

I used to read Dr. Pierce's commentary religiously, but rarely listened to the Internet downloads. My loss, it turns out. Now I realize that those were simply transcripts of his prepared talks, not just articles he read over the air. The difference is significant. Writing for public speaking is a very different creature from writing for printed consumption. Listening to Dr. Pierce produces a very different effect from merely reading the transcripts.

Mind you, I always found his writing to be cogent and to the point. However, his verbal delivery adds a dimension of clarity and persuasiveness that is not apparent in the written word. What Pierce had to say four and five years ago is even more compelling today. The issues are the same, but substantially worse. I can all but hear him talking about the need to drive a stake through the heart of today's Bush Administration.

Always, Pierce spoke forcefully about taking back America and reversing the drive toward diversity and multiculturalism. More than anyone else, perhaps, Pierce spoke endlessly about the role of Jews in the ongoing destruction of America.

Pierce was one of a kind. Intellectual. Orator. Author. Activist. Organizer. Leader. But he wasn't a cultist, whose organization fades when its leader goes. The National Alliance (NA) seems stronger than ever. Indeed, the need for the National Alliance is greater than ever. The NA has active chapters all over America and I commend them to you.

Erich Gliebe is the new Chairman and his organizational ability is reflected in the unswerving loyalty apparent in so many of the NA's more active members. Kevin Strom serves as a strong and capable anchor for the weekly broadcast formerly handled personally by Dr. Pierce.

Strom also has taken on the NA's magazine and maintains a stellar web site for it at http://www.nationalvanguard.org/. Go here http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=3240 for a posting there just today about the ADL's incredible demand that political dissenters on the Internet be punished: "Hate on the Internet cannot be entirely unregulated. Law enforcement officials... should actively police the web, preventing and punishing online... libel and defamation."

"Hate" and "libel and defamation" are the code words used by the ADL when it speaks of the content of newsletters like the one you now are reading. If the ADL has its way, as it eventually will, I will be shut down and imprisoned for these irregular mutterings and you will hear nothing but the unadulterated party line and outright lies now fed you by the mainstream media and your "elected" representatives. This is the very sort of thing that people like Dr. Pierce and I have been fighting for years now. It is the silence of most Americans that makes it possible for such an exceedingly small minority to be regimenting us in this fashion.

I was privileged to be the first to speak at length in the new Pierce Memorial Hall in Hillsboro, West Virginia two months ago, during the NA's semiannual Leadership Conference. It sounds hokey, but it seemed as though Dr. Pierce's spirit was there with us. I certainly felt his presence as I stood in what should have been his place and spoke to his followers about individual initiative in the ever-growing police state of America.

Mind you, I am not an NA member, except in spirit. My effectiveness, both as an attorney and as a writer, is enhanced by being independent of any political group.

If you are interested in buying some of the Pierce tapes (or the more current broadcasts taped by Kevin Strom, for that matter), go here for the catalog listing from the National Alliance website (www.natall.com). I really wish they would put all of Dr. Pierce's recorded material into a compact and affordable format - DVD or, at the least, CD. This stuff is too important to be kept from us by mere price. Plus, I think they miss a bet by not putting together a book containing the transcripts of all his broadcasts.

I particularly commend "The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds," a book on the life and ideas of Dr. Pierce, by Robert Griffin, available here HERE .

Time is growing short. Regardless of whether Bush or Kerry wins the next election (never again vote either Democrat or Republican!), things likely will get only worse for true patriots and others who support free speech and individual liberty. Yes, by banding together and supporting the cause of traditional American freedom, we may all hang together. Better that than to hang separately, which otherwise is a certainty.

There are a number of groups and individuals working to advance the cause. Take your pick. We need your help and support.

In deciding whether to support the current American regime, there is very little that one need remember:

Remember that Nazi "war criminals" were hanged, yet there were no founded allegations of torture by them. Contrast that with America's official program of torture which was approved at the highest levels. And performed in your name.

Remember that the Nuremberg war crimes trials held that the most heinous of war crimes occurs when one country militarily invades another without provocation. Even America's hand-picked 9-11 commission, chosen to whitewash the Administration, concluded there was no connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Remember the nonstop lies that have come to us from Washington, DC in recent years.

Remember the economic abyss we now face.

Remember the race war that rages in American streets, a war which will only worsen as the tide of demographics relentlessly rolls over us.

Remember how our youth have been subverted, corrupted and destroyed at every turn by those to whom we entrusted our children.

Remember how our comrades continue to be picked up and imprisoned on the flimsiest of excuses.

Remember the countless fine young men and women who have been killed and maimed to advance the cause of Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan, while Israel merely stands by and continues to suck America dry, buying off her politicians with our own tax dollars.

The time has come to stand and be counted.

New America. An idea whose time has come.


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