Misplaced Patriotism

by White Proletariat

25 June 2004

The story cited below is similar to many others.

Army officials are to file negligent homicide and manslaughter charges against two military intelligence officers who allegedly suffocated an Iraqi general inside a sleeping bag during an interrogation last November....Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer, a member of the 66th Military Intelligence Group, allegedly smothered Iraqi Major-General Abed Hamed Mowhoush, a commander of Saddam Hussein's air force, in a sleeping bag while sitting on his chest and covering his mouth, according to investigative reports previously obtained by the 'Post.'....Another warrant officer in his unit, Jeff Williams, was involved in the interrogation, according to sources.

This is a prime example of misplaced patriotism. These two officers were probably White. Jews, negroes, and other animals typically don't get charged with crimes on Hymie's plantation. As with the Clintonoids before them, the Bushites appear to be immune from being charged themselves. Although I personally don't believe in mistreating animals, the alternative is far worse - having Whites treating the mudskins as humans.

Torture should be viewed primarily as a waste of time and resources more than anything else. Don't get me wrong! I neither wish to see animal cruelty nor do I wish others to engage in it. The practice of torture should be viewed as a sign that Uncle Shitskin is failing miserably with Iraq. With modern communications, any valuable information an enemy combatant might have is of extremely limited military value. Even mudskins are capable of planning around one of their active creatures being taken alive.

During the 20th century, the value of torture was minimal at best. Did the Phoenix program even move America slightly towards victory during Vietnam? I've yet to hear of the grand victories, achieved on account of some Vietnamese animal having had its bones broken under torture. I've yet to hear of even one instance of a communist setback during Vietnam because of torture. Not only did America engage in torture, but high-ranking Vietnamese animals were also targeted for assassination. Did any of this save American lives? Surely the vital documents should be declassified by now! If such techniques failed during Vietnam, why should such tactics work today in Iraq?

Those White officers were in fact slaves to the Forces of Shit. Whites who serve jewish beasts can only expect betrayal from their masters, in addition to the normal rewards for treason. Is this not the real lesson these two officers provide? Treason is truly the most selfish of all crimes. For the traitor even commits treason against his own family. There is absolutely no reward for any White serving the Forces of Shit.

The only good thing to come out of all this torture scandal is that it will be much harder for the world to love Uncle Shitskin's multicultural sugar-daddy circus. Even if Whites don't have enough balls to stand together with other Whites, it's a good bet that mistreated shitskins will end up forcing even these Whites to finally unite. There is another long-held White fantasy that will also bite the dust before this is all over.

Whites have been conditioned to both be taken prisoner and also take prisoners. When prisoners are taken, this only signals that the war was never total, and that the leadership only achieved victory by selling out its own people. Isn't this what happened when the injuns were placed on reservations? Isn't this what happened when the Spaniards conquered mexico? The vanquished were allowed to remain on the land, and now the resulting beasts are breeding with humankind.

Let this be a lesson. Victory must be total! Only Whites should live on White lands - with the beasts excluded.



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