The Ten Truths Examined: Part IV

by Rich Brooks

22 June 2004

4. Those who would decry Anglo-Saxon politeness and civility fail to recognize the truth in the old adage that more flies are caught with honey than with vinegar.

OK, this is may be the hardest of all of my ten statements to defend. These words were originally meant as a mild riposte to White Nationalists who blame current White political impotence on an ingrained Anglo-Saxon civility and politeness. We as polite and civil men of good will make a fatal mistake, they say, in our willingness to appease and compromise when faced with a totally uncivil and unappeasing enemy, the jew.

Fair enough, but then these writers go on to suggest that this is an English national character flaw not found in Germans and we had better become more ruthless and not worry about manners so much. I don't wish to get bogged down in a fruitless discussion about national character, but I would note that the British at one time ruled the largest empire the world has ever seen and have had a relatively free and orderly society with a stable monarchy for hundreds of years. This is much more than can be said of any nation on the continent of Europe since Roman times. Yes, there have been small countries like Switzerland and Sweden that have prospered because they minded their own business, but none has combined this stability and prosperity with conquest and empire the way the British did until relatively recently. Yes, the Brits have been heavily jewed and subdued since their Pyrrhic victory in WWII, but so have the conquered Germans. At least in England you are still permitted to view this website, an act you can be sent to prison for in today's "liberated" and "democratic" Deutschland.

Nevertheless, by not speaking up for our rights and interests as White men the jew will most certainly walk all over us. My mother recently told me a story about the time when she was first married and had moved Cincinnati, Ohio where my dad had gotten a job just before WWII. The neighborhood they lived in was heavily jewish and when my mother went to the local butcher shop, she had trouble getting waited on because of all of the loud and pushy jewesses demanding to be served. Finally, the kindly old butcher took her aside and said, "my dear, you're just going to have to speak up more and push and shove with the rest of them."

I recently wrote a short article in which I described my exasperating experiences with non-White telephone service personnel and how I finally got some results when I forcefully asked to speak with a White person. In this semitically correct age, my conduct in this instance would not be considered polite or civil, but it was effective. But, yes, I was civil by my standards. I did not yell, I did not scream, I did not use profanity, and I did not hurl racial epithets, as I'm sure many of us would have been tempted to do under the circumstances. That, I think is the key: controlled rage. Whether it is in dealing with uncooperative business people or attempting to persuade others of my political views, my biggest problem is that I often allow my emotions to overwhelm my words and I end up sounding irrational and fanatic. To be passionate yet rational is something I'm still working on, but I believe my recent experience with the phone company shows I am making some progress. I was just polite and civil enough to be taken seriously.

"Oh!" but you say. "This WASPy nicey-niceiness about manners belongs to the Victorian Age and Emily Post has been dead for years. Besides it was all a bunch of dishonest hypocrisy to begin with, because nobody ever really said what they really felt."

Exactly! One of my biggest complaints about this jewsmedia-driven age is the propensity to bare innermost feelings and thoughts to complete strangers, to "let it all hang out warts and all" seems to be today's mantra. I'm sorry, but I believe private feelings should remain private and not be shared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, nor sometimes even with one's own spouse. A little hypocrisy is the lubricant which oils the gears of civilized society. Whites over the centuries have evolved social conventions of politeness and civility for exactly this lubricating effect, and we would be wise not to tear them down too quickly. The jews, of course, would like nothing better than to break down our civil standards of behavior and they have so far succeeded quite well in doing just that.

But, on the other hand, we occasionally have to be like my mother in the jewish butcher shop and be assertive if we're not going to be trampled over. Right now our race is being trampled over both demographically and in the political arena. We can't do much about demographics except encourage more White babies, but in politics there is currently no one who speaks up for Whites. No one, period!

Our spokesmen, while being forceful and assertive, must nevertheless remain polite and civil if they are to have any impact at all on those they are trying to reach. They must follow accepted conventions in both dress and discourse to at least some degree. How much conventionality is necessary is somewhat problematic, but as a start I think we can safely say right now that another George Lincoln Rockwell -- however brilliant he may have been -- is not going to cut it. Skinheads going door-to-door like Mormon missionaries aren't going to win many converts. Nazi symbolism has its place, but only when one is preaching to the choir. On the other hand, going to the other extreme and never saying the word "jew" undercuts the whole purpose of our message.

The successful polemicist must aim his message at an intended target. White Alert, on the one hand, aims itself primarily at racially aware White men and women of all ages. Our purpose is to reinforce the beliefs of these Whites but we also hope to reach others who are only just now awakening from racial slumber. Therefore, while many of the ideas expressed on White Alert may be radical, I try to keep the tone moderate. In fact that could well be our motto: "Moderate in Tone, Radical in Substance."

So, yes, you can sometimes kill more flies with honey than with vinegar and we should always remember that in our political outreach. There comes a time, however, when honey no longer does the trick and we need to bring out the big insecticide bombs. The crucial questions are when have we reached that time and how do we recognize it. I am continuing to reevaluate my ideas on this important issue, but in the meantime I will continue to stand by my fourth statement.



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