Letter from NYC

19 June 2004

Herr Linder:

Here is a situation report from New York City.

I admire your leadership in ridding our nation of jewish control. I know many White men and women who exist in many different areas of society here, ranging from the corporate sector, to civil service, to manual laborers, to artists, and the service industry; even a number of "shabbos goyim" (yes, those whom the jews employ to do the cleaning in their synagogues - if the jews only knew!), who are in various stages of racial awakening. While we are at different levels of racial awareness, the prize of breaking the jewish stranglehold on America, before it destroys our nation and our people, lies glittering, shining, before us.

It is truly amazing how jewish arrogance is, even as I write these words, alienating so many who would otherwise continue to slavishly adore them.

Your idea of a million man march, together with the Nation of Islam, is brilliant. So brilliant that just the mention of it is a major threat to jewish supremacy in America. The image of a million Whites and Blacks marching together in protest of jewish control strikes a deep chord in our hearts. However, the jews monitor VNN, and are no doubt aware of the peril such an event would pose to their power. Pitting Whites against blacks is a linchpin in their strategy of maintaining control. Please take every precaution to safeguard your person. Your survival is important to the awakening of our people.

Yes, the jews are powerful, but they are thin. We need to be very cognizant of this weakness, and exploit it to the maximum extent possible.

How repulsive is jewish profiteering from the Iraq war! Consider that jews own the firms that charge our government exorbitant prices for body armor and MREs (Meals Ready to Eat - which by the way, are pure poison!).

Your point about identifying jewish verbal tactics and using those tactics against them is right on. Your flyer celebrating "Israel, a nation of immigrants," is an excellent application of this concept.

With every passing day the arrogance of the jews here in New York City worsens. They openly flaunt their wealth and high positions, and express their contempt for us, finding new and creative ways in which to make clear their bottomless hatred of non-jews. They openly and loudly brag of how they control America, and how nobody can do anything about it. As Hitler said, "the jew is not the attacked, he is the attacker," and many are finding this to be true in the workplaces of New York City. It used to be that merely having a minor disagreement with a jew in the workplace was enough to result in termination of employment. With the increase of jewish control, it is now even worse. I have heard so many workplace stories of jews needlessly antagonizing non-jews, and then using their "universal backstage pass" (thank you, Herr Linder) to arrange for termination of the target's employment. And, given our worsening economy, job loss is nearly certain to result in homelessness; of course, this reality only serves to heighten the perverse gratification that jews delight in. How gruesome and repulsive is their behavior as a people!

Several weeks ago while in the NYC subway I witnessed a fat, bearded, smelly hasidic jew (is there any other type?) board and take a seat. It appeared that he was inebriated, for he sat surveying the humans around him, openly laughing at the "dumb goyim." Such scenes are standard for New York City. This member of the chosen people shamelessly stared at the blond, White teenage girl seated opposite him dressed in her Catholic high school uniform. He acted as if he were in one of the hundreds of Tel Aviv whorehouses trying to decide which kidnapped and enslaved eastern European White women he was about to rape. Repeatedly the mumbled word "shiksa" issued from his blubbery, ugly lips as he obviously fantasized about the clearly underage, innocent White female child, secure in the knowledge that his black hasidic garb gave him immunity from retribution. I doubt anyone around him knew the meaning of that word.

Regarding Americans, White men and White women, dying for the jews in Iraq and Afghanistan: I have received many reports of how our jewish masters/owners are openly gloating about how dumb we are for tolerating their sacrifice of goyim for the expansion of Israel. One report, from a large Manhattan law firm, resulted from an overheard conversation between several jewish attorneys laughing about how Pat Tillman went from being an expensive jew tool (a professional athlete costing the jews millions of ZOG bucks per year while keeping the attention of us Whites away from the je2wish destruction of our White culture) to a less expensive jew tool (his Army salary of 18,000 ZOG bucks per year while paving the way for Israeli land expansion) to a free jew tool (Tillman's death, which will further occupy the attention of dumb Whites this coming NFL season, during which the jews will "celebrate" Tillman's courage nonstop, while Tillman decomposes, costing the jews no ZOG bucks). These jewish attorneys even laughed at the fact that Tillman was killed by "friendly fire," finding it hilarious that another goyim did their dirty work for them in killing a White man. My White brother's anguish while relating this story was heartbreaking...

Regarding the passing of Reagan; often forgotten was the hue and cry over the Cuban immigration of the early 1980s, and how many of those Cubans were inmates from Castro's prisons. What is misunderstood is why the jewish media screamed and yelled about Castro dumping his criminals on our nation - to focus White attention away from the massive influx of so-called "Russian" immigrants during the 1970s to the present, most of whom were and are jewish criminals and their relatives who have expanded the worldwide jewish criminal syndicate in America. Even the movie "Scarface" went a long way towards focusing attention away from the massive influx of criminal Russian jews into our nation. Thanks, Ronnie, for enabling the further spread of jewish criminality in America.

Re the concept of Unity, which we must strive for, the following quote from Mein Kampf comes to mind:

"...the shameful spectacle of German brothers quarrelling before the world...brrrr!"

Substitute White American for German, and I believe my point is obvious. I make this point not to criticize anyone, only to urge us to focus tightly on blasting a path towards rock-hard Unity.

I knoew several individuals (non-jewish) who work in synagogues and other jewish establishments. The routinely repulsive jewish behavior towards non-jews frequently moves them to spit and urinate in the food and drink that they serve to their jewish employers. It is so funny to hear their stories about how the jews go on about how good their jewish food and drink is. One enterprising fellow even finds a way to, shall we say, inject his "seed" into the fare he serves to his jewish employers. Nothing like a little added goyim spice, eh, Izzy?

Thank you for your efforts. I will contact you again.


A White Man in New York City

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