Media Cultivated White Self-Image: Our Situation and What We Must Do

by Richard Hartmann

18 June 2004 online chatroom discussion and analysis

Setting: Local chatroom, young people. I had just begun speaking to a girl, we'll call her Female1, who identified herself as Irish, German and Norwegian, and who was chatting with a few other people. Have a look at what she says.

Female1: his dick is like 12 inches, 10 inches around lmfao i dunno that thing just looks enormous...
Hartmann: Female1, why don't you have a little self respect? You said you're Irish and German and Norwegian.. why dont you behave like it?
Female1: lol how do they behave?
Hartmann: they used to behave with a little dignity.
Hartmann: you behave like are a semi-animal.
Male1: lets see irish are drunks
Female1: Germans killed millions of people, Irish people are drunk pillaging raping bastards, and norwegian people are hairy
Female1: so what should i be doing? starting world war 3, getting drunk and hairy?
Male1: germans were the nazis
Male1: norweigen are loud drunken vikings
Hartmann: Female1.. Im glad you're so clear about why you hate yourself and act like garbage...

Folks, this is how the Jews destroy us. They alienate us, our youth, away from what we were and what we should and can be, with these horrible images, broadcast via every television station and every movie studio in America and conquered Europe. These poor kids hate everything and have absolutely nothing to live for besides physical and material pleasure, and that is death for a people, political death, followed by racial death. Do you think it is atypical? It is not. MTV is the most widely watched, culture-forming influence in the world today for White youth, with Comedy Central picking up for the slightly older 25-40 crowd, and Hollywood and advertising saturating the rest, from toddlers to seniors. You ask of Whites, Why do they not fight for what they are? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW WHO THEY ARE. Their connection to the past has been severed, their image of it blurred, deliberately distorted in such a way as to alienate our people from themselves - to turn them against themselves and thus render them politically impotent.

Who tells the White youth to behave like and model himself on black criminality? Who tells the White youth to reject his parents and elders, to reject tradition? Who tells the White youth that his ancestors were criminals and thieves - a deliberate lie - and to what end? Who tells the white youth that his ancestors were 'corny,' goofy, uncool, something to feel embarrassment over and distance oneself from? Who tells the white youth that his father, that all white male authority figures, are either laughable goofs or else evil harborers of authoritarian-complexes, abusive, dangerous maniacs? in no case to be respected, but either to be laughed at or reported on? Who tells the White youth this and why?

Who tells the White girl to carry and adorn herself like a cheap whore, to have no respect for herself or her body, to have no discretion in who she associates with and allows to make advances on her? Who aims to devalue her and destroy her image of self? to deny her an image of the past to model herself on? Who deliberately destroys that image with alienating, degrading media propaganda that aims to instill a feeling of self-hatred in her? And to what end?

All of this, all of these debilitating, destructive images, are Jewish images, crafted in Jewish minds, spread through the Jewish media - Hollywood, television, advertising, music - to deliberately destroy white self image and deny whites a future -- by denying them their past. To destroy a people by erasing them from their own minds, by building an image in the mind of a generation and making that image a reality. The image is its own vehicle. The image destroys by emptying the young souls of confidence, denying them any model, any point of reference for development. Robbing them culturally, intellectually, and morally. Denying them knowledge, identity and a moral grounding, a feeling of their Right as a people, their political rights, their territorial and cultural rights, and finally their right even to exist as a people. It is a Jewish image, a Jewish campaign of destruction aimed at Europeans who for so long they have feared and hated.

* * * * *

It is really distressing to think about it: this is the last generation of Whites that has a chance at turning the tables; not the young generation, but us, the adult generation of today. After us comes death, physical death. Not just through racial mixing but by the harmful practices and habits promoted onto us by the mass media and its allied corporations; by the very physical condition and health our young find themselves in. The physical health and shape of the American and European youth has reached such a decadent low that we can only imagine the kind of physical defects their children will have alongside their mental ones; rampant drug use and alcoholism, high rates of STDs, the pure garbage fed to them from highchair to high-school, the mind-drugs they've been pumped full of by the time they're adults; all of this will devastate the physical quality of future generations if immediate changes are not made within our lifetimes. Just as importantly, we are the last generation with a feeling of continuity with the past, a connection, a memory, a feeling of identity. This is all gone from those growing up today, those born in the 1990s. It is a crushing responsibility on our shoulders, we, the baby boomers and children of the baby boomers, that worst of generations. But so it is. And so it is our responsibility, not to shirk or fear, but to take on with a light heart and cheerful confidence, to accept the challenge, to live up to this calling. There can be no question of our ultimate victory. We have to believe in it, and we have to fight for it. We must decide now if we're a race worthy of existence, and if we decide Yes we have to prove it, no matter the odds against us. "Obstacles are placed before us not to be cowered at, but to be surmounted." So they will be.

We whites have gotten ourselves into a bad place. But it all depends on those final exertions. Do we have that bit left in us to pull ourselves up?

What is our situation?

Our nations live under a Universal Dictatorship: the dictatorship of silence and lies, our silence, and the enemy's lies. Our enforced silence, and their lies forced upon us, our youth, our whole world political and mental outlook. This dictatorship imposes itself not primarily through force, but through our own minds, then the political process, then the force of the state. It's weapon is control of public knowledge and opinion, and public feeling: feeling toward itself, as seen from the example above, and feeling toward issues and groups; political issues, ethnic groups, whole nations; Iraq, Germany, Russia, etc. Our knowledge and our feeling is shaped, directed by the Omnipotent mass media, and this unparalleled power is monopolized by that amazingly cohesive, driven, and financially powerful group, the Jews, backed by their myriad organizations, political lobbies, and their racially conscious intellectuals and professionals in all fields. They have in place a whole network throughout our society for the sole purpose of controlling and directing us toward their ends. We have no such thing, needed no such thing, felt safe, comfortable in our own societies. We had never experienced such an attack as this by an outside group, embedding itself within us like a virus or parasite. And that is exactly our situation, that of a physical body invaded by a parasite, whose own organs and defenses have been compromised and employed by the invasive body.

Weighed down by the baggage of 2000 years of universalistic religion, 300 years of abstract ideology, we were caught totally off guard and with our hands tied, without a proper degree of racial consciousness, and in a state of such state-military power that we had allowed ourselves to lose vigilance and conflict internally, rather than present a strong and unified front against all outsiders.

So now we have a situation in which we are mercilessly under attack by a foreign horde of ingeniously deceptive asiatics who want to plunder and loot everything we hold dear, and dispatch us post haste, and we are bickering amongst ourselves like Achilles and Agamemnon in our camp while Hector fires the fleet. Our alienated, smug intellectuals look down on us for standing up for what we are, because they find it lowbrow; half of our people oppose the enemy only on the grounds that he is unjust to other groups, but can muster nothing in defense of our own, and our whole leadership class has cast its lot with our enemies in exchange for an easy ride down to oblivion.

And so it's just us. And while we stand here on the brink, egomaniacal, delusional, self-worshipping micro-managers want to stifle any budding forces on our side they cannot control, and so hobble the progress of our movement with internal strife and discord, poisoning the minds of thousands against the most selfless, dedicated, energetic, confident, and capable among us. Bourgeois strategists excommunicate with arrogant, self-important Proclamations and 'Protocols' any who will not accept their unproven, untested, illogical modes and methods, in absurd, last minute attempts to recast themselves as powerless, non-violent seekers of justice at the hands of oppressive 'supremacists,' aligning themselves with and emulating the minorities who want most to hang us to dry! We are supposed to approach the enemy with kid-gloves and present ourselves in as weak and inoffensive manner as possible, to the raw, broad masses who will see this only as the cowardice and wavering weakness that it is! No. We will not win by 'reaching out' to our enemies, we will win by putting it straight to our own people and giving them a reason to fight with us. By always attacking and taking to the offensive against those who ATTACK THEM, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER APOLOGIZING. We are not the issue, JEW is the issue. And we do not make our appeals to the enemy, but to our own people. And our people will only understand what we put to them straightly, not in euphemism or with a single truncated syllable. We do not want to soften the masses, but harden them and enthuse them. This revolution is not going to come from the deballed elites who live comfortably and read bound journals, but from the white male working and professional classes aged 20-40, people who will read and relate to the style and character of VNN, people who now, unfortunately, are in the death-thrall of the glitzy Jewish media culture. Many are divorced or are in failed marriages, to whom the Woman Problem is as acute - more acute - than the racial problem. And this problem is too a Jewish problem, and it needs to be tackled by us as made an issue for these men. These men can be pulled out the Jewish death-trap, but only by appeals styled around their character and aimed at their interests, by striking at problems and issues that occupy their minds, not by upping their cultural level to a more bourgeois state. We will win them by radically critiquing the radical critique-ers of us and our culture, by mercilessly attacking our attackers, and by putting the spotlight on the spotlight bearers. By our total confidence and unrelenting attacks on the enemy who is also his enemy, we will win the white male who is our revolutionary base. Not by backpedaling, not by accepting Jewish frames, not by fighting on the enemy's ground, ceding the moral right and authority to him by denying ourselves the weapons he uses against us, not by denying ourselves these weapons - whether slurs or guns and bombs - while he points them at us and our people.

We will not win the support of our own people by being nice to our enemies. The enemy will define us as he wishes. We lack the support of our own people because our own people are intimidated and on the defensive - much like these Prophets of a New Image for White Nationalism - and we will convince them only by exuding a confidence and sureness in ourselves that inspires and by constantly going on the offensive against our enemy. We are right. We must act like it.

We do not have the support of our people because they lack the knowledge that we must provide. Therefore our aim must be of providing that knowledge in the most effective way, NOT in securing Jewish acceptance of us, NOT in tailoring ourselves in accordance with the critique of our enemies, which is always dishonest and motivated by hostility and the desire to harm us, but by putting forth our message in the most forceful and effective way possible.

Our message must not be that 'we don't hate.' But rather, WHITES ARE HATED, WHITES ARE UNDER ATTACK, AND WE WILL FIGHT BACK AND DESTROY THOSE WHO ARE DESTROYING US. We must go on the offensive, not defend against charges of 'hate' and 'genocide' as though we were the problem.

Our aim must not be to make our enemies like us, but to hate us. Their hate is but a badge of honor for us, and their graves will be the mark of our liberty, not acceptance and a friendly handshake.

One more point in this area. This is how the Jews work. They set up a straw man, not to knock it down, but to knock YOU down with it, while remaining unscathed. If they want to attack your religion, they set up the 'atheist' straw man and attack you with it. If they want to attack you racially, they organize a black rights movement which denies you your right to protect yourself from blacks. They use the straw man to attack you, with themselves safely out of sight and so unthreatened. That is why the first step in fighting back is pointing out the Jew behind the straw man, or else you're not hurting him, no more than you hurt a ghost by attacking his sheet. The straw man his defensive prop, knock it out of the immediately, point up his true motives and attack him unmercifully.

Do not take seriously those who serve the enemy by calling attention only to his straw props and do not aim to injure him. That is wasted energy and resources and will not help us. It is cowardice. It is what got us to where we are in the first place. A total break from this must be made.

Action and Activism

What we need to do now is a massive recruitment drive, starting with the massive distribution of a simple, direct leaflet.

Here is my image of it:


You Have Interests.

The Republicans Will Not Fight For Them.

The Democrats Will Fight Against them.



That simple, direct message, with bold black lettering on white background, must line the streets and towns and campuses and workplaces across America. It will bring in tens of thousands of whites eager for message. Another method: Write articles designed specifically to attract normal web browsers. Go to google, check out google's top ten searches, integrate them, their topics, into an article critiquing current affairs and cultural trends. Mention the things people are browsing for so that they find their way to our articles, and use those articles as though you were converting them directly. We must write in a way that will appeal to the level of knowledge and understanding and the interests and concerns of common people. With humor, with wit, with sarcasm, and with the truth that they long for, we can bring them over to our side in one stroke, with one click of a mouse.

We need to use the enemy's media against itself. This is what we do with movie reviews, book reviews, etc. So when writing a movie review or article do it in a way that is going to appeal to a completely new reader. Do not start off with the forgone conclusion, work toward it after stating many things the reader will agree with and relate to but will not find elsewhere. Then draw the reader to the correct conclusion. Write for the reading public, not for the choir, VNN writers.

Here is something that any VNN reader with a bit of free time can do. Browse VNN's movie reviews, take some of the reviews of the more popular movies and ones recently released on video, and post them at with the proper editing, and a link to VNN. There are 100s of movie reviews and many book reviews at VNN, these should all be posted at I have never known amazon to censor or delete anything. This should have been done years ago.

Contribute money to VNN's media fund, so that we can obtain the hardware and software we need to be able to expand our media into television and video production. Don't ask what the other person is doing, do something yourself. It will never be the other person, always you. You are the other person. Send 20 dollars, send 50 dollars. If you want to see VNN develop in this direction you have to contribute.

No matter what, DO SOMETHING, CONTRIBUTE SOMEHOW. You don't realize how much power you have out there, if all do something...

* * * * *

Ultimately, what we are going to have to do is depose the self-appointed dictators of our destiny, either through a revolutionary uprising of the masses brought on by our political activity or by cutting out the cancer as it is, violently. The ability of the Jews to poison our people's minds through the media has to be stopped. It is that simple. Jewish television has to stop reaching our people's minds. People magazine has to stop reaching our educated masses. Cosmopolitan has to stop polluting the minds of our women. That is the crux of the issue. The Jewish beast has to be tackled and brought down. It doesn't matter how it is done, only that it succeeds. And that is what we should aim for, not respectability, not acceptance, but success, victory. And so we must go by models that have worked successfully in the past and which understand human nature, the nature of our enemies, and the stakes involved in the fight. Nothing less than total aggression and power will save us; not beauty, not pretty words, not any other pipe dreams. POWER, energy, aggression and the support of the masses will alone bring about change.

Some final thoughts...

Every individual has the responsibility to reach out to and bring in those around him. Every one of us must influence and attract others in order for us to grow and to get the kind of people we need for the work that lies ahead. Everyone must do something, no matter how trivial, to steer the course of our people. That means awakening our people to its peril, showing it it's enemy, showing individual whites why the course they're on is wrong, for them and for us, and that it must be averted. All must do this in their own personal circle of contacts, but the most effective thing you can do is support the efforts of effective media like VNN; contributing your work - with the aim of attracting new people, not telling us what we already know - spreading the work of others, and directing new people to the Vanguard News Network.

This is out last chance. We have a chance. Let us make use of it. Close ranks, forward march, work, work, work!


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