Remembering Roosevelt

by Billy Roper

16 June 2004

The partial transcript of conversations with Mr. Cecil Blaylock, a ninety-three-year-old White Revolution supporter. Here are some of his thoughts on how America has changed during his long lifetime, and why those changed occurred.

Transcribed from recorded conversations between Mr. Blaylock, Billy Roper, and Rick Spring, 2003.

* * *

I first heard Roosevelt on the radio not too long after he was elected, when he was first elected in 1932. Two of my neighbors had a radio. I was like everybody else. Go back to old 1926 when I was 16, I lived down in the Atkins Bottoms. I had lived up there in Atkins back before my 14th birthday, back in the north part of Atkins. Then we moved down to them Bottoms and raised cotton down there for two years.

When I was 16 years old, the word got out that a man in New York was buying the cotton down here and he was paying a whole lot more than the cotton buyers down in Atkins. And I believe it was Roosevelt buying that cotton, and he held it off of the market for three years. Then he put it on the market and I think that John D. Rockefeller and Joseph Kennedy were the ones financing the money to buy the cotton, and they held it off of the market for three years and then they put it on the market and that caused the Depression and that Depression is what gave him such a good hold in this country. He became the people's aid, the gentleman giving the little men checks and food and everything. They just went wild about it.

There was an old lady living up the road here and she would come down here saying "Oh, I believe Mr. Roosevelt is Jesus Christ come back. He's so good. He has to be Jesus Christ come back."

But, I think he had his plan to buy up all the cotton and throw it out on the market. Flood the market...have it called the Great Depression. Knowing that nearly everybody was making something out of cotton. We'd start in February lifting up the cotton ground. The big farmers would hire people to plant it. Then they'd start chopping cotton. Then they'd get it laid by and start picking cotton. Then they'd haul it to the gin and that man was making money out of it....the ginner. Then the man that hauled it to the market, he was making money off of it. The railroads that shipped it to the factories where they were making the clothes out of it, they were making the money. The people who worked in the factories were making money. And just about nearly everybody was making something out of the cotton.

Old Roosevelt, the first doggone thing, he came up with a law in the farm office of every county seat and you couldn't plant no cotton until you went over there and signed up. You couldn't plant nothing until you signed up. Well, before that you could plant any amount of cotton you wanted to. You were free to plant all you wanted. You'd go over there and tell them how much cotton you'd been raising, and they'd cut you way down. Well, I never had had over 8 or 10 acres. But, I think they cut it down to about 7 acres. And the next year they cut me down to 5 acres. And everybody else in the whole country was saying "Wait!" I finally wound up with a 1/2 acre and I just didn't plant it. You could raise cotton, but you couldn't sell it unless you went to the office and signed up. You could raise it, but you weren't allowed to sell it. Then they passed the law that you couldn't bring your cotton seeds back. People would bring their cotton seeds back from the gin and feed them to their milk cows. Cotton seeds are one of the best things you can feed a milk cow. That's what makes that good yellow butter...cotton seeds. You couldn't bring your seeds back at all. And that's what would make the boll weevils fat. People would lose a whole crop to boll weevils. But he wouldn't let you bring your cotton seeds back. You had to leave them at the gin and they'd be shipped off to get the oil out of them to make cotton seed meal and then you'd buy it. But you weren't allowed to bring it back and sell it. Then, the first thing I knew, I had a 1/2 acre and I didn't plant any cotton and I haven't raised any since. But, then, everybody in the country was raising cotton and then nobody was raising cotton.

The best way to raise kids to have them be worth something is to take them to a cotton patch and put them to chopping cotton. You had your own cotton patch and tell them to work it, sell a bale of cotton, then you can go to town and buy new shoes, new clothes. Them kids were just anxious to get that cotton chopped. They'd pick cotton when they weren't at school. On the weekends they'd pick cotton, and in the evenings if they lived close to school. I never saw a bunch of loafing kids like you see now. There's nothing for them to do. It's not their fault. Then you pass a law against child labor. He wanted them to be 21 before they went to work. Congress compromised and got it down to 18. You weren't allowed to hire anybody under 18. If they never work until they're 18, they'll never work, and that's the way it is now.

One of his first speeches that came out in the Kansas City Star....

Then later on I heard him after I got me a radio, I wasn't missing it, I just thought he was the greatest thing in the world. I wouldn't miss one of his speeches. I was cutting logs way back over here and I'd hear he was going to give a speech at 12:00, I'd walk all the way home at 12:00 to hear his speech and I'd walk back.

He said "It's wrong to whoop a child no matter what it does. It's wrong to whoop 'em." But, the Bible don't say that. And, the Bible says if you don't work, you don't eat. I've got it all wrote down in the Bible and I know where to find it. And he said "if you're not able to work, if you don't want to work, you don't have to. We'll take care of you." Well, the Bible says if you don't work, you don't eat.

Joseph Stalin had made a speech in 1929. I read that in the Star, too. He said there was "no God, that's all hogwash". Of course, they put it in English and we read it. And, he said "If there was a God, I'd hate him". And then he passed a law that everyone had to bring in their Bibles to the Red Square and burn them. They had a regular Bible burning daily. And, anyone that was found with a Bible after that, they were shot...shot to death. Old Roosevelt was just following in the footsteps of Joseph Stalin. That's where he was getting all of his big ideas, his crazy ideas. Everything that he ever came up with was wrong and nearly destroyed this country.

Well, I'd had an uncle, and he'd went through college. He'd worked his way through college. He lived up there at Marshall, Ark., but he went to Little Rock and got him a job and a room down there. And, he worked and went to college too. And he read everything. He had all kinds of books -- ancient histories, and everything. He never voted for nothing in his life but a Democrat, all of my folks are that way. And, some of them never changed, but I did. My uncle, he used to live down East, I can't remember exactly where he was living then, down around Perryville, I think. He was talking to the mail carrier and he said "that new President, that son-of-a-bitch, is no Democrat". Well, I'm pretty sure he wasn't. He said "Roosevelt has revealed his plans, and that plan won't work. He'll ruin this country".

He died in 1943. A lot of people have seen, he saw the facts there two or three weeks after Roosevelt was elected that he would destroy the country. I think that what he's done, is fulfilling the Bible. I think he's bringing on the soon-to-be tribulation. In the 24th chapter of Matthew, they asked Jesus what was a sign of the end of times and he went to telling them a terrible thing would happen...a Tribulation. Nothing ever happened as bad, nothing ever will again as bad as that will be. Different places in the Bible tell about it. It'll ravage your wives, it'll dash your children to pieces before your eyes. That's the tribulation that's coming before long. Well, I think the niggers will be the leaders of that tribulation. I believe that's what these liberal Democrats, don't none of them believe in the Bible, or believe in God. The Jews are just about as bad, I guess, as niggers.

(Billy asks: "What are you thinking? Talk some more about your feelings about the Jews.")

Let me let the Bible tell you a little bit about it right here. You probably know it. You probably read it. Let me turn this light on up here a little. I had it marked here. I showed it to my friend the other day that lives over yonder. Right here, I've got it marked. That'll tell you about the Jews. His sister-in-law told me they weren't Jews, they're God's children. But that tells it different.

"For ye brethren became followers of the churches of God who both killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets and have persecuted us til they please not God and are contrary to all men."

That proves to you that Jews are not God's people. That boy over there, his sister said well the Jews are God's people and I said, no, no they're not. The children of Israel were his chosen people. I can show you that, too. Turn to Deuteronomy Chapter 7. It's way back over there, just after Numbers. I'm not a religious fanatic, but I sure to believe in God and believe in the Bible. It says that he says to the children of Israel that you are my chosen people and I love you more than all people under heaven. In that chapter somewhere it tells you that.

One of the first things that Roosevelt said, He said "never whoop a child, just talk good or you can give it money to do what you want it to do". That'd be the worst thing to do, to give it money, actually. You just give kids what money they need. If you give it to them to waste, they'll waste it the rest of their lives. And it wasn't long, and I had a good radio. And I listened to every speech. He said "I'm going to change the law" know it was against the law in the South for the whites and blacks to marry. They couldn't marry...the law wouldn't allow it. He was going to change all that...He was going to fix it where whites and blacks could marry if they wanted to. And in his next speech he said, "I'm going to give you freedom of sex. You don't have to marry if you don't want to, you can just live together". Well, it had done come out that the teachers in New York, while he was the governor down there, had been teaching the kids that Russia was the ideal country, nation...that they don't have to marry over there. They can just live together. These teachers in New York, where Roosevelt was the governor, what people didn't know, was that he was telling those teachers to do that, I guess. I'm pretty doggone sure he was. They didn't come up with the ideas themselves.

My grandfather, when he was born, he was the youngest one in the family. They lived down here in Onyx, Arkansas, at South Fourche. You cross South Fourche down there at Onyx. Almost at the head of South Fourche. And their father was an invalid. He was bedfast. And the older boys, he wanted to go to fight in the Civil War when they did and they didn't want him. They wanted him to stay there. They had four sisters and they wanted him to look after them, but he slipped off and went to Little Rock and joined anyway. Well, they found out he was there and they had a commanding officer send him back. Well he went back home and he was just so restless. He wanted to get into that fighting with his brothers. One of them, well he just worshipped him, his oldest brother. And one of them was married and had a child when he went into the war. Well, he came back but he was just so restless. And a paper, a newspaper, would come out about once a week and he was reading about the Comanche in Texas and they were assaulting the people out there. Of course, Abraham Lincoln worked that up you know. The South was getting beat, a lot of it from Texas, you know. And he sent agents that could go among the Indians and talk to them and everything. [...]

They were raiding these ranches where most of the able-bodied men were gone. They were gone fighting in the war. They murdered women and children. Kidnapping a lot of little girls. Some of them they'd kill and some of them they'd take and raise them up there. And that Quanah Parker, he was a chief here, his mother was captured and taken off when she was a baby. He was a half white. He was that great Comanche chief. Quanah Parker, or something like that. Parker, I know. And my grandfather, they wouldn't let him go to the Civil War, so he decided he'd just slip off and go to Texas. I've got a tape I made about a song, but my tape player won't play and I don't know what I've even done with it. And he made a song himself about joining them, it wasn't an army, it was just old men and boys, young people, fighting them Comanches. And he fought for four years, all the time the Civil War was going. As soon as the Civil War was over they sent an army in there then and he came home. His father had died, he never had heard a word from them since he left. And both of his brothers had been killed in the Civil War. And I don't believe anybody ever hated anybody as bad as he did Abraham Lincoln. He was crazed. He was just crazed to kill him himself and he was disappointed when another man killed him. He planned on managing to get there and kill Abraham Lincoln.

(Rick reminds Mr. Blaylock that the last time they were there he had been telling them how Roosevelt was telling everybody that milk was bad for them)

He'd say "sell your milk-cows". Why he'd make a speech everyday, "Sell your milk cows and buy your milk at the stores, because the milk you produce at home is poison." An old boy named Fred Bunker, just a ways across the Ouchiata Lake, he's dead now, said, "I sold my cow and went to buying milk because the President said the milk you produce at home, everyone knew about it, was poison. So, I sold my milk cow and just went to buying it. I had always produced my own milk, but I found out it was poison."

Other speeches he'd make; "Quit digging in the dirt, making garden and truck patches. Go to the store and buy it." Well, most of the stores now are owned by Jews. Most of the people don't know it, but most of these big chain stores are owned by New York Jews. Just about everything is owned by Jews, and will be if they keep going on. That's what they're after. I think that's what happened in Germany, they got to owning everything over there and were starving the German people to death. I don't believe that Hitler was as bad a man as Roosevelt was telling us he was. I think he was getting the people ready to go with him against Germany and help Russia. Hitler probably would have destroyed Communism and Roosevelt didn't want it. He was bound to have been a Communist himself. Everything proves he was.

Well, I had me some good hunting dogs back there before he got elected. Had just got them trained up. It came a snow and I got out with them dogs, them pups, and I tracked things up in the snow. Trapped a squirrel up in a tree, I cut that tree down and run it out and let them run it up a tree. It wasn't long till I had one of them treeing good by the time that snow went off. Furs were real high. And I liked to hunt anyway. And you'd get 10 or 12 dollars for a coon skin. And you'd get a pair of jeans, like these, for $1.25 and now they're $15. Anywhere from $9 to $15 and some of them are $35. Most everybody wore old bib overalls then. And, they were a $1.25, maybe $1.50. I see in an old catalog I get every now and then, they're as high as $60 for bib overalls and you'd get .50 for a coon hide. And after he got elected, coon hides, you'd get $10.00 for them. You could buy several pairs of overalls with the way it was changed up. Well, after he got elected, one of his speeches said, "I'm going to give the fur market to the Russians." And, he did. The fur market was given to Russia. I was living right down there, had a little barn up on the hill, just this side of South Creek. I had that full of possum hides, and coons, even skunk hides then, they bought them and, heck, I had a quite a bit of money in there. Possum hides would bring from $2 to $3 and skunk hides were about $4.50 and nearly any coon would bring $10.00. I had a lot of dollars there. Not after Roosevelt gave the market to the Russians, though....

Mr. Blaylock has seen America change a lot in his nearly a century of life here in Arkansas. His folksy, common man's stories of what America used to be like, and how rapidly it began to change, should serve as cautionary tales to all of us. These personal anecdotes should remind us of what he have lost, and what we are fighting to regain once more. Mr. Blaylock has seen morals and values decline and the influx of nonWhites into our nation explode. He's seen our government betrayed by its highest leaders, until the government itself has become the enemy of the people. He grieves over what our country has become. That's why he supports White Revolution, and our efforts to secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children.

We hope that when you are in your nineties, you'll have a different tale to tell; one of redemption, of revolution, of rebirth. We hope that you'll be able to tell your grandchildren what part you played in bringing America back. Join us as we start down that road, for their sake.

White Revolution is the only solution!



Mr. Roper is chairman of White Revolution.

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