Race Traitor Whore

by Constantin von Hoffmeister

9 June 2004

you think you could get away
nigger-loving scumbag
trashcan on legs
sucking the crooked cock
the eagle is watching
sees it all
will strike you down dead
your name in bold red
in the big black book
on your doorstep a pig's head
for you, bitch!
desecrating a kike's hallowed hall
on all fronts gallows set up
end up dangling and mad with fear
remorse will not matter
education taught you to hate
hate will consume you
and your kind
the eagle is watching
his beak ready to peck
at your eyes your soul your body
your rotten intestines pulled out
decaying in the gutter
with the filth that you embraced
your exploits noted recorded
a wasted destiny sealed in a pit!
you will be popped like a zit!
splinters in your ear mouth nose
alive in the box scratching screaming
no release from the bond you made
a bitch is a bitch is a bitch
the eagle is watching
with sharp eyes hovering above
surveying all on its land and in its sea
a fish there a mouse here
catching all reincarnations doomed
down the tube of eternal defeat
walking stumbling not holding up
to a bargain given at birth
seals a fate not natural but willed
dragged by his feet down the slopes
to a wormy end a bubble-lipped beast
see you not trembling remorse?
fear in the eyes of the guilty
made a mockery by the pure
the eagle is watching
snapping close
the edge the precipice
of turnaround policy required


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