Breaking News! The Left-Right Coalition Emerges with a Nader Interview in The American Conservative

by Rob Freeman

7 June 2004

I just happened over to The American Conservative and discovered a preview of the June 21st, 2004 edition of TAC that had an interview with Ralph Nader. The full interview is here

I hope others will write articles about this interview as well. Don't get the attitude that I "beat you to the punch." There are people out there who will find things that I missed and make points more articulately than I do, so please, read this article and submit your commentary to VNN. This is an incredibly important development for us.

It is still going to be a long process, and I ask you to be patient, but this is the beginning of White nationalists "coming in from the cold."

The structure of the Left-Right coalition has been in place for a long time. Communist homosexual Chip Berlet who runs the watchdog site, (Political Research Associates) which is a small version of the SPLC, has a regular hissy fit every time I hear him on college radio, ranting about Nader's "big tent," and warning about allowing anyone from the Right into this tent. Chris Barry, the Portland Phoenix writer who reported on the World Church of the Creator speeches in Lewiston, Maine, wrote that the Creators and the anti-racists agreed on almost everything except the racial and jewish questions.

I called a local left-wing radio DJ, a leftover hippie and church clergy who has a radio show on the local college radio, after he was expressing serious desperation regarding the Iraq War and the Americans he knows who mindlessly support George W. Bush. Here's what I said, in a nutshell:

1. The Leftists, e.g. the Communists, were unsuccessful in finding support for their ideology among the American workers and farmers.

2. Frustrated at their lack of success in getting ordinary Americans to back them, the Communists made a "deal with the devil" with the mass media jews and advertising jews to brainwash the masses to accept ANY program. This began with the Bernays campaign to get the American public to support entry into World War I in order to fulfill the Balfour Declaration (which I explained to the DJ).

3. Honest White men such as Henry Ford wrote books against this such as Ford's book, The International Jew which explained how the Jews were getting control of the American mind.

4. The Communist/liberals/Marxists got their end of the deal fulfilled with all the diversity cult and race mixing and non-white immigration.

5. The Iraq War is the other side of this "deal with the devil," the mass media jews about whom Henry Ford warned us are getting their imperial conquest of the Middle East

Conclusion: Brainwashing effectively ended working-class White racism, but brainwashing also gave us the Iraq and Afghanistan war et al.

I thought this radio DJ would give me the usual impolite, PC response; instead, he was polite and promised to look up my sources. I must emphasize, I said, "jew, jew, jew" throughout my conversation with him. I didn't say "Zionists" or "Likudniks." I said "jew."

Until recently, Leftists have eaten at the banquet of the "Inner Party." They have enjoyed mainstream credibility and even public funding. Recent events have created a world-historical schism in the Left, separating the men from the (Sabbath) goys.

The Sabbath-goy faction is just keeping its mouth shut, hanging on to its positions as professors or directors of non-profit organizations or college deans.

The principled men and women who have broken with jewish supremacism find themselves on the outside looking in, cut off from their university paychecks, or in danger of being cut off; ineligible for advancement in the Establishment Left patronage system.

Destroying America is quite an industry, and the War on Terror is shaking up the ranks of that industry.

The Leftist True Believers are assessing the situation, and looking around for a real base of grassroots support. Nader is a True Believer, and he finally realized that he was going to have to look to the Right.

Nader acknowledges the overpopulation problem, and acknowledges that mass immigration is undesirable. He says that the global oligarchs are creating policies that motivate immigration to the US, and he is absolutely right. He talks about how NAFTA has the US exporting government subsidized, genetically engineered corn to Mexico, which is true and is absolutely insane. Mexico is the birthplace of corn, and there's no justification for exporting corn to Mexico, especially U.S.-taxpayer subsidized corn.

Nader points out that the corporate masters have insane policies (and he doesn't have space to go into detail, but if he did your jaw would drop at how wasteful and nonsensical these policies are) and these insane policies drive the mass non-white immigration. He's absolutely right. The people who have power are causing our problems, in so many ways. Corporate power impoverishes the third-world countries and loosens border controls in the U.S. and provides tax-dodging, cheap labor for plutocrats in the US.

It is a massive, interlocking web of greed and treason. There's a lot I'm not saying in regard to this, a lot the VDARE guys aren't saying, and Nader isn't saying it either, but Dr. Pierce would have been quite blunt about it. Suffice to say that it is a large-scale conspiracy of treason, motivated by greed and provided with ideological cover by the race-mixing fanatics on the Left.

Racially aware White people have to make themselves a strong enough bloc that it is inevitable our opponents cut deals with us. This is the worst nightmare of the jews, but this Nader interview shows it is already in the works, if not a fait accompli.

Pat Buchanan may be despised by hard core WNs, but the jews call him a "Nazi." When I made my notorious incursion into a synagogue in April of 2002 to attend a lecture by Jack Levin, I heard Levin and the jewish audience say that Buchanan was a Nazi and they all laughed about it smugly.

So the jews have made Buchanan one of us, and for that matter, Nader. I guarantee you that the Temples of Hate will be abuzz with conspiratorial whispering against Nader after this TAC interview.

Whether or not they ackowledge it yet, Buchanan and Nader have both become neo-Nazis. They can deny it until the day they die; in the eyes of the jews, they are neo-Nazis and in league with evil White supremacists, etc. They are the enemies of the jewish people -- that's the judgment of the jewish people themselves. They can be like Amy Biehl, screaming, "I'm on your side" while she gets stabbed to death by South African kaffir boys, but if someone decides you are his enemy, you haven't much choice in the matter.

I myself don't have much time to go hang out with granola crunchy lefties because I work too much. However, I suspect an economic depression is coming that will portend the end of hustling for a buck. This will be an immensely important development in American history, because Americans haven't had a moment to just hang out and think about their situation in generations. Mass unemployment is going to give the masses a moment to reflect - something they haven't done in generations. Americans never have had a chance to talk to their neighbors and friends without time pressure. This is a major reason why the Mind Control System has been so perfectly established.

The masses are going to be angry and desperate. White nationalists who have anticipated and prepared are going to be cheerful and reassure the masses, organize them, help them plant gardens and find ways to get by.

We also must seek out the granola crunchy leftists. I will seek them out in a nearby hotbed of granola crunchy leftists -- Willimantic, Connecticut. I won't ride into town with both guns blazing, sounding like a Dr. Pierce speech. Rather, I will quietly start working with them on concrete, materially relevant projects such as farming and cheesemaking and beer brewing, and I will bring in people from our side who are experts on these things.

We will quietly mesh into the granola crunchy Leftist society without any fanfare. No one outside of us will even know it happened, least of all the granola crunchy Leftists themselves.

But they will learn the value of Living White and Breeding White and Excluding Jews. They will be confirmed in their belief that an uncrowded living space is a good living space. And eventually we will rehabilitate the memory of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, and bring back eugenic breeding policies and sterilization of defective people.

Itz inevitable.


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