The "Legacy" of Ronald Reagan

by Rich Brooks

7 June 2004

With the final physical passing of Ronald Reagan Saturday, the airwaves and print media, not to mention the internet, have been filled with endless verbiage about the "legacy" of the former President. As is to be expected whenever a major public figure dies, even political opponents have been lavish in their praise for Mr. Reagan and we can expect our ears to be filled with much more of this clichéd commentary before his body is finally interred at the end of this week. What I did not expect, however, is that many White Nationalists have joined the jewsmedia and the lemming Republicans and Democrats in this orgy of eulogizing. Just take a quick check of recent Stormfront posts if you don't believe me. (Example: "My thoughts and prayers go out to his family" and "He was quite a man! There are few great leaders in my lifetime; Ronald Reagan was among the best.")

I said "final physical passing" because, as we all know, Ronald Reagan has been brain-dead for years and his family now feels justifiably relieved to no longer bear the burden of his care. I don't wish to make light of the tragic illness that is Alzheimer's, but I think we need to seriously question our priorities when we expend far too many of our precious medical resources just to keep elderly vegetables breathing. I would also question our "compassionate" medical policies toward defective infants, but I'm not going to turn this short essay into a dissertation about eugenics and Christian morality.

Ronald Reagan was as much a media creation as any other public figure, so it is hard to separate the image from the man. His image was one of a straight talking conservative who created a "revolution" in Washington and single-handedly brought down the "evil empire" of the Soviet Union. Nothing could be further than the truth, and the Stormfront sycophants totally confuse perception with reality. Reagan talked a good line about economic freedom, limited government, states' rights, and "right to life," but in reality presided over a government that tripled the national debt as it further expanded its power and on social issues utterly failed to change direction. Jewish power was never threatened under Reagan, and in fact he was the most pro-Israel president we have ever had.

It can be plausibly argued that Reagan's vastly increased military spending caused the Soviet Union to collapse under the burden of trying to compete, but as the years go by it is looking more and more like the victory over Russian Communism was a pyrrhic one. The jews came in after the Soviet Union's collapse and picked the bones clean. They bought state assets at bargain basement prices and set up a cartel-run plutocracy much to the misery of the average White Russian citizen. There are some hopeful signs that under Putin the Russians may finally free themselves of the jewish yoke, but in the meantime the "Russian (i.e., jewish) Mafia" must be marked down as another "legacy" of Ronald Reagan.

Reagan also signed the first amnesty agreement with Mexico, and the massive mud invasion from the south, both legal and illegal, really started on his watch. I don't have the statistics at hand, but I do know the U.S. was far less White at the end of his term than at the beginning. I could go on and on and fill page after page with examples where Reagan's results failed to match his rhetoric, and in fact the jewish agenda didn't get slowed down a bit as it pushed ahead with even greater speed under the Reagan Presidency. I think even mainstream conservatives, if they are honest, will admit that they got very little of what they had hoped for under "The Great Communicator."

The Reagan Presidency reminds us once again how very little difference it makes in terms of policy whether a Republican or a Democrat occupies the White House. On the one issue that really matters most to us as White Nationalists -- human equality enforced through coercive "civil rights" laws -- there is absolutely no party that will take our side. The jews win no matter what the political label of the President, because jews always hedge their bets. There is no clearer example of this than in the current presidential race. Heads they win, tails we lose. I will be happy when all of the ceremonies are over and Mr. Reagan and his "legacy" are laid to rest. May he rest in peace.


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