Problems Living in a Small White Community

by Sean Martin

6 June 2004

I am very excited to hopefully be a part of the VNN team. If my articles are accepted I look forward to sharing my thoughts, triumphs and discouragements of living life as a white male with the readers of VNN. I have been a reader of this site since it began.

I am the average guy that believes in white values. I live in an all-white neighborhood; I see my neighbors don't have to lock their doors. Their children leave their bicycles lying in front of my fence and don't have to worry about them getting stolen. This however is a problem. We have it so good that people don't know what I am talking about when I try and warn them.

The nearest town to me is 97% white, down from 100% white two decades ago. We still have a high quality of life. I try to explain to my friends why crime is virtually non-existent here in a town of 6,000 while their cities are flooded with violent crimes. They usually say it is because of financial prosperity. I live in a poor community so that is not it. If all the poor people became criminals we would be overthrown overnight.

But there have been attacks on my beautiful utopia as of late. Blacks on government financial aid swarming to the colleges I helped build. Government relocating blacks in this area and putting them on government aid. And I knew it was all over when I was passing by a local religious revival and saw the flag of Israel waving in the wind.

I try to warn people by distributing literature and giving them proven facts and statistics of life in a multicultural sewer. But things are just too good for people here. They don't care about what is happening out there because we have it too good. But even now it is all to common to see young white men and women idolize African rap stars and buy their clothing so as to duplicate them. I see beautiful young white girls besmirched by these African beasts by the dozens. One African can service literally hundreds of unsuspecting white women, thus destroying any prospect they will have for a normal life.

Black people know where I stand and they respect me for it. Many of them I have talked to tell me how bad it bothers them when white people fall all over themselves to be nice to them, those people are the real racists.

Many people ask me why I don't just live life and not worry about being a white nationalist. I have been given a burden that I must fight for what is right. I could stand back and watch and not be persecuted but I know every time I tell people something and they see it happening it strengthens their white mindset. I have been teaching people the values of a white society for several years and finally it is paying off. More and more people are seeing that I was right: "white is better."

Sometimes we get discouraged but we cannot expect to give some people some facts and they will magically convert. It takes years of sound teaching to un-indoctrinate people taught by a lifetime of televitz. The conversion doesn't come overnight. While I have been able to effectively organize a political group here, when I first started in high school the only people that fought for white rights were drunk and paranoid skinheads that smoked pot all day and got tattooed up to look mean and get attention.When talks of doing something for the community came about they would tremble in fear. They caused years of harm and setbacks to those of us that want to rebuild the community. Now fortunately they are mostly in jail, or so stoned and paranoid they don't come out in public anymore. The past year I have been able to work more effectively in distributing material. Surprisingly the most support and encouragement came from the Muslims that recently built a mosque here. They want to be a part of Israel fighting people whoever they are.

If I could get the White men as excited about white nationalism as quickly as the Men of Islam, we could take this area back in a few short weeks.

There is still time but illegal-alien labor is becoming more and more popular in this area. Even though people will work for minimum wage many are becoming even greedier than that.

But since this is my first article hopefully and not the last, I just wanted to get people acquainted with my situation so they can better relate to the small-town nationalist.


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