Fighting The Reins

by Billy Roper

4 June 2004

My name is Billy Roper, and I endorse this message...

Last Sunday I was horseback-riding through some woods, enjoying the rare moment of solitude, when the horse's behavior reminded me of something... Pull the reins to the left, she veers to the left. Pull the reins to the right, she leads to the right. Pull the reins back, she slows down. Nudge her with your heels, she speeds up. The more firmly you control her, the more abruptly and extremely she reacts. If she resents having to be walking through the woods, instead of being back at the barn eating sweet feed, and wants to go under a tree to drag me under the branches, I have to tell her "no" by redirecting her with the reins and my control. Otherwise, I get knocked off. If she senses that I can't or won't tell her "no," that I can't control her, then she will control me, and before long I'll have a runaway horse, and be bucked off into the dirt.

Alexander the Great said of the Persians that they would always be slaves, because they didn't know how to say "No!" A woman who never says "Stop!" will always be the object of rapine. A people who do not eventually stand up and say "Enough!" to their oppressors will never regain control of their own destiny. It's amazing to me that White Americans are so soft and weak and selfish, that they are more concerned about how big their tv sets are and how many channels they have, than whether their children will grow up in a third world cesspool where the people who built this country have become a minority.

We, the relatively few racially conscious Whites who aren't afraid to use the names our fathers gave us or to show our faces in public; we, the aboveground resistance, are just too stubborn to give up. We keep fighting the reins, and trying to spit the bit out of our mouths. We're not deterred by relatively small turnouts at demonstrations protesting the forced integration of American public schools, while thousands show up to demonstrate for the right to abort their children, or to sodomize each other legally, or just to watch a football game. It doesn't frustrate us that White Revolution membership barely breaks three digits, while there are ten thousand dues-paying members of the Flat Earth Society in North America. It doesn't depress us too much, that White people spend money on beer and cigarettes and luxury gadgets, but can't contribute funds to the movement. Yes, there are many people in the movement who have serious psychological issues, to the point where they take psychotropic medication in order to be able to function, or who have been legally declared, or declared themselves, mentally unstable or incompetent. There are some who need a bath, and some who are alcoholics, and some who use drugs, or who are thieves or sexual deviants. Some of them, I wouldn't want in my house, or around my wife and family, to be sure. We've all seen them, and I'm not about to pretend that those misanthropic, congenital losers do not exist. They certainly do. All fringe political movements attract them. Sometimes it's because they need something to join, or a sense of belonging, to be a part of a group, and have a social network. Sometimes, they need a hobby. More generally, it's because happy and well-adjusted people do NOT make good revolutionaries, as I've said before. Those who have been successful within the status quo are either content with it, or at minimum don't want to see normality upset. So, they're not going to contribute to, and certainly not going to join or be directly involved in, any effort to buck off their rider. After all, they're well fed, and who knows what might happen if they don't follow the reins? They're going to have to be ridden to a frothy sweat, and beaten and whipped bloody, before they will ever try to fight the reins.

"The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity"...Some of our best people, people with real talent, real intelligence, and real ability, become burned out and quit the movement in frustration because of all the freaks and deviants they see in it. It is grinding, and requires a kind of wry fatalism to endure for more than a few years, especially when one is intensely, profoundly involved with the struggle on a daily basis. In a nutshell, what must keep one going, is this:

The freaks and deviants don't matter. It doesn't matter how many people around you turn informant, or drop out. It doesn't matter that you really can't trust anyone, because everything that you say, in private conversations, on the phone, on the internet, in a letter, wherever, may eventually be played back or read to you in court. It doesn't matter that you're blacklisted and consigned to a life of poverty. It doesn't matter how many friends and family members turn against you, how many girlfriends or wives abandon you, how many times you're arrested, or how much time you spend in prison, or how many bullets they put into you, eventually. What matters, all that matters, is that we are right. Character and honor mean that we don't weigh the consequences of taking a stand, we don't count heads to see which side has the most adherents, and we don't ponder whether we will win or lose, before we choose a side. We do right, and fear noone. And when we die, when we're lying there sucking in that one last ragged breath and can't get another one, and things start to fade around the edges, we will regret what we didn't do, a lot more than what we did. We will wish that we had been more bold, more honest, more forthright. We will wish that we had stood more often, and hesitated less. We will wish that we had given more, and been more heroic, and more courageous, and not so conservative. We will not wish so much for more life, but for a life more vibrantly lived.

Remember, friends, that we are right. Remember that nature and logic and the truth are on our side, so it doesn't matter who is against us, or what the costs are, because doing otherwise than standing up for the truth is simply unconscionable. Fight the reins.

Upcoming Events:

June 26th: Aryan Nations/White Revolution meeting in metro Atlanta area. Contact for more information.

July 4th weekend: National Fourth of July flyer distribution.

July 16th-18th: Aryan Nations Congress, Northern Idaho. Details available at

Labor Day Weekend, September: White Heritage Days Festival, Northern Alabama

Until next time, this is Billy Roper reminding you, that White Revolution is the only solution!



Mr. Roper is chairman of White Revolution.

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