Media Review: Democracy Now!

by Richard Hartmann

4 June 2004

If you've put on your local public access channel lately, you might have seen a program called "Democracy Now!" It seems to be some kind of leftist, outside-the-mainstream deal; anti-war, anti-Zionist, riding the wave of popular sentiment that's sweeping the world today. This is the sort of thing we should be getting into, from our own perspective, on that same wave. I've seen the program countless times (though I haven't actually watched it). It's been regular, consistent, and very professional. Raw footage from Occupied Palestine, of public rallies and events and speeches, phone interviews, video interviews, news and commentary, all broadcast regularly on public access. We can do this too, with footage of our own rallies and events, of interviews and so on, and footage of Occupied America - AmeriKwa - Detroit, L.A., etc. Browned-out areas of our former country. Even entertainment. How about a show called 'The Equality Bus: Bringing Diversity to a Town Near You,' where a bunch of niggers are bused into some suburban shopping mall and let loose and the ensuing chaos filmed. Hey, that's integration, and people need to experience it. It is only the lack of real experience, real contact with 'diversity' that the Great Lie is able to exist and be maintained. It is only the suburban, middle class white who, having no contact with real blacks, can have this television image of them, and this image drives the voting patterns and resulting demographic changes. If whites were to actually be exposed to real diversity, rather than television diversity, the whole game would be up. One of our key tasks is therefore to expose whites to real diversity on our own terms and timetable, before it comes to them and us and we have nowhere left to flee. This can be done through video and public access programming.

Well, that's down the line, of course. We'd need a bus. But we can certainly expose visually to whites now through use of public access and online broadcast what we can one day expose physically to them when we have greater means.

Democracy Now! probably has jews involved, and money. It seems to be aligned with the whole Soros '' current in left-wing politics, which, while anti-Zionist, is riddled with Jews from top to bottom, from Soros at the top to the likely-jew host of Democracy Now! at bottom. But the quality of the video is no better than what we can produce and reach the public with via public access. We can produce the same sort of programming, relatively easily. We have television, both through traditional broadcast and through the internet, it's just a matter of uploading a video. Any website can do this. Why aren't we doing this yet? What's our excuse? VNN can soon be hosting video and online television programming, just as WR already does and other groups likely will be doing in the future. We should spearhead it.

Like Democracy Now!, we can be reaching the general public via public access with totally uncensored, raw original footage of things that the mainstream media labor tirelessly to censor. As already said, footage of both Occupied, war-ravaged Palestine and Occupied, Black-ravaged AmeriKwa, can be aired, easy. A picture is worth a thousand words, and can easily cancel out 40 years of TV-Government brainwashing, because it is a powerful reality, more powerful than streams of words that ring increasingly hollow these days. Between September 11th and the failure of the Iraq war, the system is losing its credibility. It's our time to capitalize.

All it takes is people and equipment. We have people, we just need the equipment. That means money. We have that too, all of us, in our pockets, and just a bit of it pooled together can amount to much and equal lots of power. We shouldn't be expecting anything to be handed to us. We are it. Who will be willing to contribute? Just a handful of people, making substantial contributions, can raise a sufficient amount of money for a high quality video and audio system that will do the job. With that alone we can produce endless propaganda: documentaries, interviews, footage of the 'Kwa, of the Mexican invasion, of the Black Plague, of Orthodox Jews scowling at you from street corners as they suspiciously consort with each other, sidelocks and black overcoats ablaze. We will also be able to air professional quality, on-scene footage of our future demonstrations, which we plan to do with some consistency. We can broadcast these all over the country, if VNN supporters would pony up the dough for access in their local areas. This is not hard, and it is necessary. On top of that, it's of value and benefit to ourselves. VNN TV. Who wouldn't want that? Is it not worth it? An idea whose time has come...

I'm sure Alex and others have innumerable ideas in this direction, ready to be put into action the moment they can be. This is just a small flowing of ideas of things that can be done cheaply and immediately once we have the equipment needed. I want to hear other's ideas on this. This will be posted on forum.

We need to build our White Media. The time is right. It will be made available to the countless white men who want to contribute their talents and spread their message to our people, like those great men who convened in Topeka on May 15th and in New Orleans last weekend. It will be integral when the day comes that we're running election campaigns, an essential part of it. Campaign money will have to go towards massive airing of our programming, of round-table discussions and speeches and events, which will become increasingly frequent. We are going professional, as many have probably perceived. The world's offering itself up. It's ours to be had. Let's take it.


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