How to Use the Herd Instinct in our Favor When Things start to Crumble

by Rob Freeeman

31 May 2004

Let me preface this article by acknowledging that there are many people who disagree with my idea that society will begin to become less complex as a result of the end of cheap oil, including the editor of VNN.

I write with the assumption that oil will become more expensive, which will collapse the economy and force us to revert to a less complex form of society. This article is for those who believe as I do. Those who dispute my belief are welcome, as always, to disagree.

I found a great definition of collapse from an article at:

Previous complex societies have met analogous energy crises, and in every case the result has been the reversion of the society to a lower level of complexity - in common parlance, collapse. As archaeologist Joseph Tainter points out in The Collapse of Complex Societies, collapse is an economizing strategy (usually not deliberate) necessitated by serious and prolonged energy deficits.

I encourage you to read the whole article; entitled, "Do the People in Charge Know What they are Doing?" It articulates exactly what I have said in a more succinct style than I am able to. For a long time, my own answer to this question has been "no," and my life plans are based on this fact.

When you realize that the people in charge don't know what they are doing, then it is time to realize that we are, in fact, all alone in this world.

The sum effect of the vast oil prosperity has made people not unlike a primitive, god- or gods-worshipping peoples, believing themselves to be well taken care of by the Benevolent Petroleum Machine. The anomalous prosperity has given us a meta-ignorance, a religious faith that we don't even recognize as such.

National Geographic magazine has as its cover article this month, "The End of Cheap Oil."

The end of cheap oil is going to mean economic and ideological opportunities for us, and it will likely bring about a return of community life to a greater degree than we have now.

There's going to be more opportunities to talk to our neighbors; more local and community inolvement in governance. Unless the JOG uses KGB style repressions, we will have much more opportunity to win the hearts and minds of fellow Whites.

As society becomes less complex, our strategy to speed up the process towards White Sovereignty is twofold:

1. Do things that bring benefit to others and enrich you -- gardening food, tobacco, and the grains for making alcohol. Producing food, tobacco and alcohol will automatically put you in the center of the community around you, preparing the ground for # 2

2. Gather a social network of White nationalists in your area in order to take advantage of the natural "herd" instinct in the masses. When the time comes, a dozen or more of you go into the local town squares, bars, parks, stores, fairs, and other gathering places to speak to people. When a larger number of White nationalists are in the presence of a smaller number of unenlightened Whites, it will be easy to bring around the smaller number of unenlightened Whites. It may not work every single time, but it sure as hell will work a lot of the time. And slowly you bring the newly enlightened into your proselytizing group, and provide them with materials to discuss the fact that "Whites have Interests" with their friends and family.

We will have a laundry list of things to "Ten Easy things you can do to de-jew your life." Number one -- Cancel the cable TV. Number two -- Participate to some degree in the production of your own food. Number three -- Gently sever all ties of friendship or association with non-whites and jews.

As a leader, it is your job to keep people busy. A lot of people will be having financial problems. Find creative ways to help them make money, such as by pedaling a newspaper route (if gas is too expensive to justify a motor paper delivery route), delivering groceries on foot, pullng a utility cart, brewing beer, distilling alcohol, or market gardening. Make an inventory of their skills and abilities, and be on the lookout for needs in the community.

The goal is to make White community into the center of their life. If this sounds "cult-like," well, it takes fire to fight fire. The jewish media Propasphere is the biggest, most dangerous and evil Cult in the history of mankind's existence on earth. It makes James Earl Jones' snake cult in "Conan the Barbarian" look like child's play. Do not have any reservations about using cult-like methods in bringing people around and putting them on the path to White Community and White Survival. In the end, the goal is to turn the best ones loose to be the leaders of those in their immediate circle. Replicate and expand, like a distributed network rather than a pyramid. You will know when a leader can stand on his own; when a community can stand on its own. All we are doing is helping White people be what comes naturally to them anyway.

To recapitulate the most important point of this article: remember that a larger group of people can sway a smaller group of people. That is how the herd instinct works. Then get those whom you swayed deeply involved in your economic activities of material production, to turn them into full-fledged, stand-alone White nationalist leaders and communities.


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