Media Notes

by Richard Hartmann

30 May 2004

Commercial: Something very kewl, very flashy. Dance club setting, party, something, don't remember exactly what. On girls' shirts or on signs, I don't recall, read the words: "Ban hate," "Ban conformity," "Ban self-doubt," in quick succession. Advertisement? Ban brand deodorant. Jews sneaking political messages through kewl commercials.

Talk show: The Man Show. Two jerky jews or jew-like hosts, revving the crowd up against an unwanted group of '4 million newcomers to the country every year, who don't speak English, don't work, don't contribute to the country.. who expect handouts, are taken care of, consume resources, etc.' Dumb white crowd getting into it, imagining the two kikes might be talking about mexicans or some other group they secretly harbor their safely concealed negative feelings toward. But no. Babies - that's the group the jews are riling the crowd against, of course. After all, who needs babies? They're loud, annoying, they stink. 'We patrol the borders? We need to patrol vaginas,' the jew says. 'Anything that comes outta there without a visa needs to be shoved back in. We'll call you when we need some more of ya.' White crowd laughs, agrees. Who needs babies? Surely they don't. They need basketball sneakers and porn rags, and enough loose cash to pay off the credit card bills run up by their twat girlfriends, who sure as hell don't want babies. White babies are "bad for jews." They hinder "multiculturalism," which is of course good - for jews. Thus, political attack as entertainment.

"Ban hate" - ban white resistance. "Ban conformity" - conform to our remaking of your world. "Ban self-doubt." Feel-good bullshit, means be sure our lies are right.

Message: Abhor reproduction as old-fashioned and un-cool. Don't reproduce. Don't fight back. Die. Two pronged political attack via Televitz, the Poisoner of Minds, in a matter of minutes. And you think we're kidding when we say white genocide is the aim of Jewish media control?

Flip. Flip. Memorial Day Sale. What do you expect to see? A white American family barbecuing? Some white veterans chumming it up over a beer? No. Who better to symbolize Memorial Day than a flat faced gook and his daughter? Always the children, do you notice? When it comes to non-whites, more is better. It isn't anti-baby -- it's anti white baby. Note that. Also note that interracial relationship propaganda is 90% black male on white female, not evenly or randomly distributed. No coincidence, in either case. It's carefully calculated propaganda, an overt racial attack on whites by jews.

Flip. Flip. Beefy Hebrew Franks! Obnoxious Jewish voice. Black and White pals at a baseball game, enjoying. "Franks prepared with the highest of standards" - so the jews congratulate themselves, while they rake in the shekels.

Flip. Flip. Public programming, channel thirteen. Hindus. Dotheaded Hindus. Just what I need to see on a public channel paid for by my white taxes.

Flip. Public access. Swerving, gyrating obese Negro woman, strange, alien beat.

There is nowhere to go. Whites are being imaged out of existence. Everywhere is the same spiritually poisoning, isolating, alienating propaganda. Television is an artificial world that precedes the real world, shapes it. It shapes it in conformity with the Jewish idea of what the world should be, which inevitably follows from Jewish interests. Jewish television is an unremitting attack on Whites, and it needs to be flushed, first by you as an individual, and then by us, together.

Furthermore, we must build our own image, our own world-shaping idea, and push it through every media at our disposal. Money, talent, means. It will come through recruitment, and recruitment must be personal; as Alex puts it, it must reach out and grab with hooks. Each category of people, each class, each personality type, has its own personal interest and its own personal conflict with the Jewish agenda, in some way. That is the hook, where you reel them in. Find the area where agreement can be found, and show how the Jewish agenda is anathema to the individual's interests. From initial agreement will blossom good feeling and trust, and eventually understanding.

Every person worthy of being recruited has a talent, a use, a degree of intelligence and ability, and every such person has an interest counter to the System's interest and agenda, except for the most air-headed, cliche-wielding trendy. Find that interest, that basis, that fertile soil, and plant the seed.

We have a two-fold task:

1) Build our own world-shaping media, our own media possessed with an Idea. This requires recruitment of a talented and capable body of above-average, professional people, and infusing them with that idea.

2) Destroy the enemy media. This requires the recruitment of a hard-core and battle-ready Order of men ready to go to their deaths for it.

Both go back to able recruitment. We all need to become experts at it. We have to learn the ins and outs of the mind. We have to do it in the reality around us, in our own personal environment and day to day lives, simultaneously with the broader, 'net- and media-based efforts. As the world changes, it offers up greater and greater opportunity for recruitment, as the System inevitably clashes more and more with the People's interests, as it's agenda progresses. Don't just lay it all out on someone and make yourself look weird. Instead make yourself into the supplier of a drug that the potential recruit keeps coming back and back for: Understanding. Not by giving him an overdose right away that he can't digest, but by giving him a taste. Find where he seeks understanding, where he is confused, and provide the answers he is looking for. Lead him along so he can find his way gradually. Soon he'll be telling you things, because he is comfortable with you. Because you are the only one that understands and shares his deepest concerns. Believe me, you are not the only one. Do not make the mistake of becoming a recluse and forgetting your roots: You too were once in his shoes, and he now is where you were, with the same needs, the same desires, the same interests.

We are all in this together, and we either hang together, or let the jews eat us alive.


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