Racial War

by William Krieger

29 May 2004

There is a racial war raging in this country. It is a territorial war. On all fronts, the non-white races are advancing and increasing their territory and the whites are falling back in retreat. Not only is the white birth rate far below the non-white birth rate, it is well below the level needed to maintain its present numbers. During the next fifty years, whites will be outnumbered and surrounded by non-whites.

There is no need to spell out the ultimate result of this. It has happened before in history and can be observed happening today in our own cities. The chances for white victory in this war grow slimmer each day, as the white population shrinks to make way for the onward rush of non-white growth.

Responsibility rests with the controllers: the owners of the mass media, the politicians and government policy makers, the professors and school teachers. All of it however, is rooted in enemy control over the minds of the people: Jewish control of the media.

From the influence of the media, public opinion is formed. There is precious little genuine independence of thought. The majority is always led by some external force. This is obvious simply because there exists such a thing as a 'collective will,' since 'popular opinion' is always highly uniform. It does not develop simultaneously in each individual but is handed down from above.

The masses are always subject to the will of some form of leadership. This is necessary and it could be no other way if society is to exist. It is proper that the best command the whole. When this is the case there is no guise of democracy, no pretense that 'the people' are their own leaders and will their own direction. Only when the forces that control the people want to be hidden is this pretense made. Then, when the people are brought to ruin, they think it is by their own free will, and the true culprit escapes blame and punishment.

The people only harm themselves by imagining they are 'free' and independent of those forces which shape the collective life. They are not. Few could be. The biggest slave is the one who thinks he's free. He is the one most favored by the exploiter. The genuine leader has no need for such games. He does not need to hide himself behind pretenses and disguise himself in the cloak of 'the people.' He can stand before them as their leader and point the way without fear, because his intentions are noble and he is able. The exploiter of the people however, must convince them that he is powerless and that they are responsible and in total control, while he works things from behind the scenes.

The people can either acknowledge the principle of leadership and follow it to its logical consequence, or deny that they are lead at all, while the true ruler operates hidden and unknown. For their own good, they must recognize that they are not 'independent,' that they are only a part of the whole that is their people, and that this people must have a hierarchy and be led by the best. They can either acknowledge leadership and submit to it, or deny it and be without it. Their interests lie in the former, their enemies' in the latter.

These facts are rooted in the nature of Man. The common man looks to the person next to him. Thus opinion is formed not by independent considerations, but by a collective, mutual conditioning. In this technological age that means by the propaganda of the media: the news, the movies, the television shows and the magazines. It is all controlled from above by a small clique. In America and the West today a predominantly Jewish group. The Jew network bosses hire the Jew department heads, the Jew department heads hire the Jews who write the scripts and editorials, and these are the individuals who formulate the propaganda and directly control public opinion -- in Jewish interests.

More often than not the universities and schools are largely under the control of Jewish faculty as well. If not directly, then indirectly: the non-Jews in charge are just as firmly under the psychological grip of mass media as anyone else. The principal of a school or university, the faculty, the individual teachers, their opinions are molded by their television viewing and newspaper reading just as much as anyone else. On top of that, their jobs depend on their adherence to a strict ideological construct. They teach what they are told to teach in the way they are told to teach it, or else they no longer are allowed to teach.

Under the influence of the Jewish media, the schools have eradicated any trace of racial consciousness in white students, as a goal. White children don't know what race is. To them it is skin color, or else a 'social construct' invented to exploit. They are not taught the history of their people. They, if they are white, don't have a people. They are taught a generic version of the history of all peoples, mixed together, without any racial understanding at all. They are not brought up reading their own people's literature, seeing their own people's art or hearing their own people's music. Those things are alien to them. They read only 'modern' literature, view only 'modern art,' and are drowned in the sounds of 'modern' music, and by modern of course what is meant is alien and rootless; international art for the world-mass of characterless consumers, without any inward-rooted ideals of any kind.

They know nothing else. Their world is a world without race. It is a world of television shows and popular music; of non-white faces and non-white voices. The youth are not raised by their parents. There is no real community to guide them. They rarely know the names of their nextdoor neighbors. They live in a world of television programming and public education. They have nothing to call their own. No strong family ties, inter-generational bonds, no real organic community at all, certainly no nation and not even the idea what a nation is. No role models, no traditions, and no values. They sail blind, as detached individuals, existing only for material pleasures and artificial political 'ideals' which tend toward their destruction.

The only morality they know is tolerance to everything except intolerance. Principle, honor, courage -- these things are just empty words to them. They have no feeling for the actual concept behind. Any sense of idealism is rooted out of them at an early age, any orientation toward their own, stifled. They are left with one ideal in life and one goal: the ideal of equality in an interracial society, and the goal of paying for the sins of their ancestors, easing their racial guilt by denial of self.

Their racial and moral emptiness is matched only by their ignorance and false conceptions. They leave school literally without any knowledge. They remember two things: America is a nation of immigrants, and where to put the condom: race mixing and birth control. Genocide.

Our young girls are taught to deny their femininity and reject motherhood at the earliest age. They are encouraged to spend the prime of their lives, the years when they should be finding a husband and building a family -- a life -- at school training for a career in some form of non-motherhood. They are taught to reject life. To deny their femininity is to them the highest virtue of womanhood.

They are poisoned by an anti-life doctrine that makes marriage and children seem as slavery, even though in it lies the only true happiness for them. Many prefer to kill their child rather than raise it. Their goal in life in not to create new life and raise the next generation of children. They do not want any of that. They want to compete in the 'global economy' and make money. They want to gamble in the stock market and gab at the salon and buy all the latest junk. They want a life of self-seeking and comfort, indulgence and freedom from responsibility. They desire detachment, rootlessness, hollowness. That is the mentality that has been implanted in them by the time they reach womanhood.

Our men are no better. They cannot rightly be called that. And the media has supplied a suitable term for its product: guy. A slight variation of goy, one thinks. They have been robbed of the masculinity that is their birth right and transformed into sexless drones. They are prevented from ever becoming men at all. Their soft, sheltered lives and early rearing in public school render them empty of all natural male feelings, which are suppressed vigorously by a public orthodoxy which sees as its aim the elimination of all healthy male energy, boldness, self-confidence, competitiveness, strength and feeling for leadership. They fear growing up because they do not know how to be men. They cannot bear the world that is theirs. They reject life just the same as their female counterparts. Their worst fear is that they might find a woman willing to marry them and bear their children. Then they wouldn't know what to do. For them, life at its best is an indefinite adolescence. At the same time that women are turned into cold, male-hostile neurotics, men are supplied with glitzy alternatives: pornography, televised sports, night clubs, 'guy's night out,' Maxim magazine, The Man Show, casual sex and self-justifying disdain toward females: for the mothers that raised them and the daughters they'll never have.

Couples will have their 1.5 children after the more important things are taken care of. From the beginning these unfortunate children are placed in herd-like communes administered by strangers. With no mother to nurture them and hold them and comfort them, they grow soulless in the cold hands of government employees. They fail to bond with their parents, and family ceases to have meaning: it ceases to be the vehicle through which values and traditions are passed down from generation to generation; media intervenes, imposes itself on the child, creates the artificial 'generation gap' that the Jewish gurus of psychology present to us as normal and healthy, against all reason and evidence. As such boys grow into young men, they receive no discipline, learn no self-control, are provided with no structure and no guidance, all on the good authority of those same Jewish Gurus of Destruction. By age six the confused parents throw up their arms and submit their child to the state facilities and mental chains of Pilldom; the dulling of all inner impulses. They receive little influence from their parents, self-absorbed and off-balance; their true role models come not from peers or community, but from the artificial world of television, to which they are subjected from infancy. Before they are able to speak they learn to mimic; before they can walk they learn to conform and demand. They become confused about their own position in life, their own obligations and those owed to them. Instead of discipline, they are controlled by appeasement; they are given material things, and are thus spoiled. They know of no responsibilities or restrictions. They grow into men who cannot cope with life and the demands of adulthood. Most do not leave their parent's home until in their late twenties. They cannot maintain a relationship or a marriage. They certainly cannot raise their children and marriage usually ends in divorce. Parenthood becomes sending a monthly check.

The process of life stops; the white birth rate declines. Hope is lost.

And the government? It facilitates the process. It imports the non-whites who by the millions replace and displace the white population, forcing it from its ancestral lands. It is not 'integration,' it is the subsidized expansion of foreign, malleable populations who are to replace us. They arrive and we leave. They reproduce and we are burdened with their costs. At the point of a gun barrel, we are forced out of our towns and soon whole regions are abandoned, the whites having fled. Schooling and housing are built for these aliens in towns and cities that we built and founded. The cold mechanical process of our annihilation is carried out upon our backs. We carry the load that will soon crush us. We are driven out. Real wages fall, stable jobs are shipped overseas, factories are replaced by alien-staffed Walmarts. To pay our bills and afford needless, endless indoctrination for our children, we limit the same to a pauce 1.5 average. Our race dies out, fast becoming a minority in its own lands as it is in the world, everywhere despised and looked on with envy and resentment.

But people begin to see. In the next decade we will see the rise of a White political party. It will be. Whites have interests. Those interests have been abandoned, even while under attack. A void rushes to be filled. Immigration will become the biggest issue during the next decade in America and in Europe, and we will be there, attacking on every front, pointing the way. Only a White Nationalist party will be able to take on this issue. We have the men, they are there. The money will come -- if we are worth anything, we will have both in abundance. But we need you. Yes, you. Every person has a role to fill. Throw all doubt and caution to the wind: you have one life and this is our last chance. There is no other choice. Obstacles are placed in front of us not to be cowered before, but to be surmounted. Show that we are worthy, that we can bear the burden that has been placed on us, that we're not done yet!


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