White Racists Can Take America in 10 Years

by Frank G.

18 May 2004

The historical template for achieving WN control of America sits on a shelf waiting to be copied.

Nothin' ain't magic and nothin' ain't that hard.



This highly significant historic fact is obscured or wholly misrepresented by today's PC historians. Wonder why? Well, you should know the answer to that -- too much White potential exposed -- makes taking over look too easy.

EVERYTHING you ever heard about the KLAN is backward wrong. See this good short overview for starters:


"In the U.S. at least, racism is certainly one of the most crudely reified phenomena. The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s is one of the two or three most important -- and most ignored -- social movements of 20th century America.

Writing at the beginning of 1924, Stanley Frost accurately surveyed the Klan at the crest of its power: "The Ku Klux Klan has become the most vigorous, active and effective organization in American life outside business."(1) Depending on one's choice of sources, KKK membership in 1924 can be estimated at anywhere between two and eight million.(2)

The KLAN inducted President Harding in a White House ceremony!

KLAN successes in building a powerful White Nationalist movement in the 1920s provide many answers and a useful organizational road map:


How's this for success?

"During the early 1920s, the Klan helped elect 16 U.S. Senators and many Representatives and local officials. The Klan even inducted President Warren G. Harding into the organization in a White House ceremony. By 1924, when the Klan had reached its peak in numbers and influence, it claimed to control 24 of the nation's 48 state legislatures. That year, it succeeded in blocking the nomination of Al Smith, a New York Catholic, at the Democratic National Convention.

The three million members of the Klan after World War I were quite open in their activities. Many were small-business owners, independent professionals, clerical workers, and farmers. Members marched in parades, patronized Klan merchants, and voted for Klan-endorsed political candidates. The Klan was particularly strong in the Deep South, Oklahoma, and Indiana.

Historians once considered the Ku Klux Klan a group of marginal misfits, rural traditionalists unable to cope with the coming of a modern urban society. But recent scholarship shows that Klan members were a cross-section of native Protestants and that many were women and many came from urban areas."

From its founding in 1915 (the first KLAN had long-since been disbanded), the KLAN took political control of America by the mid-1920s.

How was this huge, powerful, controlling KLAN "WN" organization built "out of thin air", in the matter of just a single decade?

What were its keys to success?

How was it organized?

Who were its members?

Who were its leaders?

What was the ideological platform--the idea base. On what American traditions did it draw?

What was the sales pitch?

Most importantly, how did the KLAN sell White Nationalism to the masses?

How was it able, from its founding in the South in 1915 to become THE DOMINANT POLITICAL FORCE IN THE WHOLE OF AMERICA WITHIN A SINGLE DECADE?

How did the KLAN then squander its huge successes, its control of America? (Or, to quiz your history proficiency. How did cunt-struck D.C. Stevenson's dick bring down the KLAN? -- lesson #1 -- don't shit where you eat.)

Want to learn the lessons on how to organize, how to lead? Within the American experience. What to do, what not to do. It's here. It's been done before. In America. In your White Homeland. White Man. Learn lessons from this historic episode of highly successful "White Nationalism" and the task will be infinitely easier.

Here's more facts:

The same White folk (genes) and thus the same natural White genetic mental constructs and tendencies remain in America to this day. The problem: No salesmen and no leaders to cultivate them.

The KLAN was as successful in the North as it was in the South. The KLAN was mostly an urban phenomenon.

KLAN AMERICA , was safe, clean, secure, decent, a wholesome Homeland for White Man -- a great place to be White and free.

America stayed a White Man's Homeland -- kept out the mongrel genetic defects and aliens.

In 1965 America was still 90% White.

It has been done. Racist political control in America. The successful KLAN program following WW1 in America provides invaluable lessons on how White Nationalist goals can be achieved in short order. White families, small businessmen, big cities, small towns, from all socio-economic groupings of White society--working together.

Is the next crop of D.C. Stevenson-type "WN" salesmen out there?

Imagine Alex "ministering" to the US President 10 years from today, just like the KLAN "ministered" to President Harding.

Or, better yet, imagine.......

Nothin' ain't magic and nothin' ain't that hard.


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