The Low-Down on Brown vs. Whites

by Alex Linder

15 May 2004

[Ed. Note: The following is the rough-cut prepared text on which my speech was based. What I delivered was somewhere in the overlap of speaking and ranting, as it was outdoors and we were surrounded by hostiles. So there was a good deal of back and forth and interruptions. But this text hits the main points.]

The number nine is pregnant!

We didn't land on Plymouth Rock; Plymouth Rock landed on us!

And that rock of massive, granitic Negroid stupidity was launched at us fifty years minus two days ago by Earl Warren and the Supreme Court, hitting Aryan America right between the eyes and resulting in a concussion from which we've never recovered.

* * *

In two days, on May 17, a number of famous politicians will descend on Topeka to celebrate Brown vs. Board. They'll grin big and fill the air with big words about equality and justice. The photogs will shoot their feckless smiles before the backdrop of the refurbished Monroe school, now a National Historic Site, courtesy of $2 million extracted at gunpoint from White taxpayers. [Listener interrupts to point out that actual figure is more like $5 million, with recurring yearly $1 million maintenance]. Thus do we sellebrate, with an 'S,' our Aryan enslavement and enstupidation, as Fred Reed calls it.

But after these nitwits empty their yapholes into the witless heads of the assembled dolts and the urinal that is the Judenpresse, or the jew-controlled papers and TV, itz...back to usual.

Yes, the next morning, like every morning in America, White boys and girls will shiver at the thought of what the day will bring -- what the next horrifying eight hours of life in their integrated public school will subject them to. "Will Jamal wave his dick in my face on the morning bus again," shudders Madison, too afraid to tell her parents. "Will I get raped in the stairwell like that girl last year? Will I get beat up by Tamika and LaKwanda because they hate my blond, long hair?" [Digression mentioning article "Why I Hate Niggers Even Though I Technically Am One," in which a mulatto describes just this phenomenon of hood ratessas beating the hell out of humanish-looking girls out of jealousy.] Even if these don't happen, she shudders in dread of the yelling, cursing, banging -- hell, the apeing -- a substantial nigger presence always brings.

It's little different for Jeremy. Like Madison, his first thought is always whether he'll make it through the day without being nig-packed by a bunch of "thugz." That chance aside, he knows at the best he's in for another boring lecture on slavery or Anne Frank, in the odd space where the niggers pipe down enough for the education major's words to get through. He'll walk through the halls, head down, occasionally looking up and seeing posters of minorities-and-women, encouraging them to apply to college, offering them exclusive scholarships. Never in his life has he seen an appeal to or interest taken in his type. He's guilty and hated -- of that he's sure. Why exactly, he's never understood.

This, my friends, what I've described is the

Reality of Brown.

This is the inevitable consequence of Brown. This is the daily, hourly, minutely functional meaning of Brown. And this is the part NOT ONE paper, program or politician will tell you about. And that's why we came out here today: to bear witness to the anti-White Holocaust that is the illegal, unConstitutional, immoral decision that is Brown. Brown, to use the language of those who produced it, is HATE. It is pure-D, anti-White HATE. The hate that dare not speak its name. But WE dare speak it.

Who are "we"? Look around and you'll notice certain things. There are no conservatives here. No big-name columnists. No small-name columnists. No libertarians. No Republicans. ONLY WHITES. Only those men willing to step forward, in public, and declare themselves White men with White interests came out today. For the others, typing is good enough. They type over and over that Brown is unConstitutional, that Brown hasn't produced the equality of scores and outcomes it was supposed to. No big surprise there. but we wouldn't have bothered coming out today unless we were going to go all the way. To say: We know what is going on, and we fight. And here is the nut of the matter:

Brown is a racial attack on Whites by jews using blacks (Repeat loudly and slowly and emphatically)

The neutered right will never tell you that jews produced Brown. they blame the left or Marxists or some other safe, semitically correct target. But jews brag about their handiwork among themselves. That they formed the NAACP; that they rounded up the clients to sue Topeka. That they wrote the legal briefs and coached the Negro plaintiffs. Why? For the same reason they and they alone opened our borders to the Third World: stable White society frightens them. They attempt to destroy it to make themselves secure. You have only to look about to see their fantastic record of accomplishment. Every third American seems to be from Bolivia or China or Botswana. Every other American seems to be from Mexico. At my ATM, I must choose English or Spanish. I live in rural Missouri. This is one of a dozen examples I could cite, but you have your own. As a White man, I resent what the jews have done to America. It looks to me like they are well down the road to murder.

The duty of a government is to protect its citizens and help secure their safety and happiness. Any government that fails to do that must be replaced. Any government that overtly, repeatedly and maliciously acts contrary to the interests of the majority should be overthrown. That's exactly what Brown is: an overt attack on the ways and genes of the descendants of the Aryans who founded America. That's not me saying these words about revolution, it's Thomas Jefferson. You know what else he said? He said that "Nature, habit and opinion have drawn indelible lines of distinction between the races." That's "indelible." That means that no jew, no bought politician, can efface them. Yes, RACE EXISTS. And race matters. No lie from a jew will change those facts. And the upshot is that, according to Jefferson, "the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government."

Segregation, in the end, is nothing more than a free choice made by free men. It exists wherever government puts the guns down. Any jew or bought politician who denies our Aryan right to exist as ourselves and by ourselves is an enemy of freedom, and a practitioner of the very hate he denounces. The message our presence here today sends is that the days of jews taking decisions for Aryans are numbered. The days of jews destroying White communities by removing control over the conditions of our lives from White hands are coming to an end. To make a phrase of it, as we at VNN like to say, NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

And that pretty much sums it up, so I'll close by pointing out what we all know: When America was run by White racists, when America was segregated, it was civilized, safe and productive. Now that it is run by jewish racists, it is loud, stoopid and degenerate. They can call it hate, they can denounce our racism while celebrating their own, but in the end segregation is nothing but love, and the self-protection love provides. We have a natural right that no jew or jew-bought politician can abridge to live as Aryans among Aryans, and we will exercise that right - ZOG and the jewish race be damned.


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