Hey, White Man. Could You Handle Winning?

by Douglas Wright

11 May 2004

I love to fantasize about race war. It's a great Walter Mitty for the racially conscious. Drop your boring life as an insurance salesman, pick up an AR-15, and end up taking over America. There's some excellent action where open-mouthed boolies are running screaming down the road to get away from us (it was because they were late for boarding the ocean liners). Mexicans cram into shitty vans and gun back for Mexico. And Jews make aliyah by the million. Heads of particularly traitorous types are jammed onto spikes lined up in rows in Lafayette Park across from the White House, where we set up shop and start the rebirth.

Just like the Turner Diaries, dude. Be home in time for dinner, honey!

Only, that will never happen. OK, never say never. Let's say, extremely unlikely to happen, at least this decade. As our staid and Jew-friendly colleagues at American Renaissance have advised, entertaining such fantasies is self-indulgent and possibly counterproductive. (But I don't know. If you don't think about this occasionally, what are you, a pussy?)

Here is what will happen, however. The level of white consciousness will begin to rise, perceptibly at first, precipitously as time goes on. More and more smart white people will start to understand what's happening to them. Advocacy for white interests will find a few voices at the local, then national level. "Respectable" conservative publications, and mainstream publications, will start to treat our issues more seriously. White nationalists will cease to be shunted off as creepy side show acts, and what they are saying will get more attention.

I actually don't predict that the more technical issues of biological racial difference will come to be broadly understood. I'm even less hopeful that there will be widespread understanding of Jewish influence, at least on a level described by folks like Kevin MacDonald, the Culture of Critique author. But understanding of this stuff will inform a growing number of white thinkers and elites, and they will push accordingly, and it will trickle down to the rest of the white population in that distilled sort of way that masses of people understand things. The "shame" of discussing our issues in public will start to melt away.

"Hey, yeah. Don't we have rights, too?" Average White will ask himself. "What's wrong with that?" And it won't be weird. It won't cause half the people at the dinner table to scream at the other half that "You sound like the Nazis!" Instead, it will be asked that the ketchup be passed.

In other words, white nationalism will start to get boring. Are you ready for that, white man? Are you ready, first to do the work it will take to get there, and more importantly, the work that will need doing once we are there?

I know what you're thinking. All is lost. Or, it's almost all lost. The vast majority of whites are so brainwashed, and Jews have so much power over the government and the media, that it's hopeless. Ever wonder why there's such a scramble to censor us? Because the truths we tell are so true, there's no telling what could happen if they get out. If you're telling truths so true that the audience member who truly gets it is willing to take action over the matter, it's worth it to Jews to go over the top to shut us down. As Edgar Steele has said, it's worse than you think.

Well, yeah, it's bad. I don't need lessons on that. I read the mainstream press. I live in a big city. I turn on the talmudvision now and then. I see the commercials where the white guy is the dunce. I see white men dying in Iraq to make Israel safe. I see white women attacked by niggers -- sometimes live and in person. I see whites being shoved across the North American continent. But as Jared Taylor has said, it doesn't matter what our chances for success are. Get your white ass in motion. You have no choice.

But don't proceed as if no progress will ever come to us. Consider winning. Envision it. Norman Vincent Peale is right: even if fantastic, you increase your chances by thinking positively. Conservatives, as Jack Halliday has pointed out in Blackout, have for the past few decades nursed a perverse desire to lose. It affirms their sense of righteousness. Conservatives can afford to lose, because they don't stand for anything anyway. We are white nationalists, and cannot afford to lose, because we stand for something real: the future of the white race.

What I'm saying is, don't be that guy who's only interested in white nationalism because of its fringe appeal, and who would be attracted to the ant-fucking movement if that were "off-limits" and shocking to the people around the water cooler. Or, be careful of these guys, if you suspect them. Be that guy who wants white nationalism to be taken seriously. This, I think, could be part of our problem: lots of the people attracted to us have no interest in this, and would prefer some place that's perpetually on the margins. This, we need to overcome.

Also. Don't proceed as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The white pessimists among us, I think, are being honest but perhaps discouraging when they make it out that our task is so onerous that we must suffer and die to achieve our goals. Do we? Could we strike out on this thing and have some fun, even? And keep our guts full? Does every white man have to personally save the entire white race, himself? Don't kill yourself, man. Just do something. More than what you've been doing, as I like to say. You can always do something more. You can always get started. Don't' get so overloaded that you don't know where to begin. Thinking you have to mount a steed and gallop through the halls of AIPAC blasting away might just discourage you from writing that letter to the editor decrying the onset of the draft for Israel's sake.

I'm going to let you in on a disappointing little secret. Right now, white nationalism is a titillating forbidden, like porn. It's out there, all over the place, freely available on the Internet. Tons of people are interested in it -- probably most sincere, probably some just rubbernecking the car accident. It's got a sort of dangerous appeal for the regular guy who peruses it there, and for the bolder guy who goes to NA meetings and AR conferences, and probably also for the still-bolder guy who sticks his Christian name and mug right out there for the television cameras.

I mean, come on. You gotta admit. The thrill of this stuff is pretty cool. It's so right, and so censored at the same time! Who can resist this most evil of evils, as society would have it? The thing most on our minds is the thing least discussed. You walk down the street and you stare at a group of minorities, and you just think to yourself, Jesus Fuckin' Christ, those things aren't even human! They're off the map! And we're supposed to integrate with them? Sure, if they called you on the carpet to answer the "racism" charge, you couldn't very well in this day and age say, "Hell yeah I'm a racist. Fuck you, you weasel kike!" You'd try to spin out something responsible. But meanwhile, back in the honest parts of your brain, how can you deny what you sense? These other races are completely different animals. God, can't anyone see that?

Well, I'll bet they can. It's like a dam waiting to bust. Like water, the truth is looking for a way down hill. But in the end, that's all it is, friends. The truth. The truth is that races are different. The truth is that races don't get along. The truth is that Jews lie about all this because it benefits them. The truth is that once you sweep away the radical calls, the threatening symbols and the slurs, there's nothing exotic or evil about us and what we're saying. We're just saying up is up and down is down. Really, that's pretty boring. The rest just helps us get attention.

The only thing that makes it exciting right now is the way we've broken from the mind control, and are observing how Jews, because it benefits their interests as a group, seek to keep that mind control in place. If you are looking for excitement, working to break others from that mind control holds much promise in 2004 and beyond. But think, too, of a time when excitement is found elsewhere, because we licked that other thing.


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