The 'Civil Rights' Swindle

by H.L. Dunlap

11 May 2004

The culture of the American South was reshaped in the 1960s by federal agents who invaded Dixie to hassle Whites for 'violating the civil rights' of Blacks. And today Whites are charged in courts of law with the hazy crime of 'conspiring to violate the civil rights' of minorities.[1]

Since the foundation of all U.S. civil rights law is -- collectively -- the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth constitutional Amendments, you might think that the term 'civil rights' would be mentioned in at least one of those Amendments. Nope. Those Amendments -- and other Amendments championed by diversity-mongers such as the Fourth and First -- contain no mention of 'civil rights.'

In fact, the term 'civil rights' did not exist in the era of our Founders or for some time afterward. Indeed, the term 'civil rights' was virtually unheard of in America until the 1950s when suddenly the Jews began using it.

'Civil rights' means rights that a country's inhabitants enjoy by law.[2] And therein lies the problem: Blacks and women became legally equal in America very late, long after our Founders and their immediate followers were dead. 'Civil rights' flow only from modern egalitarian law. Such law was not created in the spirit of our Founders' or their immediate followers' desires. Those who doubt that claim about our Founders' desires need only read the wording of a law created during the Founding era -- an immigration law [1 Stat 103-104], Act of March 26, 1790: "That any alien, being a free white person..." That the law mentions race is significant. Furthermore, only White males could vote or hold public office during the Founding era and afterward.

Our Founders intended for America to be run by White males. And if those Founders were alive today they would reject the civil rights swindle.


A short civil rights timeline in America:

1865 -- the 13th Amendment abolishes slavery.

1866 -- the 14th Amendment defines citizenship, legally aiding Blacks.

1870 -- the 15th Amendment grants universal male suffrage i.e. voting.

1871 -- a civil rights Act is created.

1875 -- another civil rights Act is passed [and invalidated by the Supreme Court in 1883].

1920 -- the 19th Amendment creates women's suffrage.

1954/1955 -- Supreme Court decisions are handed down declaring racial segregation in public schools to be unconstitutional and banning segregation in publicly-financed parks and golf courses.

1957 -- another civil rights Act is passed.

1960 -- yet another civil rights Act is created.

1961 - Federal Executive Order #10925 prohibits discrimination in federal employment on the basis of race, national origin, or religion. It establishes the federal government's EEOC office.

1964 -- the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the most far-reaching Act to date, is passed. It bans discrimination on the basis of race, religion, or national origin in places of public accommodation covered by interstate commerce i.e. restaurants; it forbids discrimination in employment and discrimination on the basis of sex.

1965 -- the Voting Rights Act is created; this Act places federal observers at polls to guarantee 'equal' voting rights.

1968 -- another civil rights Act is passed, which concerns housing and real estate discrimination against Blacks.

1987 - the Civil Rights Restoration Act is created. It prohibits discrimination in employment and education programs on the basis of race, sex, age, or disability.

[1] Such a case happened in Billings, Montana in 2001, with sentencing in 2002. In that case White skinheads were found guilty of federal charges of conspiracy to interfere with the rights of minorities to use public parks. The White defendants earned long prison terms [10 years] even though no actual, physical assault occurred, simply threats/intimidation/slurs.

[2] another description of 'civil rights' is the rights to personal liberty guaranteed by the 13th and 14th Amendments and later acts of Congress. The term 'civil liberties,' however, refers to the freedoms a citizen has from unwarranted governmental interference.


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