Gentile Genocide

by Rita Ashleigh

9 May 2004

Most appropriately, the following two items appear in sequence today on VNN:

The Hebes Who Murdered the Ukraine

With drawings... A more detestable lot of vermicious kikes would be hard to find... outside Washington, D.C. Of course, Ukraine isn't the only place jews cause problems: Germany, too.

Hey America, You're Turning into a Jew

In jew-produced AmeriKwa, women have many fine options. They can be raped by niggers who go unpunished, or they can be drafted to fight foreign wars. Now aren't you glad the White male patriarchy is dead, feminists?

If you click on the link regarding the draft, you will find that jew Brodsky at the national draft bureau wants to draft women ages 18 to 34, that is, our healthiest breeding-age females. If you click on the link about the Ukraine, you will see essentially the same story: Gentile Genocide. They just perfect their act with every performance. The "Russian Revolution" was of course nothing but a jewish revolt, a reverse pogrom, and they have been oh so clever, yet considerably more subtle, in executing the same thing in America in slow motion over the past 100 years.

I'm not a scholar or a deep thinker, but it only took me a few months to put the whole picture together for myself. The following may be useful to others. In a recent letter to a young National Socialist, I wrote:

"Any thoughtful person will come around, given the following conditions:

1.) They must do at least some background reading of material by Hitler, Goebbels, etc., to understand the situation in Germany between the wars and what the jews were up to (race mixing, degrading traditional culture, economic exploitation, etc., same as in the U.S. today). Why would smart, nice people [Germans] suddenly become 'evil'?

2.) They must have had extensive personal contact with jews in situations where they were innocents ripe for exploitation (employment, childhood medical care, contact with children, relationships and 'friendships').

3.) They must read the Talmud, learn the history of the jews in Europe and see how the two dovetail (i.e., inbred criminals not only get booted out of country after country, but leave a self-incriminating paper trail!).

4.) They must understand the real situation in World War II. In a nutshell: Hitler calls the jews on their outrageous behavior and gives them just what they deserve. Meanwhile, the jews have coopted two huge powerful nations (U.S., U.S.S.R.) and have their finance and media wholly in hand. Under pressure, Hitler blinks, and starts invading nations everyone likes (Holland, Poland). Now the trap is sprung. For the first time in history, the jews can summon a counterpunch and 'we' squash Germany.

But how many sheep even crack a book to read about their OWN country, let alone Germany? The holocaust is taught like a religion and the attack dogs are trained to defend their masters."

I become frustrated with our wonderful WN sites at times, given that for the most part we are "preaching to the converted" in sharing information as we do. It is time to move on to the next step: peaceful protest by way of boycotts. I don't suggest boycotting our elections yet. How about TV? That's not illegal, is it? I am well into my second decade without the square latrine. It's not just stopping the poison and lies that's important; your real reward is the extra time you have to develop valuable resources (for me, a new interest in horticulture), and to re-educate yourself on the Internet....WHILE IT LASTS. Maybe Al Gore DID invent the Internet, and look what happened to HIM.

I myself, am, apparently, a walking affront to jews in terms of my appearance, values, and the way I am living my life. A one-woman revisionist conference, if you will.


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