Movie Review: 'Untamed'

by Derek Powling

6 May 2004

While this is a movie that would be made much differently today, it has some good examples of strong white men and strong women, the kind of role models that are most often absent from current films.

Many refer to "Untamed" as a South African version of "Gone With The Wind." This epic adventure-romance begins in the Irish countryside. Tyrone Power stars as a South African Boer leader (Paul Van Riebeck) who has come to County Limerick to buy horses. He's attracted to the beautiful Susan Hayward (playing Katie O'Neill), but quickly returns to South Africa to fight in the Dutch Free State movement. Hayward eventually marries the John Justin character Sean Kildare in Ireland, though deep down she still longs for Power. During the potato famine, the now-pregnant Hayward insists the couple emigrate to South Africa. Hayward ends up having her baby on board the ship. Arriving in Capetown, they join up with a wagon train heading into the African interior, and Hayward captures the attentions of Richard Egan, playing Kurt Hour, leader of the outriders. Egan's mistress Rita Moreno grows jealous and begins to hate Hayward. Here is a point I want to bring up. While Italian and Spanish women may be attractive, I actually think Rita Moreno is a Puerto Rican.

Unfortunately, many of our bretheren, especially in the military, are not marrying White women. Her character is loyal and a good woman to her man, but none of that can change what kids a non-White woman bears you. Looking like an Italian or Spanish woman is not the same as being one.

And, true to life, but politically forbidden in current films, Zulu natives stage a raid on the wagon train. In a modern film, the emmigrants would be saved from starvation and kept from destroying the environment by wise, kind, all-knowing blacks who forgive them for mistreating them. Luckily, this film was made in 1955 and shows native africans doing pretty much all they are capable of. In the middle of the unprovoked attack, Power and his men unexpectedly come to the rescue. On horseback, with guns blazing, steely eyed and showing no fear. We used to raise little boys that play practiced stuff like this every chance they got at recess, but that would now need counseling and indoctrination for such horrendous tendencies. Justin is killed in the fighting, and Power's interest in Hayward is renewed. She is a strong woman who quickly gets over her grieving and goes for her goal, Power the strong man. However, Egan, who turns out to be a longtime friend of Power, makes his own intentions perfectly clear. He thinks Hayward should be his woman.

The homesteaders finally reach the Hoffen Valley under Power's guidance and protection, and celebrate the end of the journey. Hayward makes a pass at Power, which Egan is not too happy about. He attacks Power with his bullwhip, and we are treated to a great fight scene. We do not need "matrix cool" graphics or martial arts demonstrations to buff this fight scence. Power and Egan throw down old school in one hell of a brawl. These are two strong men fighting for a strong woman they both love and want to posses. Here I would like to make a point. If only European-descended men had historically put all their efforts at fighting other peoples instead of other Whites, I believe the world would be a whole lot different.

After dishing out an old-school ass-whupping to Egan, Power settles in with Hayward, though this soon comes to an end. He cannot turn his back on the Dutch cause and leaves, with no idea that Hayward is pregnant with his child. Mad as hell and unable to physically fight back, Hayward makes Egan the foreman for her homestead. Another point to remember, our women can really get out of hand if not paid enough attention to and kept in check. Women want attention, and though they want the good kind of attention, their non-testosterone-enhanced minds figure bad attention is better than no attention. A woman would rather have you pissed off at her and paying her attention than ignoring her. Egan is still interested in Hayward, though she is simply using him and not interested. A storm destroys her home and Egan is badly injured. Hayward gives birth to Power's child, then tricks local natives out of gold and raw diamonds to fund a return to Capetown and her financial independence. Not a very honorable move, but she has no man and kids to feed.

Once again enter Power, and the romance picks back up. Power learns about his child. Angry about her not telling him about his child, Power leaves. He may not be a perfect husband or father, but he is a strong and brave man. Hayward, without his support again and low on finances, goes to the diamond mines in hopes of another score. This is a strong woman that will take care of herself and her children. Unfortunately, she gets captured by bandits led by Egan. Power rides in with his men and kills Egan. Here the point is struck home again. Strong White men laying into each other instead of the others.

Now that White men are not wasting on each other, the Zulus are quickly taken care of, and we have the wondorous start of the Dutch Free State. Unfortunately, we know how that turned out once the populace was left to its own devices again, resulting in child-raping Zulus with AK-47s instead of spears.

Ready to finally settle down, the two can begin their life together. Not the greatest movie ever, but one that highlights our strengths and our flaws, and does not put Africans on a pedastal.


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