Sacramento Revisionist Conference, Conclusion

by Alex Linder

6 May 2004

[Part one here.]

Part Two includes: A discussion of points raised by Bradley Smith, Lady Michelle Renouf, and Mark Weber, along with some closing comments.

Bradley Smith is a soft-spoken liberal with a bit of a Kenny Rodgers air. His calm and gentle demeanor are the diametric opposite of the white-hot truth he disseminates. Smith is famous for his decade-long campaign to place ads seeking debate over the "Holocaust" in campus newspapers. This campaign having reached the point of diminishing returns, he now does speaking events at college campuses related to his book Break Your Bones. He's interested in meeting students who can get campus organizations to sponsor his visit. Bringing Smith to campus would be an excellent project for college students reading this. The student funding mechanisms on campus are almost always controlled by the left, but this is less a matter of suppression than rightist students not getting involved. If you want to agitate for somebody who can bring real debate over fascinating issues, someone who can truly educate students, look him up. His main site is the famous CODOH - Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust here. Smith approached me after his talk, having noticed I'd been taking notes. He's very interested in media coverage. Like Mark Weber and so many in revisionism, he strikes one as a politically principled but personally mild man. In no way is he a racist or even a conservative, rather he strikes me as a 19th-century liberal: a believer in light and free speech allowing the mass of men to make out what is truly going on, and thereby guiding themselves. He doesn't want to force a conclusion on people, but allow them access to the information they need to reach a conclusion on their own. In other words, his approach is pure Aryan; about as far from the jew mindset as it is possible to get.

One reason we should never get discouraged, even though most visible trends are moving in the wrong direction, is that things can change very quickly. And the things we racists say are true. The only way our truths can be prevented from taking over is by continual and heavy suppression, like a powerful spring that the ZOG dare not takes its obese jewrump off. I've cited elsewhere Allen Matusow in The Unraveling of America, a history of the sixties, citing some nigger down south's amazed ejaculation that the black man really could vote, and things wasn't never going back the way they was before.

Things change.

Things change very quickly.

You can be the agent of that change.

What if YOU happened to the world?

The outcome in this world, which is the only world that exists, depends on human action. God is bullshit to make Christian preachers and other shamans rich.


You can bet your decidedly non-everlasting life on that.

The only effect God ever had on the world was enriching the conman who invented "Him."

In 1961, Smith, a bookseller in Hollywood, was put on trial for five weeks for selling Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer. The government said the book ran athwart community standards. Think what a wildly different world we live in 43 years later.

Take the broad view: niggers remain niggers, no matter if the jew runs sitcoms, dramas and "news" shows around the clock claiming they're cosbys. Likewise, jews remain jews - the same "great masters of the lie" and all-around despicable whiners, swindlers and murderers they've been for the last 2,000 years. That isn't going to change. The jews have the lion's share of the power, but more people than ever know their name, thanks to the Internet. Leaders of major countries, as Mark Weber pointed out, now denounce them in public to standing ovations. Racists and revisionists need to organize and promote themselves and their arguments better than they have in the past.

I'm going to emphasize this one more time: 43 years ago, a man was arrested and put on trial for selling smutty literature in the bowels of Hollywood. You want to take a guess what AmeriKwa or anywhere else will look like in 2057?

Smith has now downpeddled or called off his ad campaign, citing "no serious feedback" after nine years and the diminishing quality of the papers accepting the ads. The academy, you see, is controlled. The professors have no balls, the administrations have -- to say it is to laugh. The students are brainwashed and cocksure of things they haven't the slightest idea there's another side to. In what was probably my favorite quote of the conference, Smith said that "the professorial class always sides with the state and against intellectual freedom." Intellectual freedom in these-cum-this United States is not precisely criminalized as it is in Europe, rather it is taboo. No professor will stand up and take the side of an honest liberal championing an alternative, fact-based conception of the events and significance of World War II. For every Kevin MacDonald or Robert Griffin, there are a thousand sinecure-seeking sycophants supporting the state line. Freedom is partly law, but more than law it is a spirit. If it ever existed in the United States, and it probably did at least to some extent among the Founders, it has long since disappeared. Americans are conformists. Not least in the ways they refuse to conform, which are always jew-set politically and mass-marketed commercially. When a girl is wild and independent, it always means she has a tattoo just north of her ass crack, or she flashes her tits when drunk, or she wears her thong outside her jeans. When a male is wild, he's either a great drinker or partier or incontinent in another of the usual, acceptable ways. Rare is the rebellion of a Smith, who refuses to gulp down lies about "Good Wars," and insists on showing respect for the potential of the brainwashed college students who berate him, so deeply lied to they're literally unaware there's another side. The United States is in a bad state. Somewhere, sometime, at some point, somebody decided it was easier to give in than to fight the organized destruction represented by jewry. We all pay the price, and it is the loss of our culture, first, and the annihilation of our genes, last.

In his spring mini-book tour supporting Break His Bones, Smith has found little to praise in students or their professors. After more than a decade of ads and his more recent 'Campaign to Decriminalize Holocaust history,' in lights of its literal outlawing in Europe, he says that students now know about revisionism, and "they think it's nasty." He described students who are "absolutely certain" in their beliefs, yet who have never read the body of literature criticizing the orthodoxy. Through their media the jews were able to present their agenda as kewl and anti-Establishment back in the sixties. Once they'd knocked over the system and established their own, so far from watching the other edge of that blade bite into their hide, they simply kept moving. They actually increased the pace of slitting Aryan throats. They proved so expert in their political organizing and use of media, and so relentless in their seek-and-destroy mission within the academy and without, that every potential source of resistance was rooted out, hounded down, demonized, and, after a few decades, all but nonexistent. Today we have a situation in which the majority of the Aryan population detests what is happening to its country, as measured most directly by its moving away from cities and states overrun with the most heavily promoted shitskins and junglos in history. Yet nary a politician outside of David Duke and Jim Giles even attempts to represent these interests. Potential opposition to the jewish juggernaut has been denied public respect, denied money, more or less outlawed legally. This is our situation. This is our starting point.

Today the academy is completely jewed. There is no administration at any college that will defend the truth about race. There may be an odd lit prof or historian here and there who knows that race is real, and that jews are vipers, but he doesn't talk about these much in exchange for his chance to spread a little more old-school before he dies. America has become one vast echo chamber, and jews have control of the megaphone. All we ever hear is their agenda. AmeriKwa is easily the most propagandized nation in history, and the message it hears is the exact opposite of the truth in nearly every single particular. What I'm saying now is not what Smith would say, he seems a genuine-liberal individualist, but it is true: the success of the jews represents the failure of the Aryan elite to protect themselves, their wives, their children, their neighborhoods -- their people. Until the jews are destroyed, complaining about symptoms, the conservative disease, will get us nowhere. Our problems are most decidedly not discrete facts or causes not taken into account, but systematic, predictable, inevitable results of allowing a coordinated political group-slash-race-cult to control our institutions and destroy us as a people. The jewish race is murdering the White race in America, in Europe, and in Australia. We should respond by physically exterminating the jews, every last one. In the past, when our ancestors wised up to the hymies, they expelled them. This time that expulsion must not be a sweeping out, but a burying under. Aryans cannot coexist with jews, and anybody who tells you they can is a coward or a fool.

Go straight to the top and here's what you find: Harvard admits as many jews as Aryan Christians. Affirmative action, you see, doesn't discriminate against hymies, just Aryans. Harvard employs a jew named Noel Ignatiev who openly advocates the genocide of the White race. This is why I will never back down from calling overtly, publicly and repeatedly for the physical extermination of the jew. That is the only solution to America's and the Aryan West's problems. It is not the complete solution, but short of it, none of the other reforms can be put in place because the jew and his control over the idea industry and the machines of propagation will make it impossible. That is why we at VNN say:


Again, this might not be what Smith say. Nor the IHR organizers. But it most certainly is the implicit message of the conference.

Just look at how Smith has been treated on his tour; the pertinent facts in establishing the context in which he and his books and facts and lectures are received: the JDL shouting him down; professors ranting and wailing at Chico State against his being allowed to talk; campus papers refusing to run ads featuring his book cover; a conference he speaks at being canceled then reconstructed and forced to move around at the last minute. For what? For speaking facts and opinions about history. In America. "The land of the free." The only person who stood up for him was one blonde girl at Berkeley who told the JDL to shut up. And they did. All that is necessary for jews to fail is for Aryan men to do something.

Smith patiently and softly describes a deeply corrupted culture in the West grown out of the need to keep up the pretense that World War II was a good war. We have to believe in the Unique Monstrosity of the Germans, he said, or we'd have to look in the mirror and ask why the good guys burned to death tens of thousands of Germans and Japanese. "Democrats and Republicans did that," he pointed out. The childish, brainwashed American public has no appetite for the truth. We prefer to fire people who take pictures of flag-draped RPG fodder. We grin for our friends as we hover over the pile of naked, humiliated, tortured enemies of Israel, having no real idea what we're doing or why, just knowing if it feels good at the moment, do it, like we learned from public shmuel and televitz and ZOG. Stunned by the mirror, momentarily, before the jews can collect our witz and start the process of rationalizing, we assure ourselves, like all religious cowards, "that ain't us." We're the good guys. No matter what we do. And never doubt that we have a Herculean capacity for ignoring what we don't want to hear. Let me tell you a little home truth, O ye of the flagged SUV: all dumb people think they're smart. And all bad people think they're good. Just as the Christian patriarch was misquoted, and actually said "I believe because I am absurd," Socrates was misquoted. He didn't say "Know thyself," he said "Hate thyself." There's no better way to make yourself palatable to others. The world advances by irony.

If you're a college student reading this, I encourage you to investigate bringing Smith to campus, and using the funding mechanisms that are always available. Do your research. Make your calls. Put together your proposal. Otherwise you'll end up with Hillel pouring out thousands to invite some System kike like David Halberstam, to repeat the orthodox lies about "civil rights." Or you'll get Mathew Shepard's mom, who played here in Kirksville to standing room only, with the good honest gullible Midwestern kids thinking they're getting a front seat for the fire this time.

I cannot overemphasize that YOU are responsible for yourself and the world you live in. If not YOU, WHO? If not NOW, WHEN? The jews ask these questions, and maybe that's part of the reason they're in control: THEY TOOK IT. Well, we must TAKE IT BACK. Only 14 million of these Nose Vipers in the world. 14 million. We've got more than enough Aryn hoes to cut off their heads. Jews can't survive honest competition, and in forcing them to suppress, censor, sue, attempt to intimidate VNN, we reveal the nature they'd rather conceal, we build our own guts and resources, and we learn about ourselves and precisely what it takes to solve the problem they present.

The average person is an idiot and a coward, who has all he can do to make out the party line well enough to comply with it. If you have anything more than that on the ball, you belong to the leadership class. What are you waiting for? A defective, self-important twat like me to tell you what to do? BE A MAN - THINK, ACT, LEAD - TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Seize the initiative, and make the jew waste its time responding to you. Why should the campus kikes at Hillel be allowed to take money out of Aryan pockets to spread jewish lies? Better campus Aryan brigades should take money out of kike pockets and expose the larval hebes to the Aryan-friendly truth. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

"In England, the sea bass is considered a glamorous fish..."

Thus spake the redoubtable and maturely attractive Lady Michelle Renouf, an Australian and commoner by birth, nevertheless a figure deserving of the title due to her superior carriage, learning, artistic and aesthetic achievements, and enunciation. She struck just the right grace note prior to Mark Weber's impassioned conclusion.

While it is easy to attribute nonexistent virtues to attractive women, Renouf struck me as representing genuine English virtue, that rarest quality. The conservatives I shucked my milk tooth among admire England and Churchill uber alles. Even before I knew precisely why, I knew this was wrong. Now I know the facts, but they merely underline the truth. The German is greater than the English. The great honest heroic German, as embodied at this conference by the aging but erect Hans Schmidt of Panzergrenadier fame, is greater, grosser, simpler, and better than island produce. I speak in a general sense, but I believe my generalization is true. I can guarantee you, having studied in Germany, that on anything even close to equal terms the Germans would have defeated America. That is not a judgment on the value of our country, that is a speculation based on the people-ness and organization of Germany vs the got-mine individualism and public-relations values that characterize America - today. The English are a far jewier nation in spirit than Germans, and their very smallness and hypocrisy allowed them to be overcome by jews on their own island, leading them into jealous and self-destructive war against their betters - two times. If they destroyed Germany, it was at the price of destroying themselves. The saddest thing is that, like the Americans, they do not realize what happened. If they had not turned over control to jew-indebted and part-jew-descended Sodden Winnie; if they had signed peace with Germany thereby giving her free reign to destroy the judeo-Soviets, England and Scotland and Ireland today would not be filling up with brown, black, and yellow wogs of all description. There were no White "no-go zones" in Hitler's Europe. Neither was there a single recorded instance of the gang rape of a White girl by colored subhumans where the German nationalists held sway. Virtually all those honest men who had any dealings with those smeared today as "Nazis" found them to be impeccably polite and often quite cultured - see Taki, for instance. You may not be interested in human inequality, British hypocrite, American conservative coward, but inequality is interested in you. Only the jews won World War II, and that is why Hitler and the people who "got" and largely defeated the jews are the most lied about and demonized in history.

Getting back to La Renouf, her awakening to the perils of yiddery came about as a result of luncheon planning. A jewess jewed her about the "tyranny of choice" for her offering guests the choice of pork as well as chicken, since jews don't like pork. Renouf came to see the curious way in which jews see the world through that one small keyhole. It wasn't so much the jew jewing that got her as the scared and give-in-y response of her coterie to this one rancid paranoid woman's aggression. Whence this bizarre force? She investigated...

She calls this 'contrariwise,' I think she said a useage of Lewis Carroll, this practice whereby the jew uses a term to conceal its opposite. As opposed to irony, where you mean the opposite but intend to be understood to mean the opposite, contrariwise means you assert a thing under false cover, thereby to smuggle in your intention without being discovered. Itz a form of verbal swindling. You're essentially drafting off or smuggling the credibility of the concept or symbol in the mind of the listener you hope to fool. The term or symbol becomes a Trojan horse, filled with jewish soldiers waiting to kill you. This works with, say, the American flag, or Lincoln, or 'freedom' or 'democracy,' or any other concept or symbol the sucker holds dear. Think Callahan box, honor and high prices, stuffed with jew Zolinsky cheap-ass auto parts, if you recall your Sophocles, or perhaps it was "Tommy Boy." Always the jew operates this way. It works the negative way too. Whatever you do becomes not freedom or tolerance, but "hate" and "racism." And so, if the jewess wishes to stop you from offering something she doesn't like, YOU become the tyrant - not her. Now, to some extent all people practice this sort of deception, at least a little, because it is human nature to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt in framing our arguments and motives, but jews have raised the deception to a political art form that in my opinion has some genetic basis. They are genetically paranoid and politically long-practiced, making them the most dangerous of enemies. They slither everywhere. Being a jew is like having a universal backstage pass. Political positions are so many masks to fool the goyim, they lack inherent meaning. Their team is the jews. You are not encouraged to notice this. You're encouraged to call them communists or liberals or neoconservatives -- until such time as not even jewish production values can prevent them from becoming unpopular, at which point the jew crab runs naked like sixty for a new shell, and your continued naming him, to use a recent example, "neoconservative" proves that you fall somewhere on the sliding scale between ignorant and anti-semitic. The jew's encounter with Aryans is a political kaleidoscope of labels, positions, and images, as the jew reinvents, repositions, rewraps itself for comeliest presentation and maximum jutility. "Diversity is what we celebrate -- by mixing," says Renouf, giving an example of contrariwise. When the jew insists on only jew-approved food and you want to offer something else, why, YOU are the tyrant, charges Ms Chutzpah T. Rex. Jews are instinctive liars and dissimulators. All they've lived among have noted this pronounced characteristic of the foulest race. The truth remains that "flora and fauna belong best where they flourish."

Renouf was the only speaker to mention Walter Mueller, and defend his attempt to 'raise the standard' of the conference, as she put it. This was charitable, since he did most of the prep work, no matter the thing fell through. It was English, proper, and admirable of her to acknowledge him. One must be wary of making second-rate virtues all-important. Politeness is a second-rate virtue. The feelings of others should be taken into consideration most times, but they should seldom be made the first consideration. We can never know how the other person will feel about anything, and so our Aryan model must be to present ourselves and our case honestly, and go from there. Hypersolicitude for the thoughts and opinions and feelings of others is the most enervating thing in the world. Human interaction can never be all that fluid. Really, nine-tenths of good manners is not talking, with or without sea bass in your mouth. Hypersolicitude leads naturally to hypocrisy and culminates in social climbing, swindling and confidence games. These are notorious vices of the English upper class. The kind of person who would want to be called Lady is Sir is someone very, very likely to do the wrong thing if it is "expected of him." Lady Renouf seems to be the exeception, since there's no social advantage in associating with revisionists, or 'weirdies,' as her friends termed them. Jewry knows these tendencies of English and Aryans and insinuates our culture of civility so it can turns our manners against us by making the truth about itself 'bad form.' To the Englishman far more than the German, the fact that mentioning the non-existence of gas chambers is 'not done' outweighs the fact that gassing itself was 'not done.' When it works to conceal simple facts about race and jews and history by making their expression "rude" or "ignorant" or flat-out illegal, as is the case in most of Europe, the time has come, to cite Aristotle or Patrick Swayze in "Roadhouse," "not to be nice." In matters essential, the truth is never inappropriate. If a Lady can grasp this, it shouldn't be too hard for the rest of us.

In jew-produced AmeriKwa, everything is dislocated. We pretend not to notice that blacks are stupid and violent. Honesty becomes "keeping it real," i.e., copping to the sex/money motives Marx/Freud claim underlie bourgeois propriety. Obnoxiously extruding our personal problems into the lives of others as a way of "being honest" or even helping them, while satisfying our jew-encouraged exhibitionism and self-aggrandizement and perpetual childishness. Maverick spirit is praised only where it profits the jew, which is to say in mass-marketed rebellions encompassing tattoos, belly rings, perforated labia, ear-discs, brands and scarification. Small, ugly acts of pre-set and profitable commercial "wild"-ing. The jew's body ideal is that whatever part can't profitably be scarred or perforated be covered up by expensive gear from a retail jew. Aryan incontinence is "good for jews," and that is why it is praised. Self-control is anti-Semitic, and that is why it is discouraged. The jew brings disorder, disharmony, dishonesty and destruction wherever it alights. Any attempt of yours to segregate mind or body will be interpreted and set on by media and law as racism/anti-semitism/hate. The jews think they own you, "and all subsidiary rights thereto," as Plato or jew Krusty the Clown said the moment Bart appeared vendable.

Regarding the circumstances of the conference, I observe that the Swedes are supposed to have a saying that "worry gives little things big shadows." Because some of the organizers were worried about me, they cut off their nose to spite their face through my disinvitation. The law of karma or unintended consequences kicked in, depriving dozens to hundreds of valuable information, and the organizers of funding. The proper way to go for Taylor and others was to express their concerns among themselves privately, and kick me out of the conference if I behaved inappropriately. Instead they let their baseless fears -- and Jamie Kelso/Elena Haskins' desire to censor others -- get the better of them, and we all paid the price. If we allow Kelsos and Haskinses to determine what we hear, we indeed might as well be a NOW meeting. The last thing race-realism and historical-factualism need are flitabout males and the feminists they cater to deciding who the rest of us will hear.

Renouf sees in Judaism a lovelessness, a concept she took from Wagner, whose relation to jews she wrote a monograph about. I don't know if this monograph is online, but if I come across it, I'll link it. If La Renouf reads this, feel free to send link or copy and I'll get it online. The removal of this monograph, a product of three years of research, from a display at the University of Arizona, was her graduate education in jewings.

Renouf's take on jews is that their whole thing is based on their being favored siblings. Daddy loves li'l jewbyfruit more than the other kids, the Jacob and Esau motif. They are little gods, and the rest of humanity is jealous cattleboys. Jews deserve whatever they want. When their rabbis argue with God, they win. She contrasted Hellenic skepticism with Judaic totalitarianism, per Flavius Josephus, who apparently coined 'judaism' precisely to contrast its doctrines to those of the Greeks. When Renouf said she was an atheist, my ears perked up. What a woman! All this and non-Christian too! I mean, really - one struggles in vain to think of an admirable Christian woman. Mary? She sat by while they offed her kid and did nothing but soak up his blood in towels to sell on ebay. If that were my mom, I'd expect some railing against the dirty kikes who were offing my kid. Well, like mother like son, because Jesus didn't raise a hand in his defense, so why should anyone else? No, Jesus took it lying down or standing up, or however, because he suffered for the world's sins, just like a long-suffering woman. Jesus, mutatis mutandis, was the Elvis of his time, his androgynous sex/martyr appeal drawing both sexes. How many wimpy losers there are, and how they love the exaltation of the ultimate Exemplar of their kind, the passive-aggressive, the Noble Thufferer to end all Noble Thuffererth, to the hero of this world and the nonexistent next. I spit on thee, fools. I AM THE GREAT I...WASH.

Ah, but I stray from the point like a feral cat sniffing flung rock. The most publicly admired Christian woman in recent decades was Mother Teresa. I always smile when I hear that name. A more perfect symbol of what is loathsome and degraded about humanity in general but Christianity in particular could not be designed by God or computer. An ugly old woman making mud pies in the gutter - ugh, what a loathsome thing. Truly, the best case FOR the jews and AGAINST the Aryan race is that it so regularly throws up, and that is the right term, sick altruists who wallow in shit and misery like human pigs. The Turd World produces an endless anti-cornucopia of shit, and augmenting suffering by aiding its reproduction is admirable only to the kind of losers who leave crosses by the roadside and teddy bears stuck in chain-link fences. Wal-mart shoppers, blue-light specials, primeval soupers -- whatever you want to call them, these are the forces of devolution. To say that Mother Teresa is admirable is to exalt the ugliness and antipathy to reasoned thought she Halloween-masked as altruism. If you admire Mother Teresa, you need to take your Aryan brain into the shop for a value change.

Mother Teresa, quintessential godswoman: ugly as Hell, performing perverse work in the name of everything Holy. Cheered on by billions of nescient nerfmen.

Lady Renouf -- HOT, learned, graceful, DEFENDING THE TRUTH against lies -- in the teeth of the most malevolent force the world has ever seen. Cheered on by comparative handfuls of honest racists, revisionists and atheists.

Again, I ask, not at all rhetorically: why be a Christian when you can be a man? or a woman?

Returing to the general theme, into our beautiful Aryan culture where honest men seek the truth, and allow other honest men to debate them and speak against their points, the jews extrude their anti-words, their suppressions, their physical threats. If we don't have light, as Bradley Smith says to students, "we have only what the professors tell us." And we all know the average professor is worthless mulch. He might lose his parking space, or his appointment to teach the semiotics of Gilligan's Island at the "University" of Northeast Southcentral Michigan if he peeped up for the truth. Go bluebottles! Beat those earwigs!

Renouf points out that Judaism offers a very "seductive forumla," with its central proposition that we are Gods making our heroic way against evil undeserving oppressing others. Judaism is exclusive and malocclusive in itz orientation toward humans. And this isn't theoretical - watch the kike comedians or really anything on Comedy Central where the jewish spirit flickers eternal. You might think somebody, somewhere, out of boredom if nothing else, would get tired of shitting on White people, but he never does, or at least it never makes it to tv. I wonder if the rabbi who beat god called him a hater? "Oy, yes, it is true you created us special among the dirty goyim, but the fact that we must live among them at all shows that even You, Jehovah, are not entirely free of anti-Semitism, O Yahweh." It is anti-Semitic to deny that the existence of non-jews is inherently anti-Semitic. Suffice it to say that it alone is determinative of chrissler stupidity that the Chrislings regard the least prepossessing of peoples as 'the apple of His eye.' No god but a god the jews created would choose them.

Renouf emphasized that Judaism, per Wagner, is loveless. Jews can do nothing but 'destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.' Think of their 'electing a new people,' in Brecht's term, by means of open borders, and the way all jews, left or right, defend this insane state of affairs. Any non-jewish people which tries to protect its nation is denounced by those very same racist jews as "racist," while Israel builds walls twice as high as Berlin's to prevent admixture. The people of the double standard destroy everything goyish they touch.

Lady Renouf made the interesting point that jews are obsessed not just with loving themselves but with needing to be hated by others. They only make sense center stage, whether it's cheering or rotten tomatoes coming at them. This I believe is true. Anti-Semitism of the emotional kind comforts them. There are many quotations I could dig up establishing this point. They don't like criticism, but it confirms them in their self-importance, rather like a letter to a feckless Lewpustule. Jews are the solipsistic race. It drives them nuts when people like the Germans ignore them. LR said the Germans "disregarded the jews. And they're raised to think anti-Semites envy jews." She discussed this point in reference to her battle to display her monograph on Wagner and the jews, and the way in which her insistence on viewing her jew opponent as an obstacle rather than fetish of loathing drove it nuts, or nutsier. "Jewish identity requires envy," she said.

If you believe that your type were the only people with souls, you'd probably be, like the jews, dangerous to yourselves and all around you. The jewish scriptures, such as they are, were probably written by psychopaths. They teach jews to infiltrate goyish nations and steal their wealth: "Israel shall enrich itself and shall boast of itself in the gentile nations," quoted Renouf. Judaism, she emphasized, is not a religion, but a political organization pursuing material, territorial goals. This was reinforced strongly by Weber in his concluding remarks, in which he described attending a public meeting at a synagogue in Newport Beach, and how rabid, organized and agenda-driven the jews came across to the goy outsider. Renouf is quite right that jews are in effect wolves among sheep, the sheep being Christians. The one place she's wrong is insisting that Judaism is not genetic but cultural. That simply is not the case. Research has demonstrated conclusively that jews are an inbred subset of Arabs, related to one another far more than the Europeans whose societies they infiltrate. Perhaps they are not properly speaking a race, but certainly they are a racial subgroup. That is, they are not simply followers of a parasitical, psychotic program, but hard-wired for paranoia, pettifogging and all-around, general-purpose petulance and perniciousness.

As for solutions to our Jewish problem, Lady Renouf belongs to a group of 'defenders of the realm' in Britain - some sort of collective defending the British constitution against the EU. "I would like to see all of us defend our constitutions," she said. "That is the cleanest way to go." Thatz a start, although I highly doubt there's a clean, emotionally neutral way to defeat the jews. When you wrestle with pigmen, you're going to get dirty. Put on your hipboots, Lady, because there's NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

The Globalization of Jew-Crit

Liars, fabulists and Aryan-haters such as jew Daniel Goldhagen, defamer of Germans, Catholic Church, all Aryans, are now popularizing through the controlled media the concept of the 'globalization of anti-Semitism.' Anti-Semitism, of course, being nothing more than someone pointing out facts about jews they don't want publicized. Mark Weber hit on the evolving international situation in his concluding remarks, mentioning Mahathir in particular, and the indication of a new global openness to jew-crit, thanks to the copious murders of the Likudniks and the overreaching of their ass-sucking professional apologists here in the States. Phraseology mine, of course. Weber is a very careful, cautious type of brave man. He wisely responded to a question about his sister joining a kibbutz. If I recall he affirmed it was true, and that at one point she had considered or begun to convert to Judaism. By answering the question he mostly defused it. The key to me is not what his sister does, or even necessarily his own background, but that his facts are straight and that he's an honest man. He comes across that way. His peroration was excellent. Unlike his opening remarks, he grew close to emotional, and that is very much where all this must head if it is ever to become effective. The facts are fill-in. Once they're established, it matters whether we have heart enought to act on them. The average Aryan will never care enough to be a revisionist. He'll follow those using the facts revisionists unearth depending on the level of commitment he senses in us. Arguments don't go that far. Anyone who really cares about the truth can find it fairly easily, even under the worst dictatorship. The cobbling of a force that can punish the world-historical liars ought to be our main concern, not the academic search for truth. Our case is made. The jews know that better than many of us do. We don't need to prove, we need to organize and fight. In a way, revisionism is similar to animal preservation groups. Each society protects its treasured species, while each revisionist protects his precious set of historical facts. Valuable as these groups are, they're both rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic. If the White race goes down, historical truth and all the sexy mammals go down with it -- because jews and coloreds don't and never have given a damn about either one. Save the Aryans, people. That is your true cause, Ranger Rick and Ranger Revisionist. Too many of you continue foolishly to look askance at racists. Read up on the Nazis and their environmental policies and historical researches. You might be surprised what you find.

Weber began his ending with some comments on the term revisionism, which he says connotes 'the distortion of history to advance an agenda,' as opposed to its true meaning of taking a second look in order to see more clearly. In any case, revisionism is not the optimal term. It fails in ways similar to 'libertarianism' - mainly, in that it sounds small instead of big. It sounds like some greenshade remonstrating about some budget figures: "Excuse me, sir. Actually that's not precisely correct." Kind of like the fat guy whining about staplers in the movie "Office Space." This is HUGE, TREMENDOUS, WORLD-CHANGING stuff here, not niggling details. It demands that treatment - politically. For writing, facts aligned and arguments marshaled will suffice. And this is the irony of "our" situation, with us unsure who "we" are. The revisionists fear associating with WN, who might not be as scholarly as old or as polite. Fair enough. But how does revisionism become politically effective? The facts dug up by IHR revisionists show pretty clearly that the jews are going to have to have a mudhole stomped in their ass before they give up lying and murdering. At least thatz my "take": the jew vampire needs a stake. I don't think there's one attendee at that conference who would disagree, although many might not say it publicly.

I don't know what the solution to our woes is except in general terms. We need more men, minds and money to defeat the oppressing jews. How do we attract these? By moderating our message? By speaking politely and factually to the exclusion of emotional and charismatic appeals? I don't think that will work. But I don't have any guaranteed answers...yet. It seems foolish not to use every means at our disposal since our enemy never delimits himself in any way. Guns for gunfights, but only if we don't have atom bombs.

Weber talked about the U.S.'s recognition of Israel, lamenting that the circumstances around it are not better known. The recognition was in doubt up to the very last minute -- the recognition was written in pen! -- and was driven NOT by the interests of the nation, which lay very much against it, but by the internal needs of the Democratic Party. Truman needed jew votes, so he did something the pertinent advisers and most of his own people knew was NOT IN THE INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. And that led to fifty years of hell and counting... If a man tells you that Israel is America's friend, he's either a jew, a liar, or dupe. America was liked better than any colonial power in the Middle East before Israel; now it is hated pretty much across the board. Is Israel worth it? Only in the jewpapers, I mean newspapers. Weber described our recognition of Israel as "the original sin of American foreign policy," and pointed out that Truman later wrote that on no other issue had he come in for such pressure and blackmail as recognizing the jewish colony. As Truman was very specifically and correctly advised by men who knew the situation first-hand from many years of diplomatic service:

"To recognize the state of Israel will demean the office of the President of the United States."

And so it was, is, and will be -- as long as American politicians cower before the shylocks and rothschilds.

Turning from the Original Sin, Weber cited the various facts about the jewing of America, with proportions similar to or higher than jews in Weimar Germany. The media filled with attacks on Aryans and their values; jews occupying the courts and papers. The situation in Kwa 2004 is if anything "Worse Than Weimar," to make a phrase. Weber points out that jews are a 2-3% minority, yet they have more power than: Catholics, Whites, Baptists, Mormons, what have you. The effect is that permissible debate is the spectrum between Labor and Likud. If the jews are agreed on a question, any other position is anti-Semitic. Disagreement with jews is on its face illegitimate. Per Renouf's point, the jews are natural born and enculturated totalitarians. How they make their way in the world, itz. You'll note that recently John "Kohn" Kerry denounced as defamatory the claim he was only 99% pro-Israel. He is in fact 100% pro-Israel, but only because it is technically impossible to be 101% pro-Israel. When that barrier is broken, he will move immediately to ensure 101% compliance with the edicts of Zion. "Land of the free," I missing something?

Nah. "Land of the free" is perfect 'contrariwise.' A free land does stuff, says stuff, without thinking about it. Does that describe America? Or does: a nation in which every syllable out of its residents' mouths is tripled-checked for compliance with political edicts, the source of which is unclear, but the enforcement of which is unmistakeable.

Despite all this coercion, all these lies, all this suppression...there's hope, now more than ever. Said Weber:

"Israel has no reliable friends anywhere but in the U.S. If that slips, it's finished."

Break that support down, and most of that support comes from men who don't know they're being lied to - the Scoffield millions, disabused, had they been present to hear, by earlier speaker Chuck Carlson of We Hold These Truths.

And so, as the long day's lessons begin to sink in, and become a part of us, one comes to see that the jews are super strong -- yet paper thin.

One sees why the jews were so eager to prevent this conference from taking place.

One sees why the local paper, the Sacless B, ran a story on the day after the conference about local sons of nazis making up to jews, rather than printing the truths that emerged from this conference of persecuted Aryans.

One sees that, from the jew's point of view, simple exposure -- publicizing of the facts about the race cult, its history and methods of operation -- truly is anti-Semitic. For to know the jew is to loath him. The political upshot of that loathing begins with expulsion and ends with extermination. Which is indicated, if we take the jews as a social disease. Boy, oh boy, is it 'indicated.'

Oh, how nice it was to flip by Dennis Miller last night and see how deflated he looked. We have to remember that all these goys supporting jews aren't suckpoops, a lot of them are just stupid. Although the jews are quick with the rationalizations, a lot of Americans are starting to sense that, hey, maybe all these piles of dead and tortured bodies don't amount to anything good. Maybe we aren't exactly storing up treasures in heaven by our actions. Maybe we're being, gasp, lied to. Again, as Weber emphasizes, the Arabs and Europeans already know the name and nature of Israel. Only the Americans -- some Americans -- don't grasp what the jewish media and money manipulators are up to. Perhaps Carol Ward is right in saying that every day the jews make fresh enemies, and once these folks understand the nature of the jew, there's no going back. The Internet is Hoffman glasses for the masses, and that is why jews try to shut it down.

Judaism, for the uninitiated, is not a religion, it is a race-cult and highly functional political organization. It is a hate group, and what it hates is the truth and all non-jews. Judaism teaches jews that they are gods, and all the material goods of the world belong to them, no matter who actually owns them. When this curious group of paranoid parasites encounters non-cultists, it generates exactly the reaction you'd predict. And immediately starts shrieking "hate," "anti-semitism" -- anything that will discourage The Other from fighting back. The jews prey on humanity. It is time humanity banded together as one and beat them down for all time.

Itz getting ridiculous, our association with this dangerous racist hate state called Israel. We're starting to see votes at the UN that come out 144-4, where nobody but our island buddies Micronesia and Marshall Islands side with us and the shitty little nation. The jews who aren't dying on the front line, you'll notice, assure the AmeriKwan fool that the rest of the world hating him is nothing to worry about. Hell, we've got Superjew on our side. Cheering us on through the megaphone. Ask Ryan Campbell about that. Who's Ryan Campbell? Let me quote the Kirksville Daily Express:

Sgt. Ryan M. Campbell, 25, a noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Army 1st Armored Division and graduate of Truman State University, died along with seven other members of his unit while removing roadside bombs from a highway south of Baghdad.

His mom said, "He's supposed to be home now. He called me twice [on Wednesday]. His last words were 'I'll be back in July.'"

Oh well. Easy come, easy go. As long as Israel and jews-in-America are safe, nothing else really matters. We who are about to be used salute you, King Jew.

Those aren't jews coming back in those caskets people get fired for taking pictures of, folks. Those are yous. People just like you, if not you. Wake up, fellow Aryans. You're being used. By jews. For their interests. Against your own. That simple, itz.

You who fear to say boo to a flea in a yarmulke are going to take on the entire world? I don't think so. Not for long. Not with good results. No matter what Dennis Miller says with that foolish, high-pitched laughter. What good did the Campbell family get out of Iraq, Mr. Miller? I don't recall Iraq attacking Kirksville. That little fact seems to disappear in the jew-produced hullabaloo, but I think it's worth clinging to.

The jews lie. White boys die.


All good, honest men of whatever nationality are in a global war with the jews dictating the way to a New World Order in which all non-jewish nationalities disappear. Either the jew goes, or we go. Those are the stakes. There is only one conclusion the rest of the world can live with:

No Jews. Just Right.

* * *

POSTSCRIPT: Somewhere in AmeriKwa...

Eli Rosenbaum gets a cost of living adjustment paid out of the pockets of White taxpayers so he can continue to persecute old White men even more comfortably...

Discovery channel producers plot out the next three episodes of "hate" in America, using special demonization lists prepared by the criminals of the ADL...

One of Stalin's jewish henchmen responsible for murdering millions of Ukrainians boards a flight from Miami Beach back to Tel Aviv, paid for out of the pockets of the Aryan-American taxpayers...

Editors at the Sacramento Bee convene around a meeting table to discuss whether it is best to ignore the "Holocaust" factualist conference that will take place in two weeks, or to run a feature on "hate" coming to Sacramento -- in conjunction with the two-yarder on local "survivors" visiting schoolkids in conjunction with their state-manadated Anne Frank studies...

A kid named Johnson from your neighborhood gets blown up by Hassan X, crazed with grief over the murder of his father and destruction of his family's home outside Fallujah...

An ad team from Fopstein & Glitzer prepares a new campaign for IBM featuring uncool young white men just not getting it...

A young jewish ESPN copywriter inserts a "cinco de Mayos" reference into the highlights to remind us we're one world in sports and sex and beer and not opposing the jew's miscegenation-built NWO agenda...

Some German-American cowards compose a groveling letter to the ADL and hire a security company to post men on their grounds on a pleasant Saturday morning, with the special request that these security guards be non-White...

125 people meet in an undisclosed location to discuss factual history and the force that produces all of the above...

Topeka's city council of white cowards prepares a resolution to denounce men who will assemble to encourage the protection of White rights and White interests, even though they know that integration puts their own daughters at risk of rape by the black teen down in Georgia who got off court-free, or the other negro arrested in Oklahoma who may have infected 170 with HIV or the two in Wichita with five white kills already to their credit...

If Ireland is the home of saints and scholars, and if Germany is the home of poets and philosophers, then AmeriKwa is the home of slaves and suckers. One nation under Israel, with tax slavery and censorship for all.

The jew controls the United States, friend. The rest of the Aryan world, too. He does it by buying politicians and producing the global media. He uses these tools to promote at every minute of every hour of every day historical myths that serve his agenda by inculcating guilt in the Aryan, thereby placing him in financial and moral thralldom to the jew -- eternally.

What this conference showed me, the first-time attendee, is that the character of the folks called revisionists is high. The men whose speeches I've outlined are honest. Their facts are in order. Their cases are made. They have the truth, and they are hated, hounded, and harassed for persisting in speaking it. These genuine victims are persecuted by jews and bought officials because what they say is true.

But truth alone is not enough. The truth, as it has been said, will not prevail without a sword at her side.

It is time, after 2,000 years, to stop being amazed at the nature of the jew -- and forge that sword.


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