A Hitch in Our Git Along

by Edgar Steele

4 May 2004

"Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little dogies, It's your misfortune and not of my own." --- Get Along Little Dogies, Cowboy Ballad, Author Unknown

"Why cans't wes all jist git along?" --- Rodney King

Can We Talk?

This will be a more personal communique than those to which you have grown accustomed from me. It has been festering here inside me, however, and I simply must get it off my chest.

There is a consistent theme to these ponderings of mine: raising the alarm about the ruling cabal now astride America and leading her into the abyss. This affords me all manner of things about which to write, since members of this cabal, and its lackeys, are found beneath virtually every rock one might occasion to turn over.

My mission is to awaken others, offering suggestions as to how to cope and prepare, while we await the coming meltdown. What "Others?" Those not yet fully aware. Those who see no problems at all. Those who confuse symptoms with problems. Those who inadvertently are the problem. They, we, are everywhere. Even in "the Movement."

My core target audience consists of average, normal White Americans: house, kids, mortgage, job, church, bills, little league, etc. The people paying the bills, shopping, working, doing the pointless voting and, in the main, doing the dying overseas. The ones being bled dry. The ones being deluded by the media.

How do I know? Because you tell me so...in droves.

The Average Conspiracy Pen Pal

You don't like affirmative action, racial quotas and racial preferences. You don't like illegal immigration. You don't like our jobs being outsourced to India and our factories moving to China. You don't like the obvious increases in inner-city crime and, especially, the establishment of "no-go zones" for White Americans in our cities. You favor equal opportunity for all, not the equal outcome that minorities have come to demand. You resent racial quotas. You think affirmative action's time has come and gone. You are afraid you might have become a racist, though you admit that suspicion to few, including your family.

You don't like the increasingly-obvious corruption at all levels of government and corporate America. You are particularly uneasy about the growing size of American government. Increasingly, you don't like our Middle Eastern adventures and the fact that it really seems to be about Israel. You are appalled by the stories now creeping through the Internet about atrocities being committed by American and British troops against Iraqi civilians. In particular, you are concerned for your children, in direct proportion to how close they might be to draft age.

You cheered the success of the movie, "The Passion of the Christ," even those of you not particularly religious, and were taken aback by the vitriol unleashed against it by Jews around the world. You are well aware of the media control that exists, which is why you read fewer newspapers and watch less network news.

You are starting to wake up.

Even so, you do not belong to any organizations more controversial than the Elks Club. You view with disdain and suspicion those to whom I refer as being in "the Movement," even myself, to a degree. But you still are listening. You are uncomfortable with my assault upon Jewish and Christian Zionists, but you grudgingly admit I have a point.

Sound familiar? The vast majority of those on this list slip into several of the categories just listed. Most view me as being pretty radical but thank me for giving voice to suspicions and beliefs they increasingly harbor. I tailor my writings to what the traffic will bear - and, let me tell you, it will bear a great deal more than it did just a couple of years ago, which is what accounts for the obviously heightened rhetoric on my part, of late.

Movement People

A much smaller segment of this list also views me as being pretty radical, albeit from the other direction - you are members of what I call "the Movement," a loose coalition of people and groups who are racially aware, politically dissident and anxious to do something about undoing the coup that has taken place in America over the past forty or so years.

Movement people are the ones who repost my articles around the world, some translating them into their native tongue for distribution in their own country, and who are kind enough to welcome me into their forums and invite me to speak at this or that event. They are the only ones with anything organized in opposition to the ruling cabal.

We are all Americans

My heart is in both camps, to tell the truth, for we are all Americans, deeply concerned for the welfare of our families, the future of our country and, to my way of thinking, separated only by how much of the truth has seeped into our respective consciousnesses. Every day, I get emails from among the first group of list members described above, telling how the lights just went on for them - those are the messages I live for and thrive upon, the ones that tell me I am touching lives and making a difference. They are my payment.

Poor Me

As you may know, I belong to no organizations. I seek no followers. I ask for no donations. In exchange for these writings, I ask only an open mind and a brief indulgence. In my own way, I am trying to make a difference, to touch lives. I think I am doing that and, for that, I am grateful.

I get very little hate mail or disapproval. Except for the occasional lunatic Jewish email, it comes from the other side of the aisle, the Movement members, because I am perceived as not being extreme enough for their tastes. They are right, of course. In particular, my family keeps me well grounded in Middle America, for which I am thankful.

Because I defended the Aryan Nations, skinheads thought I was a skinhead in drag for the longest time, then angrily denounced me when they learned otherwise. Interestingly, their vitriol was initiated by a Jewish disruptor posing as one of them, a fellow named Zimmerman, whom we tracked to New York's upper East Side.

Fundamentalist Christians condemn me for taking a stand against Zionists of every stripe, especially Jews, and, of all things, for ridiculing those who condemn the Harry Potter childrens' books.

Christian Identity adherents and right-wing whack jobs condemn me for refusing to preach that blacks are the literal offspring of Satan and, most recently http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/columns/pcpi.htm , for not demanding that all homosexuals be shot on sight, even the ones that can't be seen, oddly enough.

It's not enough that I preach racial separation from Blacks, Mexicans and Jews for reasons of physical and fiscal safety and that I support my beliefs with an articulable rationale rooted in reality, which nobody else does. I am supposed to hate every race, for no rational reason whatsoever. For this failing, I am occasionally labeled enemy by some Movement members, if you can believe it.

To many in the Movement, it is not enough that I have put my money, my life, my reputation and my family's safety on the line to defend those as politically incorrect as Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations. It isn't enough that I defend the free speech rights of everybody else, almost all of whom have beliefs with which I personally disagree. Oddly enough, I am not supposed to have beliefs of my own which are contrary to their own.

Though I have given thousands of hours pro bono (for free) to defend and advise the politically incorrect and have thereby abandoned all hope ever of earning a living as a lawyer again, for some I am not committed enough to "the cause." Why? Because I don't think exactly like they do. And a multiplicity of factions in the Movement expect this of me, to the exclusion of their many enemies within the Movement itself.

I relate the foregoing for a reason, and it is not to generate sympathy.

Here's the shocker: despite all the negatives I just outlined, I still get along with far more of those in the Movement than almost anybody else. Imagine how some must feel.

Here's the Hitch

As I said recently at the IHR Conference http://www.internationalrevisionistconference.com/ in Sacramento, if we can't afford VNN http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/ and Alex Linder their full and unfettered right to free speech, then how can we in the Movement really expect the same from the rest of America or the world? That very call for tolerance actually provoked an outbreak of condemnation from some Movement members during the following conference break!

The common, ongoing Movement wail is, "Why don't ordinary people listen to us? Why aren't we taken seriously? Why don't people want to be associated with us?" And the questions are genuine, asked with no guile, which is only slightly short of amazing to me. I know these people are the very same ones that go to work with the larger segment of this list, who play with you, pray with you and shoot the breeze with you. How could they be so out of touch? Of course, they and I say the same about the unawakened, you know.

The gang that couldn't shoot straight - that's how I have referred to the Movement many times in the past. Is it any wonder why?

There seemingly is no way that I can win with some in the Movement, folks. Is there any serious reason to wonder why ordinary folks, the backbone of this list, look askance at those of us in the Movement? If you can't accept me for my positives, despite my perceived negatives, let alone all the other, far more radical, factions in the Movement, how can ordinary America ever feel comfortable with you? Friendship is accepting another despite his or her deficits, not because they are just like you.

The Git Along

So, you in the Movement want to change America? Fine. I applaud you. I will do my part, to be sure. But, we all simply must find a way to get along. Given the vitriolic nature of what is said and done on a daily basis by so many, I certainly understand why many in the Movement can't get along with each other. That is the problem, of course. I submit that if you can't get along with each other, then you surely aren't going to be able to get along with the average American. Do I hear an "Amen, brother" out there from average America, by the way?

The Hitch in the Hitch in our Git Along

In fairness, I must acknowledge the presence of federal and ADL disruptors. They are common to all dissident organizations. Often, I sometimes think there are more of them in any given room than honest adherents. Look around and identify those who lash out most often at every person who attains prominence in the Movement, always attempting to divide us and bring low those who seem the most effective. Simple logic tells you who the paid disruptors are, doesn't it? Especially, look at those without apparent means of support; people with no apparent personal support group, like a family. They can, and should, be shouted down and cast aside.

The Bad News...er, I Mean the Good News

Everybody hereabouts now knows that I believe America is teetering on the edge of the abyss. When it falls in, I expect the country to head toward a breakup, largely along racial lines. That is when our real leaders will emerge and the real groups that will reform New America will arise. Many in the Movement believe they will be the leaders then. I have some bad news for you folks.

You in the Movement and I will be swept aside in a rush, for being out of touch and irrelevant. New America's leaders and organizations will be formed from ordinary Americans by developing events, just as leaders always have been swept up by circumstance. We are deluding ourselves if we think we have the message for America that will be taken to heart and thereby cause us to be carried to leadership by popular acclaim.

We can't get along with each other even during the best of times. In light of that fact, I suppose my message that we won't be the leaders when the wheels come off actually is the good news.

New America. An idea whose time has come.


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