Objections to Christianity

by National Socialist

3 MAY 2004

-Christianity is not a European-derived or original Aryan religion. My ancestors weren't Christians, and I have no reason to be. I don't know whether or not there is a God, but if there is, he didn't create my people as Christians. Christianity is semitically-derived religion and does not belong in Europe.

-Christianity and the Old Testament are made up. The history of the bible is thrown together out of scattered mythology from many cultures, belonging to the peoples among whom the Jews had lived during their early history.

-Christianity is universalistic. It creates a false identity in place of the racial identity created by nature. It is a religion that belongs to no people. It postulates one God for all. Instead of strengthening the separate peoples and their identities it weakens them. It takes away their racial instincts and sense of nationalism.

-Christianity was introduced to Rome by subversive elements. Jewish agitators spread the anti-militaristic doctrine at a time when Rome and the Jewish people were at war. Instead of proselytizing in their own lands to their own people they deceptively brought it to Rome, where it would harm the national spirit and increase racial dissolution.

-Originating in a foreign and hostile people and brought to the western world with hostile intentions, it was then taken up by various emperors after they'd achieved a level of popularity, and used to pacify the disparate masses of the empire, to ease the tension and make ruling the people easier. It made sense as a universal Roman religion to replace the various and distinct national religions of the many subject peoples, and thereby to secure Roman rule even as Roman military power declined. In this way the German people were converted to the Roman religion, as well as the remaining Celts, the Slavic, Balkan, Byzantine, Greek and Egyptian peoples, etc. Only the rise of Islam put an end to this unnatural situation, driving a wedge between the European and Afro-Asian world. We should be ever grateful for this wedge and hope that it remains forever.

-The Roman doctrine was thrown together in a sloppy manner and various contradictory claims caused internal dissent in the church almost immediately, and eventually caused large-scale rebellion, massive civil war and bloodshed, destroying large portions of our race.

-It is simply untrue. People should taught to be logical, to see the world with clear and unbiased eyes. The scientific spirit should be encouraged, the desire to learn and understand the world must be instilled. To the extent that the people are not able to understand nature, they should be taught to respect and revere it. They must never turn away from it and create false idols and imaginary gods in its place.

-Mythology and religion are not to be believed literally. There is no supernatural or magical world. However, religious teachings can be a valuable and desirable influence, if designed and structured properly. Religion should be made to appeal to the better nature of man and inspire in him ideals. It should promote health and physical beauty. It should strengthen the national spirit and the increase feeling for one's race.

-Religion must affirm nature, not contradict it. Thus, it should aim to strengthen the racial identity of peoples, as created by nature, rather than weaken them. Christianity denies nature. It erects false barriers where none belong (as between sects) while tearing down natural ones (as between races).

-A religion develops naturally in a people. It reflects the inner character of the people and is suited to their needs. The pagan Gods were the protectors of the nation. The priest who spoke for the Gods also stood in the front lines in battle. The priesthood often also constituted a warrior class. The national religion was built to serve the nation.

Christianity created opposite conditions. Instead of protecting the people from external enemies, it created internal conflicts and caused needless bloodshed. In times of real wars, the church stood at the forefront of sedition and treason, unless it saw some advantage for itself. It caused civil wars in order to spread its grasp over peoples.

-Christianity disregards all other institutions: the nation, the state, and the God-ordained institution of race, and is loyal only to its own power. Religion should always serve the interests of the people. It should always be shaped and molded by the true leaders of the people, not by foreigners. Otherwise, it is not religion, but slavery.

-Christianity was forcefully imposed upon our ancestors by foreigners. It spread in just the same way as Islam, by brute force and mass murder. It neither developed naturally with the people nor was it given to them in their own interests by their own leaders. It was forced upon them by enemies. Many thousands of the best people who resisted were slaughtered, along with the keepers of the native faith. Scientific and philosophical progress came to a halt. Libraries were burned and destroyed. History was falsified and the study of nature banished.

-Christianity originated in the Semitic world, among Jews, the first of many harmful universalistic dogmas originating with this group. Its original intent was that of Bolshevism: Jewish demagogic leadership of the masses and dissolution of national identity of other peoples. It then became a petrified institution, primarily interested in its own power, much like the post-Jewish Soviet Union, ruled by Popes as the other was by Party Secretaries. Just as Bolshevism, universalistic Christianity is the enemy of all peoples.

While it blesses the marriages of Negroes and Whites, ships in converts from the third world and installs them in the pulpits across America, in a shameful attempt to ingratiate itself with America's new masters, it at the same time abandons the White world to it's fate without even putting up a fight for our people, and looks for greener pastures in the non-white world, where it sees a future for itself.

Well, good riddance. We don't need it, never did. It's time for a serious worldview, a grown up world view, and the coming fight for our existence will be the baptism of fire for that new worldview, and, I believe, the final parting of ways for our race and this wayfaring Semitic creed and its clerical hangers-on.

Some sentimentalists would like to make something viable out of Christianity. I don't think it will matter. If we manage to make it out of this century alive we'll have done it without Christianity. A new worldview will be forged out of our struggle, a truly European worldview. For that we can all hope.



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