"Surely There's Nothing Wrong with a Little Revisionism on Our Time"

by Alex Linder (photo credits: Rich Brooks)

1 May 2004

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Sacramento revisionist conference came off with many a hitch, disseminating solid information and fruitful networking opportunities for all.



4/23/04, FRIDAY

It never ends. It never begins. Itz seamless. I check the PO one last time before hitting the road for K.C. As I'm driving up Jefferson, a Collin Raye song I've never heard before comes on. "World History 101" is a poor man's day-late, dollar-short effort to reprise Darryl Worley's "Have You Forgotten?" chart-topper, in which the songwriter opposes Patriots willing to Fight and Die for king and country, or kike and New World Order, as you and I might see it, with pusillanimous pukes who say violence isn't the answer. It's too complex, of course, for a country song to acknowledge that a government war could be wrong, or that there might be good reason skeptically to inspect the folks screaming and waving flags and calling terrorists anybody who refuses to get in line.

In time of war, country singers side with the state, just like those holes of ass we call college professors. From Merle Haggard's "Fighting Side of Me" back in Vietnam, disagreement with the goverment is always equated with "running down the country." It's a point worth making that the people who produce jew Redstone's Country Music Television and AIPAC's Zionist Occupational Government share genes and values -- and that includes making fun of the fools who slop the hee-hawgs, even as they cut them royalty checks. Shame on you, suckpoops of song.

As we say, when you subcontract your thinking, you subcontract your freedom. So now our country music is ultralite as a fishing pole; the perfect music to go with Bud Lite and our airstreamed kultur in general. No edges, everything semitized and softened and rounded for Big Jew's protection. Country has become cuntry. For and by women of both sexes. Musak by another name. It's technically perfect, to be sure -- like everything else in our rotten society -- but that doesn't make up for the listener's loss of faith in the singer's ability to convey genuine experience, given the political constraints we all operate under. You can see the fear in the singers' eyes when they're interviewed, that they'll slip up and praise another singer imperfectly, or emit something crossing the jew's agenda. They know as well as news actors or paper editors that nothing against the jew's agenda may be written or sung. This is AmeriKwa; we toe the line here. Cuntry-MTV means wide-eyed circle-jerks on CMT, where each singer competes with the last to be more fulsome in his praise of whatever jew-concoted topic or singer is up. Garth Brooks's "The Thunder Rolls" is hugely courageous for addressing the "issue" of cheating men beating women. How about a song about women being lying, scheming, manipulating, stupid, petty cunts full of opinions and sperm from a thousand maniacs, and running off with the singer's legitimate children thanks to our jewed-out courts? Unthinkable. How about a song about the frustrated White male on the verge of suicide because his wife met a new stud and took off with his kids, leaving nothing but a forwarding address for his paychecks? Do you remember country when country wasn't kewl? Where are the "outlaws" who will write and sing about these things?

Anyway, guess what "World History 101's" first example of necessary violence is? Oh, you don't really need to guess, now, do you? Of course not. Yes, that's right: the "Holocaust" has come to country. Now we can't even listen to country music without being lectured on the biggest lie in the history of humanity. Oh, but don't worry. Collin tells us he's "done his homework." Funny, 'cause I didn't see Collin at the Revisionist show. Which is too bad. He'd have learned he don't know nuthin'. "It ain't what you don't know, it's what you know that just ain't so," as one famous Missourian said.

But I appreciated Mr. Raye's providing a nice little lead-in for my article. If you haven't realized it yet, this is going to be one discursive mofo, chock full of rich creamy nougat, letz hope. I recall driving through St. Louis with a friend, and stopping at a corner. I mentioned to him that I needed a perfect example of boolie behavior to amplify the attack in my article. A boolie threesome proceeded to ambu-ma-late toward the intersection. The tension grew. I prayed to my atheist god the boolie would do something burrific. I almost became a Buhliever when the dusky in short pants, upon the 90-degree turn, tossed a crumpled up sandwich wrapper right in the middle of the sidewalk. We both cracked up. It was a classic boolieism: no respect for itself or anything else. Shitting on its surroundings like a human pigeon, without even a first thought. Thus does life fortify art.

Reflections of this sort passed in and out of mind as I drove down 11 through the Missouri countryside toward the Kansas City airport. I had some trepidation. I haven't flown since That Horrible Day, and I waited a bit too long to get going. I'd heard you had to be there two hours before the flight. I got there a little more than an hour. But security was no problem. The plane was completely packed, and as it turned out, I was in the middle seat of three of four flights, as I changed planes in Dallas. Coming back one seatmate was too thick to get the seat arm down. Hmm, I thought you were supposed to buy two tickets for that.

I read a couple things I'd picked up at the PO. One was William Ventvogel's "The State of the 'Kwa: Atlantic City," posted on VNN for time and all eternity here. "My consideration (as yours is), is the strategic one: as the infrastructure ages and the proportion of white to not-white decreases, when does a region become Third World?" I thought about that in relation to Kirksville. The day before I'd been in court for a seat-belt violation. I pled not guilty and a trial was set up. Wasted an hour over a $10 fine, but it's worth it. The cop cited me as part of a general license check. I detest that kind of totalitarian practice, so I started making noise. "Have you got the right to do this? I don't see any reason you need to be stopping people." "Case law, blah blah blah..." "What is this, the Soviet Union? What the hell's going on here?" So then Officer Donut gets the idea he's got a live one, so he looks me over and sure enough, I'm not wearing a seat belt. Even though I've been stopped waiting for five minutes for absolutely no reason. "Why don't you pull on up there and wait and I'll write you up." Many people go into the doggy profession of copping because they like bossing others around. Anyway, I'll get my ten dollars of fun with Offer Vindictive Donut. I might even win. Perhaps being completed stopped for multiple minutes with the engine off qualifies as not operating a motor vehicle? I think that shall be my defense. Of course, I regard any seatbelt law as a gross violation of my-business. I usually treat cops politely, because I see them as K-9 units. Their trainers are the real problem. Regular cops are just carrying out orders, and if they were capable of abstract thought about the laws they enforce, they wouldn't be cops. Cops come from a very specific section of the IQ curve, and smart cops are neither sought nor needed, rather good solid dependable 100-110 enforcers.

The hearing was one of these general calls, where everybody shows up at a time and they go through the cases. Maybe 30-40 people in the room when I was there. One 'groid showed up with an obese white girlfriend, told the judge he'd just moved to the county. There were two Mexican teenage girls who could barely speak English, and some older Mex who seemed to be interpreting for them. This is in rural northeastern Missouri. One of the girls was caught without a license or insurance; the judge gives her some paper about public defenders. Their crime, your overtime to pay for it. Naturally, my case can not be resolved, just set for trial, so I'll have to waste another hour. As Ventvogel says, "a people converts an environment into conformity with its instincts." In Middle America that means infrapeople such as cops and judges enforcing seat-belt laws, and newspaper editors who've never heard of Mencken much less his "the only way to look at a politician is down" helping the cops not tracking unbelted renegades patrol retail stores for folks buying too much cold medicine. That really was the subject of an exposé a few months ago: people buying too many cold packs and the retailers not turning them in. The editor was a bit sheepish when I brought it up in our interview-that-never-resulted-in-a-story. Is that what we want? I suggested gently - a society in which the papers and cops and retailers are all working together to make sure the sheeple are sheared of all 'precursors,' as they grandiloquently call these hapless syrups? Apparently so: cops around here supposedly spend 70% of their time chasing meth miscreants. The midwestern mentality is relaxed and egalitarian. This means both friendly and anti-ambitious. I've lived in many parts of the country. I don't think the morals of people in the 'heartland' are better than the morals of people on the coasts. What I can say for sure is that the entire idea-propagating class in the Midwest has been brainwashed, its natural gullibility and openness and sense of fair play placed in service of Aryan-destructive ends through misteachings in schools and seminaries and Semitically Correct media.

After reading W.V.'s piece, I read a guy named Hallstatt from Minnesota's "The White Temple," an attempt to outline a White religion. Hallstatt says: "Modern culture has blindly attempted to divorce culture from biology. The Templer vision remarries biology to art, ethnicity, the warrior ethos and ecology, which are four of the five subjects of this book, the last chapter being on religion." You can find a discussion of the work at VNNForum here.

After that, I sat back and slept and thought. Used to fly all the time, go to conferences every couple months, grew to dislike it. Looked at people on plane: seemed like half the people had Dell laptops, watching full-screen video DVDs. Or reading USA Today. Or reading Richard Clarke's book, or some other mass-conservative publication, Bud Lite for the mind. Or making cell calls the moment we landed. Businessmen. Ordinary middle-class AmeriKwans going about their business. I came across two young kids sitting near me on the four flights. One was a baby 'groid who kept going mama this and mama that. His mom had an IQ I'd estimate at about 82, and never told the Sambo to shut up. He might have been five or six. He wasn't obnoxious, but a White mother would have shushed him. At one point for three seconds he tried to read Dr. Seuss. "One fisz, two fisz, red fisz, blue fisz." It is unfair to both blacks and whites to mix them. The niggers inevitably will see our riches and want them, with absolutely no conception of how they're produced. Even without the jews to goad them -- is there an all-"Mississippi Burning" channel yet? -- they'd come to resent our superiority. There is no getting around Jefferson's Truth, that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same country. It is a measure of the cowardice and feebleness of today's conservatives and libertarians that not one of them has the courage to discuss race factually in his syndicated column. Don't tell me Sam Francis and Pauli Craig Roberts do because they don't. They're no different from the others in kind, just degree. They withhold the essential point: segregation and segregation alone can protect their readers. Sam Francis would die before writing that in his column, even though he knows it to be true. He and Pauli girl are natural born slaves and career girls. They're both proud of being English, one notes with a grin. One expects little from such. And one gets it. The revolution will not be Anglicized. Wahrheit, dat.

At this point, all the average nigger senses is that an unknown force has deposited him on top of the heap for the moment, and he can get away with nearly anything. Don't wait up for ESPN to feature a show on the woman Kobe Bryant raped and the hundreds of death threats she's received. The force that put the niggers on top is, as you know, jews. And jews empowered the 'groids to serve their own interests, not caring a damn that they were wrecking our nation in the process. Well, that's not quite accurate. The smearing, shitting, demoralizing, debasing, and ultimate destruction of our communities, nations, and genes is a source of great pleasure to the loveless race. How jews are made, itz.

I looked through the mags in the seatback. American's house mag had Wayne Brady, an entertainment 'groid, on the cover. He talked about growing up in Orlando, and visiting all the attractions, mostly centered around the adult entertainment complex called Pleasure Island or Treasure Island. The other magazine was Skymall, which contains hundreds of beautiful pages featuring absolutely unnecessary items at high prices. I thought about Paul Fussell's book Class, one of my all-time favorites, reviewed here, and his explanation of the middle-class's veneration of alles English, and its perpetual tearing between desire to ascend socially and need to save money. Examples he could have used if he were looking to update the 20-year-old book were profuse. Allowez vous mois to be your sommelier of asininity. And believe me, messirs and mesdams, our list is long and choice:

Classic English Heated Towel Stand $149-199. Manufactured by Dimplex of Southampton. God! It almost gives you an erection. Who needs Viagra when we have..."Dimplex." And not just any Dimplex. Dimplex of the "Southampton" Dimplices. Very much as Viscount Hyppo-Filchington might use...say to wick water from his pelt after a successful foray into the bush in search of the fleet & scrumptious 'possum. There's almost never a good reason to admire the British, much less their crappy products. The upper class are blithering hypocrites, the lower class are feral thieves, the middle-class lynched the Dutchman Wilde. I exempt from this opinion all British VNN readers, a fine lot indeed, in light of their genuinely refined taste and most unEnglish willingness to fight the flow. You are worthy heirs and assigns of Mosley, and I wish you luck, and offer help.

Next, if your after-tax earnings haven't been outsourced to some dooga's dhoti, you may find these delightful accessories preferable to your long green:

Whimsical Gutter Creatures move water away from your foundation. Each of these lovable little guys fits over the end of any standard downspout elbow to give you a chuckle on dreary rainy days!

You can choose from: Fatter Gargoyle, Dragon, Winged Gargoyle, Alligator $12.99

As one who has been called a whimsical gutter creature more times than I can count, I feel a certain confraternity with these exemplars of "Pennsylvania charm." For you who ought drive up WND's Alexa, that's an ambidextrous compliment. Pennsylvania, where I lived for a couple years near Gettysburg, is the world headquarters of lawn kitsch, and probably has humane societies for creatures like these. I think a special tiny one would look good over Michael Jackson's Silly-Putty press-on nose, and perhaps frighten off tots drawn to his sweets.

The pseudoscientologist in me vaguely recalls jew Marx discussing "whimsical gutter creatures" in relation to overproduction, bane of capitalism. True it is that Skymall mag is merely the reductio ad absurdum of excessive capacity meeting and perhaps defeating unfelt needs on the battlefield of the prinfomercial. But wait! There's more...

The Sonic Mole Chaser: "Buried in your yard, it outputs an intermittent sonic pulse that is annoying to moles but not harmful to domestic pets." Hey! I've got an uncle who does that.

Cartoon pic of a mole the reader must assume is annoyed thinking, per bubble, "There goes the neighborhood." $29.95 I suspect the mole actually saw a nigger, but that might just be my racism talking. And whatz this - "Set your sonic pulser to annoy," as opposed "to mildly irritate" or "full-bore mole-postal"? I'd like to meet the scientist who developed the Scale of Mole Irritability. I think judicious readers will agree that a medal, a prize - some sort of public recognition is in order.

Turn an ordinary flush handle into functional bathroom art. A sculptured dolphin. $34.50.

Conjuring the wonderful thought of Flipper stitching the turded soup, perhaps rising on fins, beak covered with previously owned paper, squeaking for fish that will never come. There are some things in life that just make your skin crawl. Stuff on top of televitzes and toilets is very near the top of my list. Listen, O ye of little discernment. Some things in life are nasty by nature, yet unavoidable. These things must be dealt with coolly and directly. Keep your perfumes and candy coats off them. The toilet is not a place for divey dolphins, it's a place to shit and flush. No fancy soaps, candles, carpets, bric-a-brac need apply for shitroom position. Likewise, niggers do not smell better when you spray them with Affirmative Action by Ralf Lauren. They stink worse. Sewage and niggers are for disposal, not dress-up. Males must take charge of women and not allow their misplaced nicenings to clog drains. Who spends $35 on toilet handles, anyway?

The broader question is: How easily could someone who gulps the flattery in this ridiculous and unedited commerzine fall for a promotional campaign, say in Iraq? But that's not all!

The average man obtains a new watch every 6 months. Add that up over a lifetime with no real place to put these, and you can see the dilemma. This is one area where good design at affordable prices has neglected the sophisticated man of the world. Demure thick-lipped brunette holds up, tries not to laugh. Now there is no excuse for leaving your cherished heirlooms scattered in old sock drawers. From rich, longlife, hand finished, high gloss, piano lacquered cherry wood and berl wood [I will, it appears, achieve my life goal of being the last man in AmeriKwa to use cell phone and hyphen.] only the finest materials have been employed. Each compartment comes with a hand stitched pillow capable comfortably holding your watches in style.

I do. I do see the dilemma. When you're buying and relegating to sockdom every six months your precious heirlooms, you need a storage-system-solution-process pronto. And not just any one, a classy one as befits your footwear-nestling collectibles of distinction. This is a serious matter. Men of the world who wear such socks as aren't required to protect their biannually augmented collection of classic wrist-borne heirlooms require a solution. Do not fail us, Hyperlinea, O Goddess my Goddess of overproduction.

The puffermen who salivate over this pap are the adjective people. They believe adjectives/abstractions/words mean something; crush reality wherever there's a collision. Twain said adjectives should be hunted down and shot. Why? Because, except for simple ones like 'red' or 'fat,' they can't be tied to meaning. That makes them jokes. Useful for grandiloquent mocking, little else. Respect for adjectives is a subspecies of respect for authority, which is a defect of perception occasioned by comparatively average or below average intelligence. Itz a biological thing, that they wouldn't understand, you see? The same man who believes the president is right because he's the president believes something labled 'collectible' is valuable; believes words like 'powerful' and 'important' mean something; believes in God because everybody does. There is no need to get overheated about these Buhlievers in adjectives and Authority and God, the Big Guy, and the "Good" jew-written Book, because he's a biological type, and can be trained out of his instinctual acceptance about as easily as a goldish can be made to recognize it swims in a bowl. The fight is among the percipient minority. If Skymall readers swallow -- as they must, since I see the variations of the wordings and techniques employed everywhere sellers aim at masses -- the idea that they are a "sophisticated [men] of the world," there is no lie they won't swallow. They're like goats: if they can get their mouth on it, down it goes.

Ben Franklin advised growing your vocabulary by looking up any word you came across you aren't familiar with. Expand that to concepts, allusions, references, products -- anything you aren't familiar with. Use a search engine. He would have. In Skymall I came across a 'Mary Jane shoe.' I've heard the term before, but I don't know precisely what it means. So I can't use it to make fun of fools without, d'oh, sticking my Mary Jane in my mouth, so to speak.

Just now I googled it. It seems to be a woman's shoe with a thin or thick strap across the top and a smooth clog sort of thing covering half the front of the foot. The shoe as foot basket, if the strap is thicker. And now it is time to get off the plane.

4/24/04, SATURDAY


Morning of Saturday, the day the truncated show took place, dawned beautiful. As is usually the case in California, where, like most places in the West, the light is ten times better, and your hair weighs less. Your hair and skin feel very different as you move west over the Great Plains and into the basin-and-range country. Actually, Sacramento has a bit of humidity, but nothing like Missouri and the Mississippi river valley in general.

As we promised on site, Rich Brooks and I headed over to the Turn Verein for our 10:00 a.m. date with whatever destiny was serving for breakfast. A 'Turn Verein' is German cultural center common in the 19th century, some of which survive today. TVs offered gymnastic training - turnen being the German verb for flipping around athletically -- and educational courses, German language instruction, that type of thing. But today in Sacramento they were shut up tighter than Justin Reamondo's asshole. Ah shit, that doesn't work, does it? They had carefully positioned some security guards and one of those coppy white sedans with self-important antennae immediately in front of the building. The Filipino, barely five feet tall, shyly informed me that they were closed.

Here she comes now sayin' Jeboo, Jeboo
Hey! Get whipped! Get scourged! Get splayed!

Thatz some of the those heartland values for you, atheist version.

I had a little micro tape recorder just for fun. Rich had a video camera and a digital camera. He took some shots, some of which I'll incorporate in this article. See here for all the photos, and for Rich's reports as well. Here's a shot of me in front of the V'rein. I call it "Me in front of V'rein, with Rent-a-Cop," and trace itz artistic lineage directly to Caravaggio's "Boy Bitten By a Green Lizard." The art students among you may find your own parallels.

Linder in front of Sacramento's Turn Verein


"All right, this is to confirm that Alex Linder and Rich Brooks -- Rich confirm that it's you."

"It's me, Alex!"

"Can I get your driver's license number, and two photo IDs, and $65 dollars...."

[RB starts to recite...]

"We're in front of the Turn Verein where a Filipino and two Mexican guards informed us that we're not even allowed to stand on their property at all, but we did get one shot [I'm interrupted by security guards]

"...stay on the west (?) side..."

"on the where?"

"we don't want anybody...in front of the building."

"well this is a sidewalk right here. so we can stand here, right?"

"...you can stand over there [he means across the street, very thick accent]"

"we just want to stand here. We're going to stand here and wait about an hour. and people are going to come or not come, and then we're out of here."


[Mexican security guard] "We're not allowing anybody on the property. If you're walking past, that's fine. But if you're coming around to stand around, take pictures, we're gonna have the police come out and escort you off the property, all right? We don't want to have to do that."

[AL]"We want to stand right here because we told people we're going to be here, and they're going to come here. If you don't want 'em on your property, that's fine. But for now we'll stay here."

[AL to tape] So, we're not allowed to stand in front of the building where we told people that we'd meet on public property, apparently. We got a couple shots of it. So, now they're gonna call the cops, and the cops are gonna tell us we gotta move. Apparently. But anyway we got three digital shots, so we'll see what happens."


They did call the cops, but the cops didn't chase us off. I expected something brusque, at which point I planned to inform them that I was part boolie, and loitering is part of my people's culture, and it would be racist to expect us to pimp shuffle on down the road. But the officer who came first was an older guy, very Californian - a psychotherapist with guns, trying to feel our pain. We explained we came to protest the Turn Verein's canceling of its contract, its disgusting caving in to jew pressure, and said that we would stand in front of it for an hour, until our point was made. This friendly cop volunteered to go inside the Verein and see if they'd speak to us. He did this, but whoever was in there refused, citing lawyer's advice. Two more cops showed up, but as it became apparent there was not going to be any physical altercation, they left us alone on the sidewalk in front of the building. We waited another twenty minutes, and by that time it was nearing 11:00, so we took off.

The truth is that I hate demonstrations and demonstrators on principle. But, the mattering truth is that sometimes that's the only way to get things done. In the 'Kwa, there is no substitute for hyperaggressiveness, certainly not carefully footnoted articles or Internet typing, necessary as those are. And so, I dress up as nicely as I can, act politely as I can consistent with getting the job done. In public demonstrations, I believe we must not get in the way of our message through krazy clothes or misspelled signs. The snivelbabies and nightspiders will say that VNN itself does exactly that: distracts attention from its message by itz odd forms. They say this because they cannot appreciate something new and sparkling in the world, something of genuine merit. "Evil is a word used to explain the curious attractiveness of others," as Wilde described the pedestrian puritan mentality. The WN movement is largely made up of lemmings and the stalinist sharpies who manipulate and mulct them, and something new and funny and open and honest threatens this arrangement by providing option and counterexample. In the ways VNN is unconventional, it is unconventional after an end - an end that has in many ways been achieved. There's little as sourly funny as being lectured on propriety by illiterate itchy finns sausaged in scratchy Sunday suits. Learn how to read and dress before you start lecturing your betters on propriety and propaganda, sez I. As for certain flitty donahues who want to appeal to women, maybe that's why you can't attract them. Hell, letz make a Wilde of it: They only appeal to women who can't attract them. The masses are feminine, as Hitler observed. They don't want courtiers, they want rapists. You gerbils and beta bluegill, the kind that dart in sideways to spray unprotected eggs to perpetuate your dodgy line, you're more like women, with your furtive whisperings and exaggerated politeness, than the gentlemen you imagine yourselves.


A few blocks away from the Turn Verein stood the Vagabond, with a mass of people out front. Not too many, several dozen. Most of them old. Rich pulled in and parked, and we got out and looked around. Soon enough a Brock Waterman came up and introduced himself, looking for Edward Steele. We had a nice chat. He came with his daughter, who had helped scout out the new location. I supposed his was the only signed name on Mueller's letter supporting my disinvitation, if I recalled correctly. While we waited for the go signal, someone caught my eye in a most remarkable manner, and held it through a brief maneuver I'd have bounced on my nose, had I attempted. The world is full of strange things, you know. I don't understand many of them myself, I just look on and try not to drool.

Soon enough we all caravan'd to La Sierra Community Center in Carmichael, a park-district sort of facility. A nice airy meeting hall with a high-school gym feel, or a Mormon steakhouse, as Rich said. Mmm, steak. Oh, wait! Thatz 'stake.'


The day ran from noon to ten. Great speakers, long speeches. Harvey Taylor MC'd. Mark Weber set the agenda and gave a great concluding keynote, wrapping up before ten p.m. Featured speakers were, in order: Paul Fromm, Chuck Carlson, Edgar Steele, Bradley Smith, and L. Michelle Renouf. Each highly skilled and interesting. No one nodded, not even nonagenarians. Not easy in a long day of long talks. I was familiar with much of the information beforehand, but it is good to hear it in person, connect voices and arguments and positions to names and bodies and parties. And to watch the interactions of characters. Much of the credit for organizing the revised show goes to anti-VNNers Taylor and Kelso, so hats off to them, in that limited regard. More on that later. Here's what you would have heard if you'd atten-- But first I want to say I really appreciate those who stood up for VNN as a show of support, and I'm sorry things worked out the way they did. I hope my friendly presence dispelled any HONEST fears over my being some sort of monster or nut or violent skinhead. Writing is a performance art, and many people do not understand there's a persona aspect you have to take into account when you're reading someone. I believe everything I say, but that doesn't mean I run around screaming "ITZ COMING!" or "DEATH TO THE JEWS!" while thrusting flat palms jebooward. In person you will see me as a pretty standard upper-middle-class type - in appearance. In fact, I am poor in money and rich in spirit. I usually feel pretty groovy, I must say, because I practice the politics of occlusion - good white teeth meeting perfectly. I can't help being happy, and it should not be held against me. The fact is, there's a great age disparity between revisionists and White Nationalists, and this in itself can cause confusion and concern. It was never my intention to damage the show or show anybody up or do anything but what I'm doing now - reporting. Certainly some of my detractors knew this, but these nightspiders are like jews: whatever shit will stick, they'll throw it. I got along fine with everybody, even with the couple people who confronted me. Taylor and Kelso chose to ignore me, and for my part, I was so busy talking to the vast majority of people who love VNN that, why worry about the minority of hostiles? I don't respect anonymites who use better men's names to spread smears, I respect people who get in my face and lock their eyes on mine, and at this show that was April Gaede and some of her friends, and another fellow who seemed to feel I reflected poorly on Zundel. Both conversations eventuated satisfactorily as far as I'm concerned. But let's stick to the speakers and hit that stuff later. Here's the high points of what we heard, for you loyalists who struck back at my shunners, and I hope you get your money's worth....

The show opened with two songs from Prussian Blue, i.e., the Gaede girls, Lynx and Lamb. They're very cute and talented girls. They looked considerably younger to me in person than on the cover of Resistance More like seven or eight than seventeen, but actually they are eleven.

Harvey Taylor then dedicated the show to Ernst Zündel, and made some remarks. He's an old pilot, seems a fairly formal bourgeois type from afar. Then Mark Weber took the podium, said this IHR conference advances two goals:

1) freedom of speech

2) truth in history.

Ed Steele would give what comedians call a callback to 1) later. Many WN and revisionists don't like free speech, including Kelso and the leaders of the National Alliance. They're like the Puritans: they want the freedom to practice their religion -- and criticize you and yours -- but they won't grant you the same.

Weber affirmed that "no serious historian believes in the figure of six million," nor in the gassings. He said that the JDL, the group that threatened Ed Steele but never showed its face in Sacramento, was behind the firebombing of IHR warehouse back in the eighties. He mentioned IHR's placing of a 1/8-page ad in The Nation magazine. The ad consisted of a reproduction of the cover of the book Unmasking Israel's Most Dangerous Myths. The ad ran once in the May 3, 2003, issue, and after that the ADL and other jews commenced their usual campaign of simulated outrage, and The Nation refused to run the ad a second time. I introduced myself to Mark, and mentioned to him that VNN had sent check and business-card ad to Nation back in 2001, and they had not only refused to run it but had changed their hundred-year-old ad policy, so afraid were they that reader Nathan Nuremberg would spit up his gefilte fish upon espying "No Jews. Just Right." The number of people who support free speech is exactly equal to the number who can stand being criticized -- a small minority indeed.

Weber noted that the May 3rd issue included an ad for a book claiming Jesus never existed. No problem with that, of course. What is it with these jew people? It's almost like there's one standard for them, and another standard for us. Are you getting that feeling?

Weber proposed two success measures for this conference:

1) strengthen resolve to oppose oppressors;

2) reach new people.

Here I'll interject that if those new people aren't in WN, I don't know where they are. Half the revisionists have one foot in the grave. If revisionism has a future, it's among aware Whites, such as those reading VNN, because if anybody is going to turn the IHR's honest researches into effective action, if any group's going to create a climate in which honest historians' work can thrive, it's going to be young, race-conscious Whites screwed by the grandchildren of the nefarious, murderous WWII jews IHR researches. White Nationalism is the logical political manifestation of honest historical research, since the people who oppresses Whites and deny historical truth are one and the same: jews. The only thing IHR risks in associating with White Nationalists is success.

The first non-host speaker was Paul Fromm. He's with a free speech group in Canada, and he gave a funny-but-really-not-funny report on the obscene and tyrannical doings of the kikes responsible for the intellectual permafreeze in the Great Anti-White North.

Mark Weber at table; Paul Fromm at podium

The government of Canada hates the Internet, hates free speech, hates the very idea of non-jews able to discuss things among themselves. It'd rather the average goy be brainwashed in school, by tv, and through various official holidays such as April 19th's "Holocaust Remembrance Day," which "demonstrates our dispossession," Fromm said. Jews make up one percent of Canadians; why not have a day for the people they murdered - the Ukrainians? Well, perhaps because if the Irish are a people of saints and scholars, and the Germans thinkers and poets, then the jews are liars and murderers. What they do, itz.

Fromm asserted that the Internet is most important invention since Gutenberg's movable type, adding that until it came about, "a whole range of opinion was pretty much shunted off to the side." He says Canada has turned the Internet over to Canadian Human Rights Committee and given it the legal gift of prosecuting anything "likely to expose [protected classes such as jews and 'minorities'] to hatred or contempt." In other words, a "legal feast," the practical effect of which is that "the CRHC can go after any dissident web site it doesn't like." What's the jewish term for the little kid in the Anderson tale who pipes up, "Hey -- the emperor's not wearing any clothes!" Uh, that would be..."hate criminal." Pardon me: anti-Semitic, racist hate criminal. Hey, judy, let me break your barrier here: your people don't bring light to the world, they bring misery, lies, and death.

Travelers take note: "If you come to Canada, I would suggest you are not come with any political literature or religious literature," said Fromm. His own experiences with border goons and commissars would be comical if they were funny. "I have trouble with immigration "because I annoyed Fat Elinor," he said. Jewess Elinor Caplan heads up Canada's immigration ministry. She's a jew and winner of the Yad Vashem award, who described as her happiest day the one she signed the deportation for a couple German-Canadians. Jews are like that.

Canada burns books. I mean that literally, not fancifully. Books containing naughty ideas are seized, a quarterly list of these is published by the Canadian government, and later these books are lit on fire. What kind of books? Anything from academic studies of race and IQ to fairytales is subject to the Fahrenheit 451 treatment. No kidding. The border patrol seized his book The Germanic Myths, an interpretation of the fairytales collected by the Brothers Grimm.

Fromm made the important point that what gets through is worth noting too: the government has no problem with a video featuring "Anal Sluts." Sex-sidetracked non-Semites/anti-Semites/same difference don't threaten the government. Politically aware, morally continent White men do.

"Anonymous, stupid, lazy, and suppressive," Fromm summed up the border control, or perhaps the entire Canadian government. You might say that a banned book like Duke's Jewish Supremacism stays factual and thereby passes muster with "hate" law. But of course that is not how the government sees it. As with 'Affirmative Action,' the jew- and colored-controlled central power defines things backwards. Just as the mere existence of 'statistical disparity' proves that the reason so few blacks are hired as aeronautical engineers is "racism," thereby calling down the tyrannical burrocracy, citing facts about blacks, such as their incredible-by-White-standards proclivity to crime is just as likely to raise feelings against them as cartoons of mammies or stories about Sambo. Whatever makes niggers cry, and as the daily news shows, when niggers aren't murdering people they're very sensitive, is verboten, and so "truth is no defense," as has been overtly, publicly and repeatedly stated by the CHRC. It is not "good for jews" for Whites to know the facts about blacks, and so purveying those facts, in any form, must be made a criminal act. This standard only goes one way, of course. There are no prohibitions against "Mississippi Burning"- or "Roots"-style incitements against Whites; indeed there are many awards that can be won by producers of these history-flavored hate farces. Again, this is one percent of the community riding herd and really abusing the hell out of freeborn White men. In every single Aryan land across the West we see exactly the same foul perpetrations by the same foul perpetrators using the same foul methods and feculent ideologies and failed arguments. What is being done about it? Nothing. Well, aside from a hundred very old men bitching in a room, the location of which they had to keep to themselves until the last minute.

How does it feel to be a slave, White man?

Fromm detailed some facts about Ernst Zundel. He started out a pacifist and 7th Day Adventist, had some success as a photo retoucher, and became looked to as a leader of the German-Canadian community. There was little or no animosity in Canada in the afterwar period until the advent of "Holocaust" the movie and neverending promotional campaign in the late '70s. Zundel is a civil-rights figher who came to believe Holocaust is not history but a "religious myth" no one is allowed to doubt. Fromm pointed out that you can say whatever you want about the Civil War or any other historical event and people will refute or agree or ignore you, but for raising obvious questions and pointing out covered up facts about the "Holocaust" assertion, you get thrown in jail.

Close analysis shows these to be the tenets of the "Holocaust" religion:

1) 6 million jews killed, not a body less;

2) many or most gassed;

3) done under direct orders of Hitler;

4) worst atrocity in human history.

The "Holocaust" is a blood libel against the German people it is illegal to refute with facts, since the media aren't interested and the kangaroo courts, or jew-occupied tribunals, say "truth is no defence." White men fought for a thousand years to win the right to know the charges against them, and to face their accusers. These are gone with the wind in Canada - and probably your state too.

Chuck Carlson of WHTT.org and the Scoffield Scam

Next up was a small, white-haired, energetic guy named Chuck Carlson. He gave a very interesting talk detailing the scam that is the Scoffield Bible -- the Study or Reference bible used in the seminaries supplying the Semitically Correct pastors leading 40 million Americans to identify with Israel. You can read all about this at "Whtt.org," for "We Hold These Truths."

The Scoffield Bible was written by a con man from Kansas 100 years ago, probably funded by jew Samuel Untermeyer of the Lotus Club in New York City. The SB features thousands of footnotes explicating the King James version. Most of these footnotes are "benign," Carlson said. But two of them pervert verses in a savagely Likudnik direction. The two key false "interpretations" Scoffield foists establish for forty million evangelicals:

1) Israel's eternal right to Pal-free middle-eastern waterfront property -- corollary that anybody who denies same "brings judgment";

2) that any nation that stands against israel is committing the sin of anti-Semitism, "the 11th commandment," as it were.

So sayeth the shepherd, so sayeth the rapturebunnies. It bears repeating: this jewed Bible is the basis of a faith held by a good 40 million Americans. Evangelical leaders are practically the only support Israel has outside of jews themselves. It is a testament to the stupidity, gullibility and laziness of the average evangelical Christian that the disgusting slop carried in the Scoffield bucket is gulped by generation after generation of these enraptured swine. They have mouths, yet they taste not. Is it wrong, does it make me a bad man, a very bad man, to say that the averge eva-chrissler would need an IQ injection to approach idiocy?

Carlson really is doing the Lord's work. Not only does he do the intellectual spadework to show where trusting Christians are being jewed, he's been to Gaza to document our valiant little democratic ally's treatment of Native Palestinians. What he's seen so horrified him that he now pickets Christian churches, using props such as the bloody yellow cross labeled 'Palestine' you see in the photo.

"Gaza is today's Holocaust," said Carlson. And evangelical leaders form the main support for Zionism. You can read all about it in the book, One Nation Under Israel.

He said that Gaza is a 20-mile-long gulag, plain and simple. And not an easily accessible one - you have to walk through a one-kilometer fence topped with razor wire merely to get in. So those "human bombers," as he terms them, in effect have to break out of jail to strike at their Israeli tormentors. The Israelis, by contrast, flush with the latest American technology and free money hot off our presses, can kick back in Apaches fresh from Phoenix and St. Louis. And from half a mile away fire Hellfire missiles -- or fire shells full of anti-personnel darts for extra Pal-clearing pleasure -- into, say, blind men in wheelchairs. Or anybody else they've a notion to take out. They are very democratic in that sense - they kill anyone and think nothing of it. Why should they care? They have AIPAC to buy our Congress, and infinite mona charens to rationalize their murders. Never forget, American tax slave, that the jews' own Scoffield doesn't say that hostility to goyim "brings judgment." Rather, their Babylonian Talmud states, Even the best of the goyim should be killed.

What can you say to that? Well, nothing, because that's one of the things you can't say. But I think you'll agree that if you could say, that would be worth saying. Good rejoinder to the next clown who tells you Israel is our friend and gallant ally. "Yeah, I just wish there were two of them." The benefits flow between America and Israel is all one way.

Carlson points out that there's a Baptist church in middle of Gaza which exists in harmony with the local mosque. This embarrasses the Southern Baptists in the U.S., whose position is that God gave the land to Israel. "God's way or the highway," as these fools like to say.

Torture is legal in Israel, he pointed out, adding that he doesn't yet have proof but believes that bombers captured before they set themselves off are tortured to death.

Carlson's group's picketing the Southern Baptist convention led to its passing a resolution to support Bush's war. "Public officials are appointed by God," is the evangelicals' attitude, which is not a whit different from believing that your king is literally a God, as idiots have been encouraged to believe by earthly kings from time immemorial. "The evangelical church is 100% behind the state of Israel no matter what," he said.

What I particularly like about Carlson's talk was his blasting of the axis of manlets such as Gary Bauer, who has formed an Israeli-dominated Suckpoop Brigade to aid Israel even more than we already are, and Suckpoop Joe Farah, whom he described, if I got it down right, as the most successful propagandist on the web. He mentioned a WND article quoting radical-Zionist Christian Mike Evans, who claimed Gibson was going to tag on a jew-friendly at the conclusion to "Passion," namely: "25,000 jews were killed by Romans, blah blah blah." Carlson says that Hutton Gibson told him that his son was under "tremendous pressure," and that while Mel confirmed he'd briefly met Evans, he said he paid no attention to him. Joe Farah is full not just of jewish shit, but of lies. Although it probably takes a scatologist to tell the difference.

Have you noticed by now that this conference might have been titled "The Truth About Jews," or, "Six Million Things Jews Don't Want You to Know," or, "The Evil Jews Do"? Whether they're seizing books in Canada, murdering Palestinians with American weapons in Gaza, or running over American girls with bulldozers, or passing laws to jail anyone who points out what they're doing, jews are the enemy of every other race, nation, and religion on earth. Spiritually they're evil; biologically they're parasites; functionally they're nation-wreckers. Jews. Who needs 'em? Not us Aryans, that's for sure. They need us. I hope all the Believers in the audience will use the WHTT info to educate their impaired and misled brethren, and encourage these prodigal doofi realityward.

* * *

Along the side of the plastic chairs assembled for the meeting, which was airier and more spacious than most such, so take that dirty jews, were tables of books. Zundel's people, Frank Schmidt from Canada, National Alliance, Bradley Smith, Fromm, and IHR had stuff out. Frank Schmidt, a German-Canadian Zundel defender, told me that his copies of Duke's Jewish Supremacism had been seized at the border. I bought some of his pamphlets, and he pressed additional ones on me, including "That Bastard Churchill," and "The Brainwashing of the German Nation, by Udo Walendy, a German who has done time for fact crimes.

Behind the tables was a kitchen where pizza and Atkins spreads were put out at different points. People left donations in a platic bucket, and they were generous. I threw in $30 since I'd gotten a free pass from Mueller, and contributed $10 to Zundel's defence fund, and received a small original drawing, which he'd made with children's colored pencils, apparently the only implements they allow him.

O Canada...
O Canada
We burn a book for thee...

The Man of Steele: Ed, Not Stalin

The next speaker was Ed Steele. He gave an excellent talk in his resonant, trial-lawyer's voice, discussing trends and cases, such as Lonnie Rae, the White man attacked by the potatohead state for calling out the nigger who attacked his wife. He painted a picture of an irretrievably broken, utterly and inescapably jewed system, and left no doubt things would get worse before better. He discussed his intense feelings about his 16-year-old son potentially being drafted, and the lengths to which he would go to protect him. He used the correct term 'jew,' rather than code, which is most important. He praised VNN and me, which I appreciated, and used my disinvitation as an example of supposed free-speech defenders fearing the free speech of others. This was a message the National Alliance and Stormfront censors in the audience really needed to hear. He had me stand up so that people could see who I was. I interjected that I will do what I've always done which is attack people under my name to their face, unlike those in our movement, who prefer to smear people in private, and anonymously, if they can get away with it.

I do think the majority of people, even NA members, agree with VNN's classically American position. But the leaders of certain factions within 'the movement' are simply totalitarians, albeit totalitarians who recognize the truth about race. Ed Steele and I are sons of liberty who recognize the truth about race, as were the men who founded America.

The difference is important.

Clamor about decorum or reaching out to women is so much squid ink obscuring the real divide within our movement: patriots vs. totalitarians. Strom and Kelso are no different from jews in that they believe they are beyond criticism. They prefer anonymous smear campaigns to Aryan honesty and public confrontation. The only difference between them and jews proper is that the hymies have the power to do what Strom and Kelso can only dream of, whereas they must content themselves with censoring Internet boards.

The important thing to remember, reader, is that you've got options. And one worth exercising is avoiding the National Alliance. All the NA does is suck your money and stonewall when you ask what's being done with it. Its leaders are criminal usurpers; its ranks, although they do include good men, contain far too many defectives and informants. When criticized, NA leaders invariably call the critic a 'disgruntled former employee,' if he used to work there, or imply that he's part of a COINTELPRO operation if he didn't. Like the jews he criticizes, Kevin Strom believes that any criticism of him is anti-Stromitism. He thinks he is the Cause itself, and to criticize Him is to oppose it, a common reformer's delusion.

I advise readers to have nothing to do with the National Alliance, because it is led by criminals who are about as petty, dishonest and furtive a group of hypocrites as I've ever come across. Under Strom and Gliebe the organization gives off an increasingly cultish whiff. The actions of the leaders do not bear scrutiny when measured against their public words, nor does the way in which they seized power - illegally, and reversable anytime the real board members hire a lawyer to assert their rights. Aryans should avoid the National Alliance and seek or form organizations not controlled by hypocrites, profiteers, and criminals. Ed tells me that the NA is extremely angry that he praised VNN and me publicly. They're whispering among themselves that they'd like to "crush" VNN. Like the jews, Kevin and Elisha Strom and their coterie of pipsqueaks hate and fear criticism. Hey, guys: if normal Aryan-Americans wanted to be bossed around by tiny hypocritical utopian creeps with weird diets, voices and personal habits, they don't need wannabe-jews like you, they've already got the real thing.

Steele described their M.O.: taking a law and misapplying it, and then, when the suckers grow accustomed, changing the words to outlaw directly what they don't like. Today, they'll outlaw public criticism of jews. Tomorrow they'll murder anyone who takes their name in vain. Think not? Ever hear of Ukraine? Of course not. Teaching the jewish basis of communism, and the horrors perpetrated by judeo-communists isn't done. The very idea sounds anti-Semitic. Now shut up and read your Anne Frank for the six-millionth time.

"You don't know how bad things really are," said Steele.

The Procrustean Pets will chop off your legs to make you fit their bed. They don't care if it kills you. There's no way you can comply with their law because 1) there are six million codebooks, and you can't possibly even know all the laws, let alone follow them; 2) half the laws are biologically impossible to obey. Does the fact that gorillas cannot learn calculus interfere with the judenlaw that they must demonstrate proficiency? Of course not. The jew simply dumbs down intelligent white kids until the numbers come out right. Same with firemen, cops, university students, professors, journalists -- across the board. The jew envisions a jew-ideal situation, and passes laws to help it along, and finally make it mandatory. He takes the lack of existence of his desired condition as proof of moral or mental crime requiring political correction. A burrocracy is formed; papers agitate; resisters are browbeaten, jailed. Today this means race norming and anti-White discrimination; it means lumping mexi-crimes in the White category, and ignoring jews as perpetrators. It means portraying niggers as noble on tv, and showing them in professional positions they could never obtain by merit. White skin itself is statistical disparity. And statistical disparity is a crime. Jews don't care about the reason for the disparity, they only care about the condition itself, the effect. Your white skin is proof your people are gene criminals. They refuse to obey King Televitz and mix.

Do I joke?

No, my nigger, I don't.

It is anti-Semitic for you to refuse to be miscegenated out of existence, per jewish Diktat.

As Steele said, "The White male is in the box right now -- he has absolutely no rights whatsoever." And that is by intention - by jewish intention.

The logical evolution of the jews' "civil rights" tyranny is outlawing same-race marriage. Because same-race marriage is "hate." A cowbird of color in every white woman's womb is "only fair." Or half measures, such as allowing the guilty race but one child per couple. It can adopt the excess niggers and chinks its race's science has brought into existence if it wants more mouths.

Only jews have the right to exist. The rest of us must be folded into the 'first universal nation,' in jew Wattenberg's locution. But I don't want to be fold-- what you want isn't the issue, pilgrim. What jew wants is all that matters. For they are gods, and we are their subjects. At least until we say otherwise.

[More to come...]


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