In Defense of Homophobia II

by Edgar Steele

30 April 2004

"Don't ask. Don't tell." --- Bill Clinton

"Do what you will, just not in the streets and don't frighten the horses." --- British Folk Saying, circa Victorian era

(Number 2 of 3 parts)

Tyranny of the False Majority

A minority always views rule by the majority as tyranny. Modern America has stood this concept on its head, with the result that the true majority now is being tyrannized by a false majority comprised of a variety of minority groupings, homosexuals among them.

Majority rule has inherent problems, known to America's founding fathers, who decried a "tyranny of the majority," which is why they created a republic, not a democracy. America became that dreaded democracy long ago. As Claire Wolfe said so well: "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep discussing what's for dinner."

Political associations can occur in different ways, at different levels, belied by the homily that "politics makes strange bedfellows." Accordingly, some minorities in America, considering themselves to be oppressed, called it a class struggle and enlisted enough of the disenfranchised, such as homosexuals, until a controlling majority was formed, a coalition which then proceeded to disenfranchise and torment their former perceived tormentors.

Key to this strategy in America has been the enlistment of women and the consequently necessary development of what we laughingly call Feminism. That is why we have the spectacle of an America being run by groups that do not accurately reflect the true majority group: Caucasians. How ironic that a significant portion of the true majority group, White women, was gulled into joining their own oppressors. Now we see other significant subgroupings, such as fundamentalist Christians, also helping in their own demise at the behest of the ruling clique.

With the ruling clique (can you say "Jews," boys and girls?) that formed the new false-majority coalition firmly in place at the head, the new American democracy now is being transformed into a genuine self-perpetuating dictatorship, so as to ensure the long-term rule by America's new masters, despite their small number. Coalition members, most of them viewed as useful idiots by the ruling clique, will be used, abused and abandoned, along with the real majority, as time goes on. On a roll just now, homosexuals one day will make a mad dash for the closets when their number is up.

The Queer Shall Inherit the Dearth

Many will disagree with me about the brain wiring thing. They maintain that homosexuality exclusively is a learned behavioral process. They point to ancient Greece, wherein homosexuality was approved, cultivated and then institutionalized. I concede what happened in Greece, not to mention Rome, but maintain that it happens in the final stage of every empire - the queer shall inherit the dearth. And it hastens the impending collapse. Try to tell me that isn't happening in Western civilization today. Those who disagree with me about brain wiring, of course, are less forgiving of homosexuals than I.

Here's my personal problem with homosexuals: I don't care. I don't go around pushing my sexual proclivities into anybody else's face (poor choice of words, I suppose) and I surely do not want to hear about theirs...or yours, for that matter. Tell me about your sexual conquests and I won't like it. Tell me you're homosexual and I won't like it. Wear mesh nylons and I will be annoyed if you are male. I don't want to hear about it and the best way to get me to rag on you is to tell me about it. And, heavens! Those "Gay Pride" parades! They cause me to scrunch up my face, hyperventilate and make loud, rude noises.

Don't Ask. Don't Tell.

Keep your mouth shut and I couldn't care less what you do in your bedroom at night with other consenting adults, animals and sundry prosthetics. I don't care what appliances you favor, but I don't want to know about them. What you do that doesn't hurt me or mine or others and which you don't throw in my face quite simply is none of my business. Make it my business and you can't complain about my taking care of business.

Pedophiles, who almost exclusively are homosexual, should be tried quickly and executed just as quickly when found out - no second chances to ruin a child's life. Yes, rape is a horrible crime for an adult female. It is much worse for children.

This is How Special Children Are

Children are forming their world view, while adults have theirs largely in place. To a child, sexual molestation is of extraordinary significance because the child will add the experience, Borg-like, into his or her makeup and filter the rest of life through it. A molested child never will recover in any meaningful sense because recovery simply is not possible. Even therapy gets processed through the new world view created by the child as a consequence of his or her experience. Do you still think death is too harsh a penalty for the child molester? Frankly, I'm tempted to torture them first.

Astoundingly, America's ruling clique is trying to soften the penalties imposed upon pedophiles and child molesters. This is something for which I never will forgive them. Of course, there are a great many things for which I never will forgive them, and I am not the least bit ashamed to say so.

I don't want homosexuals, even secret ones, in positions around kids, like priests, teachers and scout leaders. When found out, they should be prosecuted, even if they have done nothing, because they have insinuated themselves into the lives of children. At the very least, their way of thinking inevitably will become impressed upon impressionable minds (remember, some are led into homosexuality), even if the subject never comes up. Of course, if the subject never comes up and they don't admit it and nobody figures it out, then they skate...but not without having tainted the minds of some impressionable kids first. Perhaps naively, I believe that those deep in the closet generally will have enough of a sense of honor to do the right thing and stay away from children.

This business about keeping fully-closeted homosexuals away from kids is the single most troubling point to my wife and, probably, many others. Here is my rationale: the male and female minds are different, as explained above. That difference is manifested in virtually every expression, both verbal and nonverbal. The mental expressions of the cross-wired homosexual are no different in the manner of expression. Though no cheerleading for homosexuality may take place, the subliminal message still will be there. Impressionable young minds will be learning cues and patterning themselves after cross-wired brains, rather than appropriate role models.

It is important for kids to grow up in traditional, two-parent families, with two strong role models available for the children, both male and female, after which the kids may pattern themselves. Boys learn to emulate Dad and not to mistreat their future wives. Girls learn to emulate Mom and not to emasculate their own husbands. They learn a good deal of this from teachers, priests, scout leaders and the like, as well. Nonverbal communication is most important in this imprinting of children. Homosexuals quite simply are incapable of delivering the correct patterning. Even if they say the right words, their nonverbal cues still will rule.

Those who allow homosexual couples to adopt should be impeached, recalled, fired, sued, shunned and jailed - in that order. All too often, homosexuals who have been allowed to adopt are later found to be pedophiles, like Michael Jackson. Even when a "family" results, there are NO appropriate role models for the kids, because both "parents" have cross-wired brains. Life and love are complicated enough for us. Imagine what it will be like for those poor kids we place into the hands of homosexuals, even when they aren't preyed upon by sexual predators.

His and His Towel Sets

Those who agitate for homosexual marriage should be placed in maximum slam long enough to taste firsthand the wonders of "fisting." Allowing homosexual marriage legitimizes homosexuality as a "lifestyle choice," and sends just the wrong message to impressionable children. Fully-closeted homosexual pairings, even when figured out by children, actually send the right message, due to the furtiveness: that it is an unacceptable lifestyle, not to be emulated. Again, otherwise, some are led.

Some argue that marital benefits being extended to one's mate is why fairness demands that homosexual marriage be recognized. However, they neglect to add that homosexuals are among an extremely high-risk group, a group that incurs outlandishly disproportionate medical bills, bills that the rest of us end up underwriting with huge increases in our medical insurance premiums.

There is no logical reason for homosexual marriage. There is no societal need for it, except as another brick laid on the back of the newly-oppressed American true majority, calculated to help hold us down. There is only a militant desire to shove the lifestyle to the forefront at the expense of others' and, far more importantly, at the expense of our children.

Mid-Point Executive Summary

So, homosexuality is thrust upon people by an accident of genetics, in the main, and homosexuals are being used for the moment to help consolidate the iron grip on America by its new masters. Meanwhile, resentment toward homosexuals is building in what has become the White underclass. In a real sense, they are getting a free ride that carries the seeds for a very raw deal in the future.

Making a Pass vs. Giving a Pass

When I meet someone who seems a little androgynous, I studiously ignore thinking about it. They deserve that much, since it is a result of their wiring. Even when they begin to swish a little, in that way that suggests they might be trolling, I still give them a pass, but I edge away from them. I'll bet I know a bunch of homosexuals right this moment, many of whom I call friend. That's just fine with me so long as they don't tell me about it. I won't ask, rest assured. If they transmit AIDS to me or mine, or touch my children, they better know how to run faster than a bullet.

Am I really expecting so much?

What I did in my bedroom last night is none of your business. Nor is it any of your business that I did it with my wife. In fact, merely by pointing that out, I shove my heterosexuality into your face. You deserve better and so do I.

(Continued in Part 3)

New America. An idea whose time has come.


Those who missed the California Revisionist Conference on April 24, but would like to hear some or all of the speeches, including my own, can download them here:

To those whom I told a particular time, I apologize - I was led to believe it would be broadcast live, then with a 1-hour tape delay. Finally, it turned out that we all labored under that delusion. The reality is that the talks were posted as audio files later that night. Makes it easier for you, as you can pick and choose, if you like - you don't have to wade through the whole conference.

Noticeably, the JDL was absent, despite their forcing cancellation of the original conference and despite the threat they leveled at me. I suspect someone told them to shut up, that their posturing actually was backfiring, much as the Jewish whining about "The Passion of the Christ" backfired so badly. It was. I love making hay with their stupid overreaching in precisely the manner that they afforded me with "For Freedom " and "Them vs. Us ." And that was just me. A lot of mileage was made at the JDL's expense in exposing Jews for what they are in today's America by a lot of people, many of them in the mainstream media who inadvertently contributed to the cause.

I had a great time and you can tell I did so just by listening to my talk. We all did. More than anything, I was delighted by all those who responded to my clarion call and journeyed to the conference, some from as far away as Arkansas, New York and British Columbia. I loved meeting you in person. Wish I could do the same with every single person on this list.


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