Response to Burdi Interview

by Rob Freeman

27 April 2004

Reading the Burdi interview impressed upon me that I am not as sharp a writer or thinker as either Linder or Burdi. But I'm OK with that, because everyone in the world has a role to play.

Also, I suspect that overwork dulls the wit. So I preface this article with the acknowledgment that I will not express my response to the interview with the same sharp wit as either Linder or Burdi. Nevertheless, I think I have something worthwhile to contribute to the conversation, all the more so because I am a practitioner of yoga, tai chi, and meditation, and a White nationalist.

Burdi's main point is that he'd rather associate with an enlightened non-White than an unenlightened White. Presumably, he'd rather his theoretical children breed with enlightened non-Whites than unenlightened Whites. He seems to have fallen victim to the same fallacy that destroyed White India, and led the Brahmin Whites to breed with the non-White Dravidians.

This same objection was posed to me years ago, when my daughter was but an infant, to which I replied, "I'd rather my daughter have children out of wedlock with a toothless, alcoholic, White man from West Virginia, than a piano virtuoso mulatto who spoke six languages. I'd rather she had children with a speed freak White guy than a Chinese brain surgeon. Because I think that if we've been White for this long, then we should stay White, and if that's "shallow," I don't care for your pseudo-intellectual notion of what constitutes "depth." If it's all just shallowness and based on maintaining the White "look," then fine, that's plenty enough for me. Because I believe that whoever is still White 200 years from now, their bloodline wins. Right now we live in a period where the powers are trying to cheat us out of our Natural Capital, our White genes, and all we have to do is refuse to be cheated. And George Burdi has bought into the con. Too bad for him.

I think that if he were truly enlightened, he'd smell a spiritually sick con game when he encountered it, and he would call it what it is.

His objection to White nationalism is one we need to face head on; namely, the problem of improving the quality of people in the White separatist movement. I believe I have found the way to do this.

I work with a few guys out of prison; a few guys who are rejected from the National Alliance; a few leftovers from the World Church of the Creator; and some who are former NA members who dropped out because they had to focus on getting their own lives together.

Most of them are dirt poor, as am I. None of them, by my judgment, has proven himself to be a loser or a defective. But many of them, including myself, haven't yet succeeded either.

The criteria for being in my social circle is to be striving towards concrete objectives. I probe into the personal lives of all my associates, and if they do not have direction, I give them direction. Many of them know exactly where they are going and I have no guidance to offer them. However, some do require guidance.

One is recently out of prison and his parents have a nice house on a multi-acre property. His parent got laid off from a job and he had accepted that the property would be foreclosed. I told him that he should work multiple jobs to keep the property, and have his parent put the property in his name since he is paying the mortgage. I told him this was his chance to become "landed aristocracy" after a fashion, and a multi-acre property has limitless potential for business enterprises - farm, brewery, distillery, light manufacture, shop, tavern, motel, and so on. Further, as civilizaiton declines, then small-scale food production or brewing or distilling may again become profitable. Those with the means of production may find themselves in a highly favorable position, able to enrich themselves and aid the White movement.

I hope this inspired him, and I hope he will take multiple jobs and try to keep his property. If he tries, then he is a winner. If he doesn't even try, then he's a loser and I write him off. I don't have to "weed him out." He will weed himself out when I ask him what he's done to keep his property. Even if he ultimately fails, that's OK. I want to see if he at least makes an effort ot do something that is in his own personal interest.

That's how easy it is to separate winners and losers. It's not like I am asking them to give me anything. No. I want to see if you can save yourself before I have anything to do with you. I want to see if you are a complete person in yourself before I bring you into my social circle.

Certainly it is true that the WN movement attracts a lot of losers. So does the anti-racist movement; so does hip-hop; so does the Democratic and Republican Party; so does the NRA; so do the myriad Christian churches and other religions. So what? That proves NOTHING to me.

The existence of enlightened Africans, enlightened Latinos, enlightened Asians, enlightened Jews, does not change my view one bit. Let them go and enlighten their own people. If they want to contact me for high-level dialogue to prevent racial conflict, that's fine. I am always willing to listen. But this is my core principle: I am for the survival, expansion, and advancement of the White race and the White race alone, full stop.

The World Church of the Creator is superb in its negative mission -- namely to cut away all the bullshit and teach you total racial selfishness -- that racial competition is the way of the world and that's all there is to it.

Burdi is right that the WCOTC is lacking a positive foundation. I envision a yoga/tai chi/organic-gardening program to add to the WCOTC life system.

What ultimately is wrong with Burdi's assessment is that he doesn't dance with them that brung him. He was born of a thousand generations of Whites, and he betrays them all for a New Age pseudo-intellectual and elitist notion of spiritual racialism. As for me, I'd rather be with so-called White trash in Appalachia or a village in Russia, than with wealthy and cultured multi-racials in Greenwich, Conn., or Beverly Hills.


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