On Propaganda

by Max Hadden

20 April 2004

One of the most misunderstood words in the U.S. today is propaganda. The reason for this is quite understandable -- our mass media and educational institutions subconsciously condition us to interpret 'propaganda' as "lies," just as they've been able to equate pro-White racism to "hate" and "violence," and convert conspiracy observers into "kooks" and "nuts." In reality, Jews and their gentile stooges who advocate these negative myths are using propaganda in the same manner that they decry. That is, they mislead people with false information. "We were attacked on September 11th because Bin Laden and terrorists hate our freedom." Yeah, sure, tell me another one. The fish that got away was how big? VNN readers deserve the truth.


The definition of propaganda is: the spreading of ideas and information to further or damage a cause. Take special note of the fact that there is NOTHING in this definition that makes the word something inherently negative. In other words, it doesn't say, "the ideas presented in propaganda are lies," or "the information contained in propaganda must be false." As we have noted many times before, the Jews couldn't care less about lying to gentiles if it helps them obtain their goals: power and money. While Aryans have: 1) the saying "honesty is the best policy"; 2) swearing an oath to a Supreme Being before giving testimony in the courtroom; and 3) the fable of a young George Washington admitting to cutting down a cherry tree. Clearly, Whites do not hold the truth in contempt like the majority of Jews do.


The cause mentioned in the definition of propaganda, "to further or damage a cause," is so general that it could mean anything. In a positive manner, propaganda can be used to advocate peace, fight tyranny, or revise history. While in a negative fashion it is used to sell garbage, advocate tyranny, and lie about issues of vital importance to White people. Given this fundamental understanding of what propaganda really is, we can see that we are bombarded with it every day: commercials on radio and television; our no-neck, moron President telling us Ariel Sharon is a "man of peace"; and of course, lest we forget, the BIG lie that the Germans intentionally murdered 6 million Jews. Of recent note, newspapers in Iraq were shut down because they were "propaganda outlets," igniting the recent Shiite uprising. And their propaganda WAS hurting the American cause in Iraq. But is the American cause there just? And aren't the Jews who control our mass media in America hurting the cause of the descendants of the people who created this nation? Why don't we shut them down instead?


The National Socialists of "Nazi" Germany who broke the Jewish stranglehold on Deutschland are, according to the Jews, the epitome of evil and the principle leaders of false propaganda. This most egregious and blatant falsehood, the lie that the Germans were evil and lied to their own people, is believed by the vast amount of ignorant Americans and justified by Jewish liars who claim that the Germans were "brainwashed by propaganda." Two very important things the Jews don't say are: 1) that German propaganda was the truth, and 2) that the reason that the Jews hate National Socialists or "Nazis" so much and continue to lie and demonize them is because they successfully broke the Jewish grip on Germany. Ideas and information -- honest propaganda, such as what we're providing here at VNN -- had solved the Jewish problem.

Something easy to comprehend, and quite obvious from history, is that the German government acknowledged that propaganda exists and needed to be controlled if people are to avoid the great harm and even disaster that can be caused by propaganda containing lies and falsehoods. Why easy to comprehend? Can anyone say, "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction"? Why is it so obvious? Because the title given to Herr Doctor Joseph Goebbels was Minister for National Enlightenment and Propaganda. There was no hidden agenda for brainwashing the German people. The Jewish portrait of "nazi" propaganda is the same thing as saying that parents are brainwashing their kids when they instruct them not to do something. Jews maintain that the parents in this case are doing something BAD or harmful to their own children, a stance that's patently absurd. Any claim that National Socialist propaganda was "evil" is likewise ridiculous.

Anyone who personally knows or has known Germans will understand me when I say that the Germans are people who are exceedingly frank, honest, open, and to-the-point. They don't go sneaking around trying to figure out ways to deceive and manipulate people like the proverbial Jewish hustler and the so-called "neocon" Jews. Given this characteristic of the Germans, I will also briefly mention the accusation that Hitler and Goebbels fooled the people because they were good at rhetoric. Sure, this is true, but just like the misperception of propaganda, that DOES NOT mean that they were persuading people to believe false doctrines, or lies. One must look at the content of the propaganda presented to judge its truthfulness, and more importantly, its merit for positive impact, whether that impact is simply clearing up things for the receiver, or actually a changing force to solve society's problems and lead its citizens to a better life.


The Jewish attacks on Hitler's regime are so nonstop and numerous that it's difficult to refute them all. Every time they have an opportunity, they will bash National Socialism. A couple of examples that spring to mind are films such as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" wherein a character says, "Hitler's a nut on the subject. He's obsessed with the occult." Which is a lie. Or the film "U-571" wherein the German U-boat captain tells the crew that Hitler has ordered them not to take prisoners, so the men proceed to mow down a bunch of Brits in a lifeboat. No one claimed anything like that scene ever happened in real life, but most White children who see this crap will believe it. Both of these films just happen to have been written and directed by Jews.

The above two films use a more or less subtle approach to propagandize against the "Nazis," but there are even more blatant methods used on television all the time. For example, on Sunday, April 18, the History Channel (more like the anti-Hitler Channel) played the movie "Boys from Brazil." Isn't the History Channel supposed to be a documentary channel? Then why are they playing this fictitious film? And WHO do they have on during commercial breaks and intermissions to discuss the film, why two Jews of course! Gerald Posner, previously a publisher of The Jewish Journal (http://www.jewishjournal.org/archives/archiveMay10_02.htm) and David Marwell from the Jewish Heritage Museum. No bias there. Jews are the experts on "Nazis". In fact, if you look around, Jews are the "experts" on everything! Oy vey, vhat a country!


Let's briefly look at a few REAL examples of what happened during the Second World War. We've already heard the Jewish side, in fact that's all Americans ever hear in this country. Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman (http://www.revisionisthistory.org) interviewed former Waffen SS man Hans Von der Heide on video around 1985. I'll mention just a few of the facts brought out by Mr. Von der Heide thanks to Mr. Hoffman.

1) There were guerrilla groups running around in Russia and the Ukraine during the war that were known as "partisans" because they were staunch Communists. Of course, they were nearly totally Jewish. One event that Mr. Von der Heide described was when 20 SS men went to a village in the forest where some partisans had a camp. When the 20 men didn't return after a few hours, Mr. Von der Heide and 100 others went to check it out. They found the men hung up and slaughtered like pigs, cut open from their necks to their pelvis. German physicians later concluded that some of them had been cut open while they were still alive, some had been shot first, and that serrated edges of tin cans had been used to cut their throats.

2) The Jews made a big deal about the Einsatzgruppen division the Germans formed to combat the partisans. In fact, they prosecuted former Einsatzgruppen members in 1958 for allegedly targeting Jews and killing a thousand or so. This simply proves that the partisans were almost entirely Jewish. You can read a good assessment about the Jewish witch-hunt to frame the Germans as "nazi war criminals" at http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v02/v02p247_Staglich.html. Like Commander Rockwell said, "We didn't fry the Rosenbergs in the electric chair because they were Jewish. We executed them because they were Communist traitors." An Einsatzgruppen report is available on-line http://www.einsatzgruppenarchives.com/osr38.html.

3) The Ukrainians whom Mr. Von der Heide encountered were extremely generous and grateful to the Germans for fighting the Jewish Communists. He recounts staying with a Ukrainian couple and dancing with their twin son and daughter at their 21st birthday party. Many farmers even fought alongside the Germans without the benefit of uniforms. Here's an article http://www.maloca.com/katyn.htm wherein the following statements appears, "millions of Soviet slaves prayed for liberation by the armies of Hitler."..."The German army planned to liberate many Soviet concentration camps and Hitler considered to dispatch a special airborne commandos of Russian volunteers commanded by the Baltic German Russian-speaking SS officers for liberation of 20,000 Soviet slaves, but the war misfortunes of Wehrmacht and the Russo-Anglo-American counteroffensives thwarted the plan."

4) It is well known that the most of the Soviet Army Commissars and officers were Jews, so it shouldn't be surprising that they told their troops that surrender or retreat was not an option. If they retreated, they would be shot. And they could not allow themselves to be taken prisoner. This is why so many Russian gentiles fought bravely and died quickly. They were caught between a rock and a hard place. They had to kill or be killed. On the other hand, there were no such standard orders given by the officers of the "evil" Germans. Mr. Von der Heide would have known if such a German order had been given because he was a foot soldier, not an officer. He recounted a tragic sight when after the war in a prison camp in France the Allies, knowing full well what the fate of the Ukrainian soldiers who fought with the Germans would be, separated them from the rest of the prisoners and told them they were shipping them to Russia. Von der Heide said the screaming and the pleading of these men not to be sent to Russia was horrible to hear, but it didn't faze the Allies.

5) Since I brought up France, and everyone knows that France and Britain declared war on Germany which had never declared war on anyone, another example Mr. Von der Heide recounts explains how many citizens of France were not in agreement with their government, just as today, most White Americans realize their government leaders do not listen to them. The incident Mr. Von der Heide describes was when the French SS Division Charlemagne saved him and his comrades. That's right. Many French fought alongside the Germans in the all-volunteer Waffen SS. Learn more http://axis101.bizland.com/Charlemagne1.htm. Von der Heide says that in his opinion the Waffen SS was the first true pan-European army in Europe because of its mixture of nationalities preceding NATO and the UN.

6) One final incident Mr. Von der Heide recounted is the following; when he and a group of 160 SS men had set up a position by the Albert Canal, the "Yanks" as he called them, overran the island. What he mentions in the video interview was that this turned into a true "atrocity" story, as the Americans murdered the SS men. He said as he swam away from the island, he turned back and saw a soldier whose leg was so badly injured he couldn't walk or swim, leaning against a tree with one arm, the other one raised high surrendering, and the Americans just machine gunned him down, even though he was unarmed. So murder did happen on occassion during the war, on both sides, but it was the exception rather than the rule. I really recommend that you purchase and watch this interview by Michael Hoffman. Some more details of this incident from Mr. Von der Heide, as well as other events, such as how German prisoners were mistreated while the Germans had treated their POW's fairly, can be found here http://www.vho.org/GB/Journals/JHR/10/2/vonderHeide177-185.html

These specific incidents as told by Mr. Von der Heide sound less hollow than the "facts" given by the Jews any day of the week. It's no wonder that the telavivision has started showing anti-Hitler films and dramas like "Band of Brothers" to whip up American patriotic fervor to defend Israel as the futile "war on terror" has intensified recently in Iraq. The Jews certainly don't want American lemmings focussing on the real problem -- Israel and Jewish power.


No discussion on propaganda would be complete without discussing that greatest hoax of all time known as the Holocaust. A little known explanation about it, thanks to Mr. Ditlieb Felderer and Michael Hoffman, is this: the reason that the Americans and British went along with the Jews in their Holocaust story was because the Allies had committed such mass atrocities against Germany with bombing to rubble typically 80% of every major city (Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin, Darmstadt, et al) and killing innocent women and children (250,000 in Dresden in a few days time after its horrible firebombing) that THEY HAD to make the Germans seem worse criminals than they were. If they didn't do this, it would seem like the Allies were in the wrong. The real bad guys. Which as it turns out, they were.

By pointing out the Jewish problem in Germany and the Jews role in Communism, Jewish control of the central banks in England and in Germany and elsewhere, the Jews in the White slave trade, and on and on, Adolf Hitler made many enemies. The Soviets, overwhelmingly in the hands of the Jews, were by default anti-Hitler. The Americans, led by the Dutch Jewish President FDR (real name Rosenfelt), were propagandized by Americans and Jews for years before Pearl Harbor. And the International Bankers, some of the same Jewish families that owned their private interests in our Federal Reserve System, were threatened by Hitler's economic policies (which would free the people of any country that adopted National Socialism).

The Jews know a good thing when they see one, so later when lawsuits were brought against the Germans by Jewish lawyers to pay reparations for the Holocaust, Jews from everywhere were quick to claim that they "survived" the so called death camps, but their relatives or members of their families had been killed by the Germans. Of course, the fact that the Jews change their last names so much made it easy to claim relationship to some -berg or -stein who died somewhere. Ditlieb Felderer makes the point that the Jews were actually safer in places that were not in major cities thanks to the Allied firebombing and the Jews were the only ones (for many years) who claimed a monopoly on this alleged genocide story even though many more non-Jews than Jews inhabited the camps.

One of the main reasons why American troops, as pointed out by General Patton, were not allowed to "fraternize" or speak to German prisoners after the war was because they would learn the truth. Of course, they would say it was to safely keep the Americans from being sucked into German propaganda, but what they didn't say, and Nazis many didn't know, was that National Socialist propaganda was true. The German propaganda was NOT about "hate for Jews," but was about love for your own people, your own race. Everyone naturally protects his own family and the race is simply an extension of your own family. And whom do we need to protect our family from? Why any group that seeks to destroy it, which has historically been the Jews.

The point of the Jewish propaganda myth known as the "Holocaust" is to keep the White man demoralized and feeling guilty about those poor, innocent, and blameless Jews. It goes like this -- Jews and Israel do whatever they want, commit horrible crimes in Palestine which eventually leads to terrorism in America. If someone says, "It's your fault Jews," they respond, "That's anti-Semitism. That's what Hitler did. That means you want to kill Jews too. Just like Hitler did." And the American backpedals because he doesn't want any association with Hitler and the "Nazis." But the fact is that these negative stories are all LIES. They are not true.


It's only a matter of time, and more and more people are waking up every day, that most Americans will come to realize that the Germans were right about the Jews. Commander Rockwell once said that Adolf Hitler fought the Alamo for the White race during World War II. He was right. Americans need to grow up and accept that our leaders and our country can make mistakes and has made mistakes. Our biggest mistake was fighting the National Socialists and their allies to save the Jews (http://www.natall.com/free-speech/fs0203d.html). Come on folks, can there be any doubt that Bush does the Jews' bidding after that recent press conference with Ariel "the butcher" Sharon? I wouldn't trust Bush to wash my car, let alone run our country!

Propaganda is everywhere, yet whether or not it is a pack of lies depends upon who has control over it. Yes, we at VNN are using propaganda, just like the Jew-controlled mass media do. And although we make spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or even if some facts or opinions are not completely accurate or proper, these mistakes do not change the central message or the main point of the essay, or the righteousness of our cause. The truth is and will always be the only weapon that we have. I will continue to defend the honor of the German people and will present the WHOLE truth as long as I possibly can. This is my propaganda and it happens to be the truth.


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