Update on the Trial of Matt Hale

by John King

16 April 2004

(Note: The following information was provided to me by phone on Friday Apr. 16 by a reliable source close to the defense, who was present for the first week of the trial)

The "trial" of Matt Hale, leader of the Creativity Movement, began at the federal courthouse in Chicago, Ill. on Monday Apr. 12

Tony Evola (Hale's former bodyguard) and Jon Fox (former state leader of Kentucky) were the principal prosecution witnesses.

According to my source, Evola admitted twice under oath that Matt Hale never asked him to kill or harm anyone. Evola was shown to be intellectually lacking. When reading transcripts (of his secret recordings) he had to be helped to pronounce long words occassionally.

Fox was shown to be a total idiot on the stand. He admitted that he failed the World Church minister's exam three times. It is an open-book test! People in the audience and the jury were looking at each other when he made this admission.

My source said the judge is "very fair" and that Durkin (Hale's attorney) is doing a "tremendous job."

An elderly Kike from the JDL was also in the audience every day.

The majority of the time in the courtroom this week was spent playing and reading the Evola tapes - there were scores of them.

On Monday, April 19, the trial resumes. The prosecution will probably spend about an hour with Evola and then the Defense will begin its case.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Rev. Matt Hale!

For a Whiter and Brighter World!

Rev. John King
Newport News, Virginia
o_cobblepot@ hotmail.com


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