Where Do You Live?

by Derek Powling

15 April 2004

I will be moving in the near future. Having lived in various regions in the United States, my wife and I find ourselves choosing where we are going to live based on one factor: the percentage of minorities in the public school for that area.

Since we are talking about school, here is a little bit of homework. Review the links below for the healthiest states, most livable states, smartest states, most dangerous states, and safest states. Now compare those rankings to the census maps in the next three links.

Have you noticed a trend? Except for some unusual outliers, such as Nevada, next to Whitey is the place to be. It is entirely possible that "diversity is our strength," "we are all the same on the inside," and various other state-required mantras are completely wrong. In fact, and I will leave this up to you, you can scrub the crime data in detail, and when all else such as socioeconomic status, city size, etc. is equal, you can flat out predict how violent and crappy someplace is to live by the percentage of Afrcians there. Although less violent overall, property crime rates just happen to correlate equally well with the "Hispanic" (i.e. - little to no actual Spanish heritage) population.

I suggest using this sort of information to "bring over" and "convert" some more of our own kind. In our current political situation, no one is going to win many converts by giving every prospective White brother or sister both barrels in black and white. Lots more are going to listen and do some hard thinking if you can convince them to do what is best for their children.

Healthiest States


Most Livable States


Smartest States


Most Dangerous States


Safest States


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