Mr. Male Whitey, part II

by Mark J. Maloney

13 April 2004

I apologize in advance for the sloppiness of these ideas and their presentation. Sometimes it seems that the white man has little time for such frivolous concepts as grammatical correction and smooth transitional phrases. I will make every effort to calm down and present these ideas so that they might be thoughtfully considered rather than dismissed as the raving lunacy of yet another white, racist nigger-hater.

Some issues, though, are seriously troubling me; indeed they should be troubling to all white, middle-class men wanting to preserve the decency of current life and the prospect of turning around progressive generations of producers. If the trend continues that 80% of the wealth in America remains in 2% of the population's hands, then broad, sweeping changes should go unprotested by the majority of the population. All we, that is, white, middle-class men, need is a catalyst - a small gesture of pride to stimulate the logical mind.

Take for example the Negro: How is it that the Negro can occupy so much time and space in the mass- media when only 13.5% of the worldwide Negro population lives here? Obviously, the Negro is getting some help because these people have demonstrated time and time again that they are too stupid and too greedy to organize and make corrective changes. Some niggers are so complacent that they have roaches crawling across the kitchen table while they sup on government subsidized food.

I submit that the Jews are using the Negro to entertain the cultureless white middle-class. But why are so many white, middle-class people allowing themselves to be sucked into this trap?

First, the Jew uses the Negro to scare the white, middle-class producer. I can picture in my mind a collection of Jews sitting around trying to figure out more ways of separating the fine Christian white, middle-class man from his hard-earned dollars. 'The Negro,' according to the Jew, 'is dangerous.' White, middle-class man (Civilized Man for short) must sacrifice large portions of his annual income to taxes -- money that goes largely to support the flailing masses of Negroes; and for protection, which serves to control, albeit loosely, the so-labeled 'dangerous' Negro.

The second way the Jew uses the Negro to separate Civilized Man from his hard-earned dollars is through entertainment. Our impressionable children buy into the "street-cred" nonsense they hear on the radio and see on television. Unfortunately, little can be done to control the music outlet. As long as we allow these knuckle-draggers to roam freely, we have little chance of shutting them the fuck up about their degenerate lifestyles. I know the difference between bullshit and reality, but some dumb-ass teenager doesn't. The same dumb-ass teenager will spend all of his parents' income on such nonsensical items as music CDs and trendy clothing; meanwhile, the Jews and Negroes get richer, Civilized Man gets deeper into debt. The cycle continues until Civilized Man can no longer sustain an objective stance, for he risks losing everything for the sake of correction.

With further respect to entertainment, many Civilized Men are duped by the sports-industrial complex. How exactly does reason justify paying a Mongoloid Negro a grossly disproportionate salary for doing what any asshole can do; and most of these other, cheaper-working assholes would probably make any given sport more interesting.

I have a solution to this problem (two actually):

One ... We change the name of one NFL football team to "The Niggers." As hilarious as that sounds, such a name has legitimately sound economic benefits: It would free up the word "Nigger" to be used by all people, not just those infected with cursed dark skin. For justification's sake, if we can call a team "the Vikings" and not feel ashamed of ourselves, the "The Niggers" is a fair play. Vikings, after all, were the invaders and rapists of monks and nuns a thousand or so years ago.

Two ... We cap the annual salary for all players at about 200 or 300 thousand dollars per season. That's quite a discount for an NFL player. I know a lot of blue-chip players would opt to play for another organization at a much higher salary, but the void would soon be filled with other aspiring darkies. Plus, if the fairly paid darky were successful, he could make up the difference in endorsement contracts with some nigger-loving shoe company.

These are some just some humble suggestions. To sum up: I want to change the name of the New Orleans Saints to the New Orleans Niggers AND I want to restrict the amount of money the Niggers' players can take back to the ghetto. Simple.

Now, what to do with all the extra money? Easy. That money should go into a slush fund for the express purpose of building bigger and better prisons. No more of this revolving-door business; in the new prisons, there is a bed for every Negro within a fifty-mile radius.


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