Tough Love for Mexico

by Donald E. Pauly

12 April 2004

This plan to clean up America assumes that the necessary political power has been obtained. Most of these measures apply only to Mexico but some will need to be used on the Canadian border as well. Mexico is 90% of our problem.

It is a land rich in resources. Instead of developing them, Mexico exports its jobless people to work here. Their government cares only about the $15 billion that they send home each year. It is not concerned that these eight million gate crashers cost our tax payers $68 billion per year. This cost is spread out in social services, education of their children, prisoner incarceration, and medical care. Most of the drug traffic comes from the presence here of Mexican illegal aliens. The war on drugs costs $80 billion per year. The crime and medical expenses caused by these drugs cost even more.

America has 300 million people and does not need any more. Our country is being rapidly destroyed by an occupying army of 23 million Mexicans. This army has rendered millions of U.S. citizens jobless and caused overall wages to plummet. Mexico has a real weapon of mass destruction inside this country accompanied by a fifth column of illegal alien lovers. We can have decent Mexican restaurants in every city over 100,000 with no more that 2000 Mexican chefs. Americans can perform the rest of the jobs.

Mexico has proven itself incapable of self-government. We occupied Mexico City in 1848 and should have never left. We need to give Mexico a little tough love. If they don't like the necessary measures, it is time for cruise missiles to visit Vicente Fox's ranch. This should get his attention. If that fails, the next step is invasion and occupation. To solve the problem we must address the reasons that Mexicans leave home as well as the reasons that they come here. Mexicans do not want to come to this country. They are forced to flee here in order to earn a living.

The problem must be solved in eight stages.

1. Stop ALL immigration.
2. Abolish all green cards and H1-B visas.
3. Deport all non-citizens to their countries of origin.
4. Jail U.S. employers who hire Mexicans.
5. Seal the border with Mexico.
6. Start a DECLINE in the population of Mexico.
7. Provide agricultural jobs in Mexico.
8. Develop the Mexican oil fields.

The first step is to stop all immigration including that of political refugees. This includes the issuance of work visas. The only non-citizens allowed to work in this country should be at foreign embassies and as language teachers. Both of these will be at the absolute minimum. Tourists or students will be allowed in only if they have tickets back to their home countries. Foreign students attending our universities will be required to leave immediately after graduation.

We do not need ANY foreign workers in this country. Every green card should be revoked and every H1-B visa cancelled. Their former holders should be deported with their families to their country of origin. This is the proper way to achieve family unification. Children of non-citizens who were born in this country should be deported with them.

Only a few arrests and deportations of non-citizens would be necessary. With the possibility of employment gone, they would return to their home countries. Every past citizenship application should be gone over with a fine tooth comb. If the applicant has lied or committed any fraud, their citizenship should be revoked and they should be deported.

We need to revive the Old West tradition of bounty hunters. A bounty of $100 should be established for the arrest of any illegal alien. This would be a profitable profession for interested parties. Any peace officer who encounters an illegal alien and fails to arrest them should be imprisoned for two years. Any doctor who fails to report an illegal alien they have treated should also be imprisoned for two years. Schools should be required to report any illegal alien parents they encounter or children who enroll.

All deportees should be required to pay the cost of their deportation if they are able. If not, their property should be sold to defray their passage back to their home country. Prior to deportation, non-citizens should be required to pay for any welfare or medical treatment they have received. Their property should be sold for this purpose if necessary. The taxpayer should pick up the tab only as a last resort.

Jobs in this country are the attractive nuisance that bring Mexican illegal aliens here. A bounty of $1,000 should be paid to anyone who turns in an employer who has hired an illegal alien. That employer should be given a minimum prison sentence of two years. Claims by the employer that the documents of the illegal alien appeared genuine will not be accepted. That is what a job interview is for. An employer smart enough to make payroll knows whether the potential employee is a U.S. citizen or not. After the first few employers are hauled off in handcuffs in front of video cameras, no illegal alien will be able to find a job anywhere.

The employment of illegal aliens is a vicious circle when some employers hire illegal aliens. Other employers cannot stay in business unless they also do so. Jailing employers that do will level the playing field so that all employers will have to hire only U.S. citizens. While this will increase the prices of many things, the extra money will circulate in this country instead of being sent to Mexico. When illegal aliens do not have to be subsidized by society, taxes will go down and the standard of living will rise.

Chris Simcox patrols for illegal aliens on the Arizona border with the Tombstone Militia. Within days of Bush talking about amnesty, he reported that all of illegal aliens that they apprehended had come to get their amnesty. A 2,000-mile fence will cost billions of dollars and damage the environment. It is not necessary. A "shoot to kill on sight" policy should be instituted for illegal border crossers. This should be done without regard to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or citizenship status. Bring the closest Mexican consular officer out to collect the carcass of the first illegal border crosser shot. It will take only a handful of dead Mexicans for the word to spread instantly all over Mexico. Immigration would be halted within days.

Only about 2,000 Border Patrol agents would be required, one per mile. Since they would be snipers for deterrence, not every illegal border crosser would have to be shot. This is actually a humane policy because it would save the lives of the 200 Mexicans who die each summer trying to cross the Arizona desert. This would be far more effective than putting out water cans. No additional agents would need to be hired since four shifts could be organized from existing agents. Huge numbers of agents would be then available for dragnets for the illegal aliens loose inside this country.

None of these measures will prevent Mexicans from wanting to escape the overcrowding and poverty of Mexico. The solution of that problem is just as important as eliminating the environment that attracts them here. The next step is to get the population of Mexico to decline. Mexican immigration to the U.S. is driven by their out of control population growth. Until this is stopped, the problem cannot be solved permanently . A Mexican is born every 45 seconds and one immigrates to this country every 30 seconds. A one child per family policy like China's must be immediately enforced in Mexico.

After the birth of her first child, every Mexican woman should be sterilized. Employment of both the husband and wife must be withheld until the sterilization is accomplished. We can provide a small army of doctors to help Mexico do the job. The cost of spaying a cat is $100. Surely $400 would be enough for a Mexican in mass production. Assuming 20 million Mexican women are of child bearing age, this would cost of $8 billion. At one operation per hour, it will take 20,000 doctors to do the job in one year. This is only a few percent of the total number of doctors in this country. Thereafter a trickle of sterilizations would maintain the one child per family policy. A million Mexican illegal aliens presently enter this country each year. Each costs society about $8,000 per year. In one year, we could save as much as the sterilization will cost.

Jobs must be provided for the 23 million Mexicans which we will deport from this country. Mexico has a huge excess population with only about a third-grade education. They are well suited for agricultural work. Mexico has an abundance of rich farm land that can be used to grow winter vegetables. Labor intensive agricultural crops such as lettuce and vegetables should be grown to provide jobs. Over 20 million Mexicans live in Mexico City. The vast majority of them must be dispersed to the rural countryside. We should import Mexican vegetables not Mexicans. Our agricultural land should be used to grow crops like corn and cotton that can be highly mechanized. Any lettuce grown here should be picked by chain gangs of immigration lawyers.

Mexico has huge untapped oil reserves which their state oil monopoly Pemex has not properly exploited, see . Since Mexico nationalized Pemex in 1938, it has been run inefficiently with rampant corruption. We import about three billion barrels of oil from Arab countries each year, see (9 million bbls per day). Those three billion barrels will make about 120 billion gallons of gasoline, which is 400 gallons for every person in this country-- enough to drive 12,000 miles.

It would be far better to get all of our oil from Mexico rather than from Moslem countries. If we didn't need their oil, we would have a handy excuse to keep Moslems out of our country . Arabs wouldn't have money for terrorism if we didn't buy their oil. Our Middle East policy would be much more flexible as well. Getting the Mexican oil fields in shape would give Bush's beloved Haliburton something to do. Many jobs in the oil fields would be created for U.S. citizens in Mexico. Pemex would be hiring and some Mexicans would get high paying oil field jobs.

When we get the oil going, we should demand reparations for our past costs of dealing with Mexican illegal immigration. This would include deportation expense, illegal alien crime, social services, education of Mexican children, and medical care. Most likely, this would amount to $600 billion or so. Collecting reparations would make it unnecessary to guard our southern border. Mexico would do it for us. The U.S. will have cheap oil for some time.

Our southern neighbor has rich gold and silver deposits. We should help them exploit these riches to provide additional jobs for their population. Universal education must be enforced in Mexico. Mexicans to be educated to do high-tech work rather than just picking lettuce and trimming palm trees. We should train them as doctors, nurses, and engineers. If they are short on lawyers, we can send them a million of ours. At some point, we should be able to restore self government to Mexico when they have become good trading partners.



The author is an electronic engineer with two patents and a commercial pilot with airplane and helicopter ratings. He is Executive Director of a new political party, the Emigration Party of Nevada.

Donald E. Pauly
Executive Director
Emigration Party of Nevada

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