If Germany Had Won the Second World War

by Max Hadden

12 April 2004

We've heard the Jews controlling our mass media as well as their American chattel say that the war against Germany and Hitler was a "good war" and made the world "safe for democracy." Those of us who are no longer ignorant of the truth, know otherwise. The simple fact is that the Second World War made the world safe for Jews to continue their domination of Whites. So let's ask the question and provide the answer for what the United States would have been like if the Germans had actually won that most horrible and fratricidal war of all time, World War II.


The current agitprop by Marxist White liberals who claim the Iraq War is "racist" because White men in our government are pushing it (they seem not to notice the Africans in our government like Powell and Rice) is idiotic. Bush and his Jewish cronies are NOT racists. Real White racists, like us, don't want to kill innocent Arabs. Further, calling Israeli acts of terror against the Palestinians "racist" and "something the Nazis would do" is ridiculous. In fact, the Palestinians have more in common with "Nazis." To wit, the Palestinians want the Jews off their backs just like the Germans did. And does anyone believe that Palestinians want to live side by side with the Jews after what they've done? No way. The only reason Palestinians are pissed off about the wall the Jews are building is because it would cordon off most of the land the Jews have STOLEN from them. The "anti-racists" are confusing the truth of the Middle East situation just like they do everything else. The Jews simply want control OVER the Palestinians, while National Socialist racist "Nazis" like me say, "Let the Palestinians run their own affairs," and further, the Jews shouldn't have stolen the land from the Palestinians in the first place. That's something we'd want to correct out of fairness and justice's sake, not out of hatred or dislike of Jews. Anti-racists should THINK, for a change. If that's possible.


One might ask, why should Whites, or any race, trust the Jews, in light of these historical happenings:

- Jewish Communists during the so-called Spanish Civil War in the 1930s stopped firemen from putting out the fires they started in ancient Christian churches, resulting not only in the churches' destruction, but people burned alive (not to mention raped nuns and murdered priests)

- Jew terrorists booby trapped dead British soldiers so that their comrades would be blown up when they went to retrieve their bodies for burial (a la Menachem Begin and his terrorist gang)

- not only did the Israelis attack the USS Liberty, they shot up its lifeboats to make sure the sailors couldn't abandon ship (note: the Jews attacked the Liberty to keep America from discovering their murder of Sudanese and Egyptian workers in the Sinai, according to Victor Ostrovsky)

- during the so-called "Black Civil Rights" movement, the Jewish Communists who wanted to accelerate the racial conflict between Blacks and Whites in America suggested to the Blacks that they should go into a White neigbhorhood and kill a few White children who were playing in a front yard: the resulting White backlash would make the Whites appear cruel and make Blacks appear to be innocent victims (from More Deadly Than War, video documentary by G. Edward Griffin).

These are just a few of the acts of barbarity and depravity planned and/or perpetrated by the Jews that our stupid American White Marxist liberals so vehemently defend. The average Aryan can't even conceive of such dishonorable and atrocious acts as the Jewish mind can, let alone actually carry them out.


To the naysayers who would add to the following list "there would be book burnings" or "mass murders" if the Germans had won, or other such nonsense equivalent to ignoring the reality of life in National Socialist Germany -- you've been listening to only one side of the argument for far too long: the Jewish side. Did you ever bother to look at the names of the people writing all the "anti-Nazi" books? You should realize that White Americans who are "anti-Nazi" are basing their hatred on articles, books, and films by Jewish authors. There are two sides to every story, and for a start, White Americans need to read Mein Kampf as well as books by the historian David Irving to hear the other side of the story.

Note: I'm not going to comment on the Japanese or Pacific activity during World War II, but I assume that the U.S. would have dropped the atom bomb on Berlin if Germany hadn't fallen when it did. Further, I'm not doing justice to those who don't understand what National Socialism really is -- it is NOT Jewish socialism on a national level -- or to all of the other brilliant and productive things the Germans did in their society to improve it during the reign of Adolf Hitler. There are a lot of great things the Germans did beside the 25 party planks. Maybe I'll write another article at a later date to explain.

If Germany had won the Second World War...

...there would be no Holocaust propaganda or continuous demonization and extortion of Germans

...there would be no contagious Jewish whining about "anti-Semitism," no outrage against Mel Gibson's "Passion," and no dangerous and Marxist propaganda from Hollywood

...there would have been no Cold War, nuclear weapons race, or spread of international Communism because Russia would have been freed of the Jewish Communists and given national independence by der Fuehrer and il Duce

...there would have been no Jewish espionage such as the Rosenbergs and Pollard, nor would there have been Jewish organized crime involving Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, nor a Valentine's Day Massacre, and no McCarthy hearings (because the Jewish Communists and criminals would be out in Madagascar)

...there would have been no September 11, 2001, attacks because the U.S. would never have been the biggest supporter of the terrorist state of Israel (the Jews in this country would have been expelled by the German National Socialists and no longer had media or government influence, further, those Arabs -- or Mossad agents, if you believe that -- who hijacked the planes wouldn't even have been in this country)

...there would be no American troops in Iraq or anywhere abroad

...there would be no racial problems such as Black riots or the Mexican invasion because there would be no non-Whites in White America (Whites would have their own separate geographical living space because the truth of racial inequality and need for survival would be widely known)

...there would be no large sections of once-beautiful cities destroyed by Africans or Mexicans and the rest of the shit that comes along with these people such as violent crimes, diseases, gang violence, drug use, crap culture (music, art, literature), and hatred and abuse of White people (especially White females)

...there would be no outsourcing of American jobs (greedy capitalism would be discontinued) or importation of non-Whites to this country

...there would be no outrageous prices to help fill Jewish pockets for useless rocks (diamonds), or "Jewelry," or for strange-looking clothing created by mentally ill homosexuals that we call "fashion"

...there would be no White slavery, pornography, or other exploitation of White girls and women

...there would be no unnatural harmful Jewish influences on our women, such as feminist ideas leading to conflicts with men, defense of homosexuality, plastic surgery for unnecessary cosmetic reasons, or eating disorders like anorexia in order to meet some imaginary ideal image of beauty

... there would be no outrageous salaries for television news commentators, film actors, professional athletes, or anyone called "stars" or "celebrities" (wages would be fairly and appropriately determined)

...there would have been none of a long list of nutty front-page national news stories over the past 60 years: the Waco massacre, the Tim McVeigh bombing, the O.J. Simpson trial, Clinton first being President and then being given a blowjob by the Jewish intern Monica Lewinsky; all the large corporate financial scandals including the Martha Stewart debacle; Janet Jackson showing her nipple, Watergate, the Iran Contra Affair, President Reagan and his passage of a Martin Luther King Jr national Holiday, the Vietnam War, the Korean Conflict, Rodney King and what happened to Reginald Denny and the L.A. riots (just to name a few)

... there would be virtually no suicides among our youth, no gang violence, virtually no unwanted or adolescent pregnancies, virtually no abortions, no smoking, and no social conditions such as alienation leading to drug or alcohol abuse (our teenagers would have been given a sense of racial identity and understanding so they could find true happiness as they discovered and pursued their own talents and abilities which made them unique and valuable individuals of our race and members of American society)

...the legal system in its present state as a profit vehicle and Marxist enforcer would be abolished

...there would be no inhumane "kosher killing" of animals, or "kosher tax" paid for a rabbi's "blessing"

...there would be no Jewish or Black judges over whites, on television or otherwise, no Jew Jerry Springer or Howard Stern shows, no television overrepresentation of Africans in sitcoms or dramas or lies about Blacks being more honorable and respectable than Whites

...there would be no sex conversation call centers, and no psychic hotlines, faith healers or other such supernatural crap on television

...there would be no bogus system of finance and economics leading to speculation and Jewish con artists (Fastow, Milken, Waksal, Rich, et al) or an indebted slave labor force for Jewish swindlers (meaning no free trade agreements, Federal Reserve System, or IRS)

...the educational system would not be dumbed down to progress as slow as the dumbest non-White student, nor would anti-White and Marxist ideology be taught to demoralize our students

...there would be no restrictions on free speech or gun ownership for American citizens

...patient costs would be reduced if not completely abolished because hospitals would not be overrun by Mexicans, lawsuits, and insurance costs; further, other measures to attract truly altruistic physicians and nurses would be in effect (note: hospitals are meant to keep the citizens of a nation healthy and productive for the benefit of the whole society, including its health workers; society is an organic unit, a whole organism with different parts that depend on each other to survive and flourish)

...there would be no public restriction of religious expressions that are not anti-White or harmful to White society (in other words, National Socialist America would not consider anything wrong with Nativity scenes in the workplace, or the Ten Commandments on a court building, or Pledge of Allegiance in school -- things which many Jews violently oppose)

...there would be less White manpower used for prison resources because the non-Whites (mostly Africans and Mexicans) who make up the largest percentage of criminals would not be in the U.S.

... and MOST importantly of all... there would be no miscegenation, no decline of White birth rates, no "dumb blond" jokes, and no demonization of Whites as "haters" for caring about their race.


Speculation on progress in America if the Germans had won World War II...

...there would be honest White mass media and government leaders who are trusted and deserve our respect

...a sound and healthy economy based on the recognition of the importance of labor

...a renewed reverence for motherhood and natural aristocracy

...a wall would have been built to keep Mexicans from crossing the border into the U.S. (anyone who believes the cost of such a venture would be prohibitive is still confused about economics because Jews such as Ayn Rand, real name Alissa Rosenbaum, have ruined their understanding)

...Canada would have become National Socialist too and would not allow non-White immigration or Jewish media influence (Ernst Zundel would not be a political prisoner)

...the transportation infrastructure would be much better in all large metropolitan areas (older folks who have trouble seeing and slower reaction times would not need to drive a car putting themselves and everyone else at danger; DUI deaths, a large percentage now due to Mexicans, would be substantially reduced, etc.)

...the instances of serial murder and homosexuality would be significantly decreased (fewer homosexuals like Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy would arise because the negative effects of overpopulation would be recognized and a city's planners would manage things accordingly)

...scientists and engineers would have teamed up to help our people living in areas that are periodically struck with hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, mudslides, or floods to assure that civil engineering standards and public awareness resulted in the least number of deaths possible

...scientists and engineers would also have solved pollution and energy problems (including the dependency for oil and other finite natural resources)

...our people in South Africa and Rwanda or anywhere on Earth would not be allowed to be attacked by non-Whites (geographical separation would probably be mandated and instituted everywhere)

...we would support zoo reforms to make the treatment of animals more humane (fewer small cages and more large drive-thru types of wildlife reservations)

...the multicultural society would be focused on European cultural diversity and would be celebrated to include the positive aspects of Christianity

...our dealing with other non-White races would be based only on our mutual needs to exist on this planet peacefully together and to preserve nature as much as possible

...the classics would be taught, our greatest historical leaders would be revered, but errors our race and others have made throughout history would be honestly and openly discussed and understood

...great achievements in art, literature, music, science and technology would arise, in fact, White Western civilization and culture overall would be greatly increased worldwide as all White nations progressed in a spirit of competition as well as cooperation with mutual respect and admiration of uniquely different European folk traditions and heritage

... and finally, there would be no more fratricidal wars because the global communication technology our race has developed would be used to ensure information is spread among our people AND OTHERS and not distorted by Jews to get us fighting each other for Jewish causes.


The world would have been a better place if the German National Socialists would have won World War II. This is not a lie. This is not a trick. This is not false propaganda. We are not trying to brainwash anyone here at VNN. Think about it for yourselves. Learn as much as you can about National Socialism. Don't believe the Jews.

One final note... This war against Arabs and Islam is just like the the war against the Germans. The Jews tricked Americans into fighting against the Germans to save themselves and Communism, one of their hideous creations. So too, the Jews have tricked Americans into fighting against Arabs in order to save themselves and Zionism. Arabs are anti-Jewish, as we all should be. If you don't think you should be, think about these facts; today only 1 in 20 people born on this planet has blond hair; by 2150 CE, in approximately seven generations, Whites, especially the blond or redhead and the blue or green-eyed, will not exist. Understand? All thanks to the Jews.

I'm not claiming that a National Socialist America would be a mythical Utopia, but as Dr. Pierce pointed out, the problems that it would have would be OUR problems, NOT the problems of other races or those of the Jews, and they would be manageable, not like the irrational or futile attempts to solve "racism" or "terror" that our people pursue today. If ONLY Germany had won the Second World War...


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