Talking Points for the White Revolution

by Douglas Wright

11 April 2004

Since becoming racially conscious, I've spent a lot of time back-and-forthing with the unaware on race (and as my understanding grew, Jews), sharpening my position and deploying my learning against their attacks. Their responses, both in person and on Internet chat boards, fall into several predictable categories. Most are faithful recitations of what our culture has programmed them to say, as if they're droning in a half-drugged state on North Korean television. But I think they're a good measure of what America thinks about race, understanding that is a good starting point.

On Jews, for instance, I have been told that "America was founded on Jewish ideals," "Jews play nice," and that "Jews have the only democracy in the Middle East." Blacks and Hispanics are not quite as revered, but you will encounter lots of people who are convinced that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice represent the "average" black person, and that if it weren't for the negative influence of gangsta rap, every other black person would achieve the same thing.

What becomes clear during the debates is what mindsets we must overcome. Some white racial activists have likened these mindsets to blockages that need dissolving, Drano-style, before we can reassert ourselves as a people. I think the comparison is apt. VNN and, hopefully, essays like this one are the Drano. Feel free to pour liberally, diluting as you see fit. Don't get too mad when debating. Think about how far outside we are. Also, ask yourself: Do you really want to change minds on race, or do you just want to show how clever you are or vent your spleen? Are people more apt to be convinced by a raving lunatic or by someone who speaks calmly and factually? Sometimes, raving is great, but remember your audience.

The mindsets to be dissolved are as follows.

On race:

* There are no biological or inherited differences between the races. Race is just a skin color. Really, there is no such thing as group difference, or even groups, for that matter.

* We are all individuals, and should be judged, always and everywhere, as such.

* Even if there are slight group differences, they don't have any social, cultural or political consequences. A multiracial society will work as well as a monoracial one, and once it's up and running, is actually better.

* All it will take for the multiracial society to work is time, effort, and changes of mind.

* What group racial differences we do see are attributable to (for conservatives) the cultural failure of blacks themselves or white welfare and (for liberals) white racism and the legacy of slavery.

On Jews:

* Jews are a righteous and persecuted religious (not a racial or ethnic) group that has achieved wealth in America because of its smarts.

* Jews are entitled to do whatever is necessary to secure Israel. America and Israel stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the war on terror -- our problems are their problems.

* Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. It is a Western-style, capitalist nation that has produced lots of great technology, and treats its citizens equally and fairly.

* We are bound to support and protect Jews because the Bible says they are the "chosen people."

* There is no "Jewish conspiracy" for any purpose. Jews are individuals and we must judge them not as a group, but one at a time (see race above).

* Jews might tend to be a little more liberal, which is too bad, but that has nothing to do with their Jewishness -- it's just a personal choice. Besides, look at all the smart Jewish conservatives.

On Whites:

* Whites don't exist. What does a Swede have in common with a Greek?

* Not only is the "white race" a racist construct, but there is no "white culture." If there is "white culture," it's NASCAR and other stupid redneck things.

* Whites are dumb. Whites live in trailer parks. "White trash" is funny.

* Whites are uniquely evil. Hitler, the Nazis and the Klan were manifestations of the absolute worst in human evil. No other human group is capable of evil at all, much less on the horrific scale of whites. All other groups that defend themselves do so for good reasons.

* Whites are "boring." They need to be spiced up by Latin culture and loosened up by black culture. Jews, meanwhile, can teach them about morality.

OK. That's a lot to work with, but I think they boil down to one overarching theme: the unreality of the group. People just don't want to believe in groups. I think this is so for several reasons, most of them emotional and not logical. Everyone wants to think of the world as an aggregate of individuals because, hey, he is one. Why shouldn't YOU be the standard social unit? Groups dilute the importance of the individual. One good way to point out the reality of the group is by anecdote. Show how often blacks, for instance, identify as part of the "black group," same for Hispanics. Ask, if "Jews" are not a group, who's behind Israel? A bunch of individuals who all just happen to be Jewish? What are the chances of that? If everyone else gets a "group," why don't white people? Acknowledge that individuality is a value, but one that works best in a more homogenous setting.

Bone up on the science of racial differences. Stress the Bell Curve point that intelligence is hereditary, to a large extent, and can only be marginally influenced by environment. Know your IQ stats, know your crime stats, download AR's "Color of Crime." Know Richard Lynn's work. For a breezy but technically solid recent treatment, check out the book Race: The Reality of Human Differences, by Vincent Sarich and Frank Miele. This book is good for making the point that racial differences are an evolutionary phenomenon. Have a handy definition of race: a human group that evolved in geographic isolation for thousands and thousands of years and adapted to its particular environment in such a way as to make it incompatible for social co-existence with other races. Offering that "niggers are stupid" may not be the best approach right off the bat.

This can segue to Jews. Start neutrally, by offering that Jews are a distinct group that looks out for itself. This is not difficult for most to believe (as opposed to, Jews are evil and seek to destroy whites). Of course, know Kevin MacDonald and his work, and adapt it to your arguments. On Hispanics, check out AR's "Myth of Hispanic Family Values" article for good factual refutation of the point that Hispanics are wonderful additions to America.

One thing people are hep to is the double standard for blacks and whites, i.e., if a black says something "racist," nobody cares, but if a white does, all hell breaks loose. Work with this, but don't affirm here too much -- we LIKE double standards, after all. Same for the affirmative action arguments. If an opponent of affirmative action rests on racial equality, work around. Use affirmative action only to show that it hurts whites and that groups are real. Stress that races are distinct biological groups that can't be made to get along by mind control or legal force. Stress that people naturally prefer the company of their own race, and that this is not a bad thing any more than it's "bad" for a mother to prefer her children.

"Incompatability" is a great point, because it takes the heat off racial difference resistance. Races just don't get along. Why not admit this and move on? Make your opponent look like the close-minded stick-in-the-mud. YOU are the progressive, the realist, the justice-seeker.

I think we need to position ourselves as the true conservatives. If anyone disagrees with you on race, call them a neocon, a Marxist, a liberal, a left-wing multiculturalist, etc. Attack them for hating whites. Call them fake conservatives.

Disappointingly, self-described conservatives are virtually identical to self-described liberals on all these issues. For a sample of what we encounter, here's a real response from "," a mainstream conservative site (unedited):

Dont think for a second that my dislike of illegal immigration means I have the slightest bit of admiration or support for your particular type of hate. My future daughter in law is a beautiful young black girl and Ill gladly welcome her into my white anglo saxon etc family. Shes bright, witty, warm and an incredibly talented artist. She can draw, paint, sculpt and composes music. My life will be much fuller and richer thanks to her. I cant imagine why someone, like you, would willingly cut yourself off from that just to feed your need to feel superior to someone else. Well, maybe the hate and intolerance is fed by it too...funny how much you really have in common with those losers over at The Zoo (DUh). I hadnt really thought about it before but I think I pity you.

Alright. Some common jabs, and some responses you can use, if they apply:

Jab: Do you even know any black people?

Counterjab: I've had plenty of experience with black people. Would you like to hear about it?

Jab: I pity you. You just want to close yourself off from humanity.

Counterjab: Save your pity. You just want to force me to associate with those I don't want to associate with. I'm not "closing myself off" from anything good. By opening myself up to Tyrone in his do-rag, I'm doing something good? I want to open myself up to my own people, but I can't. Who's going to decide who I associate with and who I don't? If you make the decision for me, how is that different from socialism?

Jab: You must have a lot of fear and hate inside you.

Counterjab: Yes, I fear, like I fear real threats. And I hate, like I hate that which wants me destroyed. Don't you? My "hate and fear" are just healthy defensive responses.

Jab: You can't generalize.

Counterjab: The hell you can't. We do it all the time. Life is all about generalizing. Scientists generalize. That's how they work. It's necessary. It's how we think, how we arrange our thoughts and make sense of our world.

Jab: We're all individuals.

Counterjab: Yes, but we are also members of groups, and that's important.

Jab: Race is just skin color.

Counterjab: No, race is genetic, and has implications across the spectrum of human experience.

Jab: Why do you need to feel superior?

Counterjab: When did I say that? I want to live with my own kind. I want whites to direct their own destiny as people. How does that make me "superior"? Even if it does, am I wrong? Why do you want to feel inferior?

Jab: What you want will never happen.

Counterjab: Never say never. Besides, what choice do whites have? Let things run their current course and become extinct?

Jab: Whites aren't going to become extinct.

Counterjab: The projections say otherwise. Besides, if we're still around, why shouldn't we be in charge of our own lives, as a people?

Jab: Why don't you leave? Move to Iceland?

Counterjab: I was thinking the same thing for you. I live here. This is what I seek. Why don't YOU move?

Jab: Diversity makes us all better.

Counterjab: No, "diversity" is a lie cooked up to shake down whites and enrich non-whites.

This is far from a complete list. But the important thing is to get out there and practice.


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