Treading Water IV

by Edgar Steele

10 April 2004

(Part four of a four-part serialization of Chapter 15 from In Defense of Racism, a book to be released later this year.)

Many complain that the leaflets, booklets and screeds that those in "The Movement" pass out serve only to polarize opposition from those whom we seek to awaken. Because there is such obvious merit to these concerns, we must be particularly mindful of our target audience and tailor our presentations appropriately. This goes back to what I said earlier concerning sales theory and the development of prospects. Push too hard and you lose them; indeed, you may create a voice to be added to the chorus of the opposition. Push too softly and you produce few, if any, results.

Imagine simply handing someone a pamphlet which blames all the ills of Western Civilization upon the Jewish race (not far off the mark, just between you and me, by the way). The typical unwashed reaction will be to reject both you and the meritorious points which might therein be contained. While our intent is laudable, we ignore the effect we have upon others by demanding that they see things from our perspective. That is inefficient, ungraceful and scarcely facilitates our objective of awakening them. It isn't even an inelegant solution. At best, it simply is no solution. At worst, it becomes part of the problem.

Wearing Nazi regalia, sporting a buzz haircut and/or displaying tattoos often has the same effect of "backing up" those we hope to influence positively. We become our own worst enemy in such a situation, because the White Race would have been better off had we stayed home and watched Saturday morning cartoons.

Just as the war against free speech now is shifting its focus from the intent of the speaker to the effect upon the listener, so do we need to shift our focus. Results, don't forget - that's what it's all about.

If you disagree with me so far, then I submit that you simply are after results different from awakening others. In fact, you are bent upon self destruction. If you still disagree with me, then look around yourself and ask what results "The Movement" has to show for its efforts in recent years. If you still disagree with me, please mark this page, set this book down and go do something else for a while. Come back after you have perked on things a bit more.

Often, adroitly using an opponent's weight and movements against himself will procure the best results, just as taught in oriental fighting disciplines. Witness the huge Jewish outcry over the alleged anti-Semitism of the movie, "The Passion of the Christ." Now consider how badly that backfired for Abe Foxman and his fellow travelers. Mel Gibson's movie still is a marvelous fulcrum for discussion and ax grinding, provided it is not overdone and one concentrates on the Jewish overreaction.

Simply asking someone if they have seen "The Passion" and then inquiring about their feelings concerning so many Jews calling it anti-Semitic and seeking its suppression will yield a gold mine of results. As people discuss this topic and express their opinions (which only rarely will be contrary to our own), they actually develop their opinions on the spot. Having voiced their opinions, our prospects become invested in them. They then feel psychologically compelled to defend the opinions they have just voiced to you. From prospect to convert to acolyte, all in one easy step.

Can it be this easy? Yes. Remember the simple elegance of graceful movement, at once effective and efficient. This is the conversational equivalent of expert skiing and is within the grasp of all beginners because it requires simple listening. You set aside your own ego and needs while you merely nudge someone toward a foregone conclusion. And there are several other key topics that can be employed in this form of awakening others, as discussed below.

Even so, some form of media which shocks the average American is necessary, in order to jump start the awakening process. In particular, the National Alliance (NA) lately has struck upon a two-pronged strategy that is delivering results: leaflets and billboards. But, there is a difference from past leaflets and billboards in today's NA strategy. The leaflet simply says, "Love Your Race" and carries a picture of a lovely blond woman. The billboard says, "Who Rules America?" and gives the NA Internet web address. Initially, people have a strong reaction to these media but, upon honest reflection, are unable to identify anything wrong, thereby highlighting the very thing that really is wrong with race relations in America today: the grotesque double standard whereby White Americans always come up the loser.

Average Americans are not yet ready to abandon the guilt they believe they must shoulder if they stand up for their own race the way that every other race in America stands up for itself. We must get them ready to make that transition.

What the NA leaflets and billboards do, Mel Gibson's movie does with a vengeance, albeit with a healthy assist from that predictable Jewish overreaction.

We aren't talking supremacy here, folks. We are talking about how to bring people from a self-defeating mode of thinking to one of true equality. They want to go there, believe me, because they see the unfairness of racial preferences.

The alternatives are so simple. We have them ready to hand, just begging to be used to awaken others. Two things that cause even the most liberal American to see red are affirmative action and illegal immigration. Suggest black slave reparations and watch even the hardened liberal squirm in discomfort. Here is where we can make progress and awaken others. Here is where we must concentrate our efforts.

Count on the ADL regularly to drop a gift in our laps, too, such as the overreaction to "The Passion."

The debacles in Afghanistan and Iraq, now clearly seen to have been for Israel's benefit, are another ripe area to be mined...particularly when you mention how prominent American Administration Zionist Jews such as Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz have agitated for widening the battlefront to include the rest of the Middle East.

Or the call for torture of American enemies by Alan Dershowitz, prominent Jewish attorney and Harvard law professor, a call which has been echoed by Canadian attorney and law professor Alan Young, who advocates expanding the application of torture to American political dissidents. Dissidents like you and me. To "kick start" our brains, to borrow Mr. Young's phrase, into thinking the "right" way...his way...the Jewish way. This is the sort of outrageous Jewish overreaching that takes place every day and which effortlessly can be used against them, like a mystical oriental judo maneuver.

Talking up patent injustice visited upon particular individuals in society, as I try to do with some legal cases, is another productive approach. The Zionists make this so easy, what with their gross overreaching and ridiculous attempts to stifle free speech.

Rather than complaining about blacks taking our white daughters, we should be railing against racial preferences and quotas that steal our jobs and unfairly relegate us to poverty. Racial miscegenation will be dealt with in its own time, as events unfold. Indeed, it will cease to be a problem.

Rather than espousing our own questionable racial superiority, we should be demonstrating against illegal immigration and the toll that it takes on the social welfare net we have erected for our children and those legally among us who fall by the wayside.

Face it, whites aren't superior, just different. Races have differences. Differences have nothing to do with being superior or inferior. Get used to it. If you haven't gotten this message by this point in this book, I despair of your ever getting it.

Not that differences don't count, mind you - they do. Some differences count so much as to require strict racial separation simply to ensure the physical safety of one race from another's hostility. This is another problem that will solve itself in time, though not without severe discomfort to all involved.

Rather than marching with Confederate battle flags and shouting "White Power," we should be protesting America's use of military force abroad. The South lost the War of Northern Aggression. Get over it. Worry more about the current American aggression abroad that is killing our sons and daughters and increasing the likelihood of America being nuked by somebody.

The now-emerging issue of major importance to the average American is the increasing migration of our jobs overseas, as factories move abroad and existing jobs get "outsourced" by companies that maintain only a token presence in America. Protesting NAFTA, GATT and the World Trade Organization wherever it meets are things that unawakened and unemployed Americans can understand and respect.

We are being whipsawed by the loss of our low-paying jobs to illegal immigrants and our higher-paying jobs to foreign countries. Many of the better jobs that aren't leaving America are going to better-educated foreigners, willing to work cheaply, brought here by the multinational corporations whose loyalty is only to their own bottom line. Everybody can relate to job losses as an issue, especially those who are out of work. In particular, America's growing legions of unemployed are a hotbed of potential racial awakening. Most of them already have had their trigger event by virtue of being unemployed while those less deserving continue to earn an income - and, after all, they no longer need fear losing their jobs for expressing politically-incorrect points of view.

Run for office and use the platform to speak out. Who cares if you win? Jim Condit understands this perfectly and was the first to make me aware of the value of running for office. No, Jim has yet to be elected to anything, but by filing for office, he gets access to a number of opportunities to awaken others. These opportunities are all the more important now that criticism of candidates by the rest of us during the 60 days prior to each election has been outlawed. Oh, you didn't know that? Thank Congressmen John McCain and Russ Feingold for that little gem which was passed so recently.

Jim Condit, whom I have met a couple of times and who regularly chides me by email for not pushing this more, makes an excellent point: Run for office at any level, for any job, and use the platform to speak out - you get coverage, credibility (of sorts) and a freedom to speak that exists in very few other forums. Plus, if you become newsworthy, then the media actually carries your message further than the sound of your voice. And, for very little money, they HAVE to sell you local radio time and provide equal access to all media.

Jim is right. This potentially is a hugely effective weapon that we simply have not used.

Of course, you must abandon all hope of being elected and simply use it as an opportunity to speak out. This has value merely for the effect of helping to awaken our countrymen. And, a most effective device it can be if we avoid the temptation to speak to the mainstream and, instead, hew to the path charted by our convictions.

These are obvious things to be done. Simple. Elegant in their simplicity because they directly reach the hearts and minds of the unawakened American. Easy because they go with the flow that already has begun. Effective because they work. Efficient because they don't involve a lot of wasted motion.

These are things that any of us can do and do well without much practice. Will it be easy? No. All of us will come in for more than our share of negative feedback. One of the greatest minds ever produced by the human race, Aristotle, said, "Criticism is something that easily can be avoided by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing." Criticism comes with the territory. Learn to shrug it off without overreaction, just as Jews seem incapable of doing, thereby affording us some of our richest opportunities.

Think you, a lone individual, can do nothing? You're wrong. Most of the foregoing suggestions are well within the grasp of the poorest and lest educated among us. Even if you are not convinced, at least stand aside and let others try without adding your voice to the cacophony they must endure. A Chinese proverb says it best: "Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."

Liberal and conservative are terms that are losing their meaning, as a direct result of the de facto merger of the Republican and Democrat political parties in America. Indeed, both are becoming dirty words with the average American, who proved ready to listen to alternate party viewpoints during Ross Perot's abortive run for President.

Vote. Vote against all Democrat and Republican candidates (save only Ron Paul, those of you who reside in Texas). Write in people if you need to. Help the third-party vote count to accumulate until it challenges the Democrat/Republican monolith.

When the rest of America sees us protesting and speaking out about the very things that are gnawing at them right now, we will have earned its trust and established our credibility. Then, and only then, can we hope to move our White countrymen along to demanding true equality with other races and true accountability from our government.

As our economy starts to implode, due to the massive fiscal and trade deficits, coupled with the unprecedented levels of debt and corruption at all levels of American society, Americans will be ready to take to the streets and listen to more drastic suggestions. That is when the government will move against us. Then we will come into our own. Then will our leaders emerge and begin to fashion the solutions to the problems of an America gone bad.

That is when our real work will begin. Until then, let us keep our eye on the ball before us and see just how gracefully we can manage to define and accomplish our current objectives.

New America. An idea whose time has come.


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