The Browning of America

by Billy Roper

10 April 2004

On May 17th, President Bush and other important politicians and dignitaries will descend on Topeka, Kansas, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Browning of America, the historic Brown Vs. The Board of Education of Topeka ruling, which began forced racial integration of our public school systems.

What is there to celebrate? Are we as a country better off today than we were fifty years ago? Are either Whites or Blacks better off today than they were fifty years ago? How about America's public education system, is it better off today, than it was fifty years ago?

Both races have lower comparative test scores than they did prior to integration. Both races have higher drop-out rates than they did prior to integration. America's educational system is less efficient and less effective than 50 years ago. Our educational standards relative to the rest of the world have declined.

Who has benefited from forced racial integration? Not Blacks. Not Whites. Only jews.

On May 15th, 2004, two days before the festive event President Bush is anticipated to attend, White Revolution is hosting a demonstration in Topeka, Kansas against the forced racial integration of America's public schools.

I've already been contacted by KNST, the NBC TV affiliate in Topeka, for an interview concerning the May 15th demonstration. We expect media outlets from all over the world to be there to cover the 50th anniversary ceremony, and this will truly be an historic event for both sides of the racial struggle. All White Nationalists and concerned White American taxpayers are encouraged to join us at two p.m. across the street from the Monroe School in Topeka, on May 15th. Details will be available at as the event draws nearer.

For this demonstration, all participants are asked to wear plain street-clothes or better, no uniforms, robes, or overtly NS or Confederate, etcetera, imagery, flags, or apparel, please. Uniform, professional signs will be provided for all participants.

Here is another reason that the forced racial integration of schools has been devastating to America, through the failure of our public education system:

From Fox News

"Companies Outsource for Better Workers, Study Says

Sunday, April 04, 2004

By Joanne Jacobs

According to a report by the American Electronics Association, high-tech companies blame second-rate math and science education in the U.S. for the offshoring of high-tech jobs."

And, from Wired:

The American school system, which AeA researchers charge is failing to provide strong science and math education to students, is largely to blame for lost jobs, according to the AeA's report, "Offshore Outsourcing in an Increasingly Competitive and Rapidly Changing World."

"Companies aren't outsourcing only in order to obtain cheap labor; they are also looking for skilled technology workers that they increasingly can't find in the U.S.," said Matthew Kazmierczak, senior manager of research at AeA, and one of the authors of the report. "

It may be painful for us to admit, but our educational system is being outperformed by not only Europeans, but by Pakis and East Indians, as well. As a former classroom teacher, this subject is close to my heart, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that the curriculum in American public schools has been deliberately dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. "Mainstreaming" and "No Child Left Behind" programs mean that the best and worst students are lumped together and treated the same, so that "No Child Left Behind" means that no child can excel, either. In a multicultural, multiracial classroom, I don't think anyone really believes that Jamal and Laquisha can perform on the same level as little Jimmy or Jane can, or even on the same level as Juan or Lee Yin. The different races have different inherited personality traits, different temperaments, different IQ ranges, and different aptitudes for learning. These differences are the result of thousands of years of climactic and other environmental adaptations through natural selection. They are just as much an inherited part of who we are as are our hair and eye color. If we truly want to celebrate our differences, rather than sweep them under the rug and pretend that everyone is the same, and that unequal children are equal, and learn at the same rate, and have the same capacity for comprehension, then we must not only accept the reality of racial differences and inherent inequality, but create an educational system which is founded on that reality.

That means a return to racially segregated schools, and even more definitive strata between different ability levels within each race, as well. Educational programs should focus on promoting excellence, not coddling those who are genetically doomed to underachievement.

Besides, saddling nonWhites with the unfair expectation of an equality of outcome of which they are not capable is unfair to them, as well. It creates both individual resentment and a supporting race-wide persecution complex, so that every nonWhite failure is blamed on White oppression, either today, or two hundred years ago. Subsidizing illegitimacy has taken the father out of the family unit for Blacks. Now, the majority of Blacks are born illegitimate, and raised as virtual wards of the State. Taxpayers support many of them from cradle to grave through multigenerational cycles of welfare dependency. Infantilizing Black crime has removed the responsibility for their actions from Blacks. Today, a staggering percentage of Black males are either in jail or caught up in the criminal justice system. NonWhites can never be leaders of their own communities, so long as they are trying to be a part of ours.

And it all started, by one measure, at least, with Brown. It all began with that school in Topeka where I'll be standing May 15th to protest the Browning of America. I hope that you'll make plans to be there, too.

Until next time, remember, White Revolution is the only solution!



Mr. Roper is chairman of White Revolution.

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