Social Change at Warp Speed

by Victor Gerhard

30 March 2004

We live in a science-fiction world.

How many times have you watched, say, Star Trek, and some society is in the grip of some dictatorial ruler and you laughed at how easily the people were cowed - boy, those writers are really scraping the bottom. "If I lived in that society, I wouldn't put up with that for a minute," you say. "I'd never walk into the Elimination Chamber just because my name was picked, I'd fight Darth Vader, and I'd never eat that soylent green stuff." Ok, so what are you doing about the society you live in now?

Imagine "beaming down" into a place where your 15-year-old daughter can't receive an aspirin at a publicly-funded school, but can receive an abortion, without parental notification, at a publicly-funded Planned Parenthood baby-killing factory.

Imagine a society where the people deliberately set out to restrict the central government by creating a written set of rules specifically outlining the powers of that government, then that central government uses its own "interpretation" of that same document to restrict the freedom of the descendants of the people who wrote it, all the while claiming it was enacting the wishes of the original drafters.

Imagine a society where a Ponzi scheme is created to supposedly ensure the retirement income of all citizens, and everyone pretends it can actually continue to function. And even to question this method of funding, declared illegal everywhere else by this same government, can end your days at the public trough.

Imagine schools which cost more than any on Earth, which are unable to teach reading and writing, and so monkey with test scores, promote everyone, teach ethnic politics, and distribute condoms and pro-homosexual literature to elementary school children

Imagine a place where the very people who built and still maintain the society are called "evil" and stigmatized, and people who kill and steal are called "victims" and idealized.

Imagine, and I know this is a stretch, a place where even thinking the wrong thoughts can cost you your job, and any future job, and thus ruin your life. And yet the people caught with the incorrect thoughts, rather than objecting to their demise, grovel in the dirt at the feet of their attackers.

So what are you doing about this episode of the Twilight Zone? When it's on TV, we recognize how wrong it is; why is it so different in real life?

At least on Star Trek, the writers felt the need to explain why people would act as passively as they did in the face of pure evil. What's our excuse?



Mr. Gerhard is Vice Chairman of White Revolution. Meet him in person on April 10th at the White Revolution Southeastern Leadership Conference. Details available at

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