You're Goddamn Right I'm Trying to Stir Up Hatred

by Douglas Wright

27 March 2004

Every time the National Alliance or any other racialist group does a neighborhood literature drop, the local paper has some canned response that goes like this: "A notorious hate group has littered Oakdale with its racist and anti-Semitic literature." And inevitably, some nabob will be quoted accordingly: "I don't know who these people are, but all they're doing is stirring up hatred."

Yeah. Pleasantries and demurrers aside, that's the idea. Of course, unlike too many others, I don't see this as a bad thing. I think stirring up hatred kicks ass. I wish we could do more of it. Not just for its own sake, which would be a waste, but constructively.

Hell, if the only thing on my epitaph was, "He Stirred Up Hatred," I'd be one happy dirt napper. I'd be honored. If there's one thing I want to accomplish in life, it's to stir up hatred. Narrow your eyes and lift your sword, white man -- now is the season for hate.

"For informational and educational purposes only," it's winked. Right. Information and education about how you're getting fucked, white man. Who's doing the fucking? The same people who don't want the information getting out. Who doesn't want to hear it? Those trained by the fuckers to spit up violently any time a message defending the interests of white people peeps through. Which, perversely, are often white people themselves. One of the scariest achievements of the Jews over the decades has been to condition white people against themselves.

Wow. That's masterful. And how beautifully it's worked. Whites who stand up for white interests can expect that their strongest physical resisters -- as opposed to psychological and propaganda resisters -- will be other whites. You can say this about white people: we do what we're told. The ones who fancy themselves as defending the current power structure can be expected to fight hard. This never seems to change, with the exception of a few mutant genes thrown into history's pot, like the American Revolutionaries. Our task is convince the obedient whites that the Jews they're obeying are using them for muscle power, nothing more. The blacks and Hispanics harping about the joys of diversity don't have YOU in mind, white people.

But of course, this is all "hatred." Really, "stirring up hatred" is just a pejorative way of referring to stirring up awareness. The awareness that needs stirring right now, of course, is about what's happening to white people in America. You never hear the media refer to a "civil rights" march as stirring up hatred, but what are black activists really saying there? White people are our friends, and we should love them? Nah. The message is that whitey is a greedy, oppressive bastard, and he should pay up now, hand over his job and offer up his prettiest daughter. I don't recall the New York Times referring to New York City's Israel Day parade as a "hate march." But is the message there one of a love and inclusion for Palestinians? But see what happens when a pro-white group takes to the streets.

The truth is that the world is made up of competing groups, and advocating for any one of them necessarily excludes the others. Stirring up hatred is just the flip side of self-preservation. The only ones able to pose as peacemakers are the ones sitting on the gold pile. It's like a global game of musical chairs, and the lucky sitters decide, conveniently for them, to end the game the minute they get a chair. "Can't we keep playing?" ask the standers. "No, you're just trying to stir up hatred," reply the sitters.

A construction worker in New York City wanted to have his license plate read, DUMPBUSH. He was rejected. Politically offensive, the bureaucrats said. Said Joseph Picci of the DMV to the New York Times: "We don't censor plates for political content or if they're politically related. We do if they're politically offensive. If they said HATE somebody."

Oh, yeah. It's the First Commandment of the New World Order: Thou Shalt Not Hate. Unless you're not white, mind you. Then you can hate all you want. You can hate until your neck veins bulge and your eyes roll back in your head. You can fall on the floor in a spastic fit of hatred, spitting and screaming incoherently about the need to kill all whites or Arabs, and the Jewish media will blithely remark that you are "demanding justice." If you're white, on the other hand, posing a mere question in a plaintive voice will get you batted down as someone who's "trying to stir up hatred."

Another favorite is "divisive." Whites who advocate for themselves are "divisive." Whites who make racial comments are being "divisive." Funny. It never goes the other way, with the wan exception of some Republican geek calling Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan "divisive." What's less often noted is that we're already divided -- by nature. And the truth is that the non-dividers aren't really trying to unite anyone or anything. They're just out for their own. What a nigger doesn't want to be "divided" from is the welfare check -- or, more abstractly, the comfortable floating image that they're anything more than prehistoric ape-people dumped into the future, with all the resulting caveman comedy antics.

What's especially annoying about the stir up hatred business is how the flyer-finders are able to pose as small-town exponents of simple virtue, raising their fists to the sky about these "outside agitators," as if NA can be compared to Kevin Bacon's dancing character in Footloose. The media loves this design. Racialists as communists, flipping over apple pies and trampling the flag. Awesome technique. Steal our clothes and make us wear yours. Know this always, white man: WE are apple pie, and WE are the American flag. The real commies, the real subverters, are Jews. They hate us and our culture. They hate Christianity. They hate honor.

But most of all, they hate it when we wake up to our group interests. Because it's not long after that that we decide to actually defend them. No wonder they don't want us stirring up hatred.


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