Why Libertarians Are a Joke

by Joe McCarthy

24 March 2004

What I'm about to say I say with some reluctance. I consider myself to be a Libertarian, of sorts. I appreciate Libertarian ideas of individual liberty, respect for property rights, opposition to environmentalist crackpots, anti-socialism, limited government, etc. I have several disagreements with Libertarians -- notably on abortion, and trade policy. But the issue that convinces me of the patent lunacy of Libertarians is found in the Libertarian Party plank on immigration. Here is the pertinent excerpt:


"Undocumented non-citizens should not be denied the fundamental freedom to labor and to move about unmolested. Furthermore, immigration must not be restricted for reasons of race, religion, political creed, age, or sexual preference.

We therefore call for the elimination of all restrictions on immigration, the abolition of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Border Patrol, and a declaration of full amnesty for all people who have entered the country illegally. We oppose government welfare and resettlement payments to non-citizens just as we oppose government welfare payments to all other persons."

I hope I don't have to point how nutty it is to call for getting rid of the Border Patrol and abolishing the border! It should be taken for granted how nutty it is. If we abolished the border, America would end. Those "huddled masses" that we read about on the plaque of the Statue of Liberty would pour in by the millions. Anyone who could scrape together the funds would be here on the first boat. Let's be serious -- this is lunacy! With zero border controls, coupled with our infinitely higher living standards, I don't think that it would be alarmist to say that we could expect HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of third world immigrants on our doorstep within a few months! Can you imagine the strain on our social services, infrastructure, and schools? Not to mention the anarchy that would ensue as a result of so many people coming in so fast? WOW! Obviously the idea of abolishing the border is a silly idea. Anyone suggesting it should probably be under the care of a psychiatrist.

As if the above problems with open borders aren't bad enough, we have the issue of terrorists entering our nation, which has been in focus since 9/11. Unshaken, the Libertarians continue to push for their open borders nonsense!

Another pertinent point was raised by Pat Buchanan in his syndicated column sometime back. Libertarianism, despite its anti-statist ideology, leads to statism. Their advocacy of loose immigration will lead to a swarm of third world immigrants who inevitably vote for Democrats in overwhelming numbers. Of course, it is only natural that immigrants (and non-Whites generally) would vote for the party that promises them the most lucre out of Whitey's pocket. Immigrants, on average are on welfare at a much higher rate than natives, and Democrats excel at giving them other people's money. The idea that Mexican immigrants, for example, would support privatizing Social Security, or support Lockean ideas on property, or other Libertarianesque ideas developed by 'dead white male racists' is absurd. Individual liberty is a concept virtually unknown to the third world. It is not organic to their culture or history. Therefore, Libertarianism, despite its avowed anti-statism, would lead to statism on a massive scale. (It already has to a degree. Most of us probably remember the Clinton scheme to short circuit the naturalization process of making citizens out of immigrants in time for them to vote Democrat in 1996. Sure enough, Libertarian 'think tanks' like the Cato Institute have been on the front lines pushing hard for loose border controls.)

One thing that I find amusing about the Libertarian Party, is its utter cluelessness on matters relating to race and culture. The fact that liberty oriented, anti-statist ideas originated with White people, and is consequently more likely to be implemented by Whites, seems to allude them. Nor does it seem to dawn on them that the vast majority of their party faithful are White. Do you see Mexican immigrants rushing to join the LP? Of course not! Is there any reason to believe that Mexicans, who come from a country rooted in socialism, statism, and collectivism will EVER support the LP? Of course not!

So you see, at bottom, what clinches my argument that Libertarians are a joke, is that they support a policy -- mass immigration -- which will destroy any chance of their good ideas ever being implemented. Every time another immigrant enters this country, the ideas of property rights, constitutional government, and individual liberty go just that much farther down the drain.

In conclusion, I'll leave any halfway sane Libertarians who may be reading this with a parting message:



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