Health Hazard

by Val Koinen

22 March 2004

Historically, we White Americans, and White Gentiles of all the Eurocentric nations for that matter, have had a very courageous, even heroic record of combating threats to our nations, societies, communities, and families. Sometimes, as in war, we may have allowed ourselves to be deceived into fighting the wrong people. But we have nevertheless done a pretty credible job of acquitting ourselves once we recognized a real or perceived danger. We have lost some battles, but for the most part we have managed to prevail in the long upward march of our civilization and culture.

Perhaps nowhere aside from direct physical combat has that courage, applied intelligence, and willingness to give of ourselves and to expend required resources been more evident than in the area of medical research and vanquishing the major diseases that have plagued not just our people, but all of mankind. We are all familiar with the early heroes in the struggle to stamp out those devastating diseases and to alleviate widespread human suffering. We rightfully admire the medical pioneers who labored to learn the truth about diseases, sacrificed and sometimes took great personal risks to investigate and isolate the causes, and then did enormous service to all humanity by coming up with effective treatments and cures.

True, even in this area we have made some poor choices from time to time. As just one recent example, I can cite the contrast of our current federal government pledging $15. billion of our tax dollars over the next few years to fight AIDS in black Africa while at the same time steadfastly refusing to adequately support stem-cell research that could help us find a cure for the horrific, debilitating disease Type I (juvenile) diabetes. That is the terrible disease which is so harmful and hurtful to our own little children, often condemning them to loss of organs and limbs and shortened lives. But again, overall, we Whites have usually done the right and honorable and courageous things, and in general we have been successful beyond anyone's expectations or even imaginings.

There is one area, however, in which we have been woefully negligent in fighting to protect and preserve our society -- our culture, racial heritage, our loved ones, and even our continued existence as a people. Regrettably, we have allowed ourselves to be deceived by the very nature of that threat, even to the extent of virtually ignoring the existence of the war being waged against us. And even more to our dishonor, many of us have let such things as greed, personal advantage and ambitions, moral weakness, and our socially liberal "good-guy" tendencies contribute to our own destruction (some would say our own suicide).

I am referring, of course, to the well-documented but unfortunately little understood and even less appreciated efforts of organized Jewry to enslave and destroy us White people of European descent.

The Jews who have been involved in that centuries-old conspiracy and their determined, orchestrated efforts -- which are tantamount to the genocide of the White race and the killing off of Western Civilization and thus the destruction of the most highly developed people on the planet -- are in some ways comparable to the deadliest diseases ever encountered by civilized mankind in his long struggle to survive, to achieve greatness, and to realize his rightful destiny.

Right now, here in America, the complicit Jews' war of racial and cultural destruction being waged against us involves many different strategies. But even one of the most obvious symptoms, analogous to the age-old situation of a massing of enemy forces at the gates -- the imminent danger to our society of the colored hordes of urban blacks and all the Hispanic illegals and quasi-legal immigrants -- somehow cannot be recognized by our people because of the way that Jewish "infection" has affected our minds for so long. And of course, the much more subtle presence of the malevolent Jewish aliens themselves imbedded deep within our society -- like outer-space aliens assuming human form in order to take control of us and our society as portrayed in a Hollywood production -- has allowed them to go about their deadly business virtually unnoticed by our more soft-minded, materialistic, and brainwashed fellow White Americans.

The things those Jews have done down through the centuries, and especially since the turn of the 20th century -- their plotting and all their nefarious misdeeds -- have been so pervasive and serious, so profoundly evil and hateful and despicable, that they are nothing short of lethally pathogenic. If the many things that have been attributed to them are true, or even if just mostly or substantially true, then like any such lethal threat (disease, if you will), the culpable Jews would seem to warrant absolute containment and isolation if not legally- and judiciously-based eradication pending development of some other corrective measures (a cure). Some such defensive action would clearly be justified, even considered necessary for survival, by any intelligent, rational group of people in order to protect themselves as from a deadly virus. And the plain fact of the matter is that there is an abundance of substantial and credible evidence that those things are mostly if not entirely true.

There are so many solid examples of the terrible things those "Jewish supremacists" have done (the "symptoms" if you will) that I can mention only a few of them in a short essay such as this. I am referring to such things as:

* Jews' possible involvement in starting WW I, and more particularly, their well-known role in getting America involved in that unnecessary but utterly horrible conflict.

* Utilizing their power of the press and their disproportionate influence over the British and American governments; the Jews' stirring up hatred directed at Germany and the German people prior to and during WW I.

* Jewish culpability in fomenting, financing, and carrying out the Bolshevik Revolution.

* Disproportionate Jewish involvement, particularly in the early days, in the killing of tens of millions of ethnically White, Gentile Russians by the Soviet state.

* Jews' over-representation and very influential role in the sadistic outcome of the Versailles proceedings at the end of WW I and the resulting demeaning and inhumane punishment foisted upon the German people and their government.

* Jews' disproportionate role in the "sick society" of the Weimar period in Germany, especially in such areas as banking and finance, media, entertainment, and the furtherance of communist activities in Germany and neighboring countries.

* The Jews' sociological/psychological efforts to distort and weaken if not destroy Western Civilization and White culture both before and after WW II, as exemplified by their dominance of such movements as Freudian psychology, Boasian anthropology, and the Frankfurt school of sociology.

* Jews' despicable degradation and smearing of the German people, by using their powers over governments and their control of the media; before, during, and following WW II. Clearly, Nazi Germany did not do all the evil things to the Jews of which they were accused by the media and the Allied governments. And to the extent they did "clamp down" severely on the Jews, it was largely justified, based on Germany's post-WW I experience and its realization of what the Jews were up to in Germany and elsewhere in Europe during the inter-war period.

* Jewish role in starting WW II, and especially their involvement in getting America into that bloodbath.

* Jews' perpetrating their Holocaust scam (their "Holocaust Industry," or "Holohoax") following WW II (and continuing, even growing and intensifying, up to the present time). It has now become increasingly clear that the so-called holocaust as "created" by the Jews after WW II just did not happen as they say it did. Many of their claims are gross exaggerations and creative fiction if not out-and-out lies.

* Jewish theft of Palestine for their "Jewish state" Israel, instigated via the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and consummated after the end of WW II (in 1948).

* Jews' role in effectively "unleashing" blacks on White American society following WW II; and particularly their role in the so-called "civil-rights" movement, their involvement in founding and controlling the NAACP, their backing and then martyrization of the plagiarist communist Michael King, and their pushing for total integration of the races and even for miscegenation.

* Long-term Jewish history of spying, military attacks, and undertaking covert deceptions of all kinds against America and American interests, both within our borders and on the international stage.

* Jewish efforts, largely through their control of the press and the entertainment industries, to degrade White American familial and societal values by promoting radical feminism and the normalization and acceptance of homosexuality as just an "alternative lifestyle." And by demeaning and belittling the stature and role of the White male.

* Through their control of news media and the resulting selective and biased reporting, censorship, anti-White propagandizing, and promoting the other, non-White races and their traditions and communities; the Jews have routinely and consistently promoted "what's good for Jews" as opposed to what is in the best interests of Whites and America (they are rarely if ever the same thing).

* Jewish instigated social degradation of White American society and culture through their disproportionate ownership and control of the entertainment media. That has resulted in such things as prime-time porn and filth; imbecilic and juvenile TV programming such as over-hyped and Negro-dominated sports, embarrassingly stupid and inane soap operas, sexually perverted and "grab-ass" sitcoms, and disgusting "reality shows;" rampant negrification and race-mixing; and the like.

* Disproportionate Jewish control of American government, oftentimes resulting in actions and activities that are detrimental to the best interests of White America. In some cases that has no doubt resulted from misplaced "dual loyalties" which are likely a consequence of many Jews holding both American and Israeli citizenship (and of course those dual loyalties can all too easily translate into Israel-first loyalties).

* Damaging effects on American society resulting from rampant Jewish-interest nepotism, in-group promotion, networking, well-financed special interest groups, organized lobbying programs, and the like.

* Jewish promotion and instigation of massive non-White immigration (largely Mexican, other Latin American, and African peoples); both legal and illegal.

* Jewish efforts to destroy and distort White-American history and culture in the minds of our children by promoting White guilt, and their efforts to alienate our children from birthright concepts of racial awareness and pride; via their disproportionate influence over and control of the public education system.

* Jewish involvement in foisting upon the American White majority the horrendous monetary, social, and other costs of Negro and mestizo education and criminal control.

* Disproportionate influence of the neo-conservative Jewish cabal over our government, particularly in getting America to fight Jewish wars of hegemony and pursue other Israeli interests in the Middle East.

* Jewish involvement in the debt-slaving of White Americans via government fiscal policies, economic policies of the Federal Reserve, excessive taxation much of which is for liberal multi-cultural spending, promotion of irresponsibly excessive debt-driven consumerism, and forcing Whites to be tax slaves to Israel.

* Through their manipulation of the press, entertainment venues, and government, Jews have deliberately lied to our people, covered up and hidden the truth, essentially deracinated us and deprived us of any sense of racial pride, sullied our history and accomplishments, and taught us White racial guilt and to despise our own people, history, and culture while admiring those of other races.

* Jews' unmitigated gall in always demanding, expecting, and practicing their "what's good for Jews" double standards in all areas of activity (One set of standards for Jews; another for everybody else. One standard of performance for Jews; another for everybody else. Apartheid and ethnic integrity for Jews; open borders, race-mixing, miscegenation, and interracial marriage for Whites. Ethnic cleansing ("transfer") of Palestinians by Israeli Jews; total integration with blacks for White Americans.)

* To summarize: in many ways and using their many tools such as control of the media, entertainment, government, and the education system, the fact is that many Jews in America have actively participated in, or at the very least contributed financially or in other ways toward, the waging of a war of culture destruction and veritable genocide against White Americans.

There is a very real threat to our social and racial wellbeing -- or at the very least reasonable, palpable cause for our becoming increasingly aware of a perceived threat. It involves all of the elements discussed above -- the direct, Jew-encouraged siege of our nation and our society by masses of racial aliens; other alien beings (Jews) embedded and operating both overtly and covertly within our society; and carriers and spreaders of deadly social and racial aberrations. In order to correct this situation, we need only two things -- the truth; and then, if warranted, the resolve to fix the problems in decisive and effective, yet rational and humane ways.

As intelligent, thinking, rational people with the best interests of our progeny at heart, we have the right -- actually, the duty -- to do something about this situation. In fact, it is well past time that more of our White kinfolk in America need to at least consider the possibilities of Jewish wrongdoing (the absolute certainty of such deliberate and calculated multiple wrongdoings as far as I and many other aware White citizens are concerned).

Once again -- the Jews' involvement in these areas -- their malevolent conspiracies and efforts -- is like a disease, infecting and affecting American society at large but especially White Americans. In some ways it is analogous to the major viral and bacteriological diseases that have been so debilitating to mankind. And it is made all the worse as a result of the culpable Jews' deliberate, premeditated, calculated, hateful, and evil efforts to do us great harm -- actually, to kill us off as a people, a culture, and a society. Clearly, there is substantial and credible evidence of wrongdoing -- evidence that cries out for the establishment of a "truth-commission," as part of a long overdue judicial process -- a "trial" as it were -- to establish once and for all the truth or falsity of these charges; individual and organizational degree of culpability; and the prudent corrective measures that might be warranted.

Yes, now, that's an idea worth considering! Let's do it! We will have to be sure members of the panel of scholars, investigators, and judges are of the highest caliber and are exemplary in their fair-mindedness, of course. They will have to be White (and not pseudo-White Jews), and they will have to be certifiable as not being biased or prejudiced against the concept behind their mission; the efforts of their own group. They will have to satisfactorily demonstrate their devotion to the truth. Then, let the chips fall where they may. Let's settle this matter once and for all. With the conclusions of such an unbiased commission, we will be in a position to solve the Jewish question once and for all. And then, we can either "sit down and shut up" or we can start to manage the situation in a way that is "good for White Americans" (including, of course, resolution of the ancillary problem of our being besieged by Negroes, Hispanics, and the other colored minorities).

[Reality check here: I know that many of my White Nationalist kinsmen will say that such an approach is just wishful thinking; that such ideas are hopelessly naïve; that such a solution is impossible given the preponderant Jewish control of our legal and judicial system, Congress, and government agencies. Not to mention their fait accompli of already having so many Whites so hopelessly brainwashed. But I wanted to include these ideas rhetorically in order to make the point, and in the sense that "anything is possible" if we are determined to do something about our terrible predicament.]

While I do not like to contemplate the possibility of, and I most certainly do not advocate any form of "genocide," I have no problem with legally trying the major living Jewish conspirators, leaders, advocates, and operatives found to be involved in warmongering on behalf of Jewish (Israeli) interests, conspiracies to commit genocide, deliberate cultural destruction as a means of usurping political power (conquest), and their many other anti-White transgressions, for example (and if appropriate, dispatching them lawfully via capital punishment).

Again, and unlike the supremacist Jews, I don't believe in racial genocide as a means of solving societal or nationalistic problems. A much more equitable, better solution in my view would be to first restrict and control the activities of guilty Jews, and then give them what they want (a "homeland"). And then put them there. But I wouldn't necessarily include Palestine/Israel, to which most of them have no right or claim whatsoever. I would think more in terms of Madagascar or areas in central Asia. And then, we could perhaps guarantee their security but at the same time not allow them any substantial military capability of their own which could be used for anything but self-defense, and certainly no weapons of mass destruction.

Now I know that some readers will immediately accuse me of oversimplifying the Jewish problem -- the societal problems, the Jews' culpability, and the possible solutions I have mentioned. But that is the proverbial "double-edged sword." Just as often, things that are really quite simple and straightforward are made to seem unnecessarily complicated -- too complicated to deal with. Of course that is oftentimes done deliberately to cloud the issue, divert attention from the essentials, evade direct, objective investigation and consideration, and ultimately, to avoid deserved responsibility. I think the "Jewish question" clearly falls into that latter category. I realize that determining the truth surrounding some of these issues will involve a rigorous process. But I don't think it is all that complicated -- we just need to create a climate conducive to honest, courageous investigation, evaluation, and decision-making.

And finally, I know that I will be told that the thesis of this essay is seriously if not fatally flawed because of all the good work done by some Jews, for example in medical research and combatting and finding cures for diseases (especially apropos in view of my Jew/disease analogy). Yes, there is no question as to their contributions, and they are acknowledged and deeply appreciated so far as they go. But that is not a significant defect, or problem, as I see it. It is really just a matter of intelligently sorting out and managing the "good Jew -- bad Jew" situation, as a rational society would do for any group, and it certainly doesn't materially detract from all the valid, much more serious and damning points I have made. I'm afraid the Jews will have to mount a better defense than that one clever but feeble little objection!


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